Written by Pretty

14 Feb 2018

My husband found out I was having a cyber affair as he had set up a spy program on my computer. He went mad at me and I got very frightened and called my lover and told him what had happened and cancelled our first date. He said to me that he would wait for me a lifetime if needed and would make the impossible to see me. I had to go to Spain to see my mum that was having an operation that month so I told him that would be ideal and he said he would go and we could meet there in a hotel. My husband was so angry that told me I wasn't going and I told him that if he wouldn't let me I would leave him so reluctantly he let me go.

I arrived early at Gatwick airport and went to buy some make up and the girl at the shop made all the make up for me with false eye lashes included. I then went to buy some high heels and a short dress. I got to Alicante and ordered a taxi to take me to the hotel. My lover had texted me the room number and we had agreed to meet there so I went right in the hotel and straight to the room. I stood there with my whole body shaking full of nerves and excitement. A woman opened the door on her underwear shocked to see me there. It turned out I was in the wrong hotel. She did say to me that I looked stunning and he was a lucky man. That gave me the confidence I needed and so off I went to find my hotel which luckily was just next to that one.

He opened the door and he looked so gorgeous. Big green eyes, muscular body and a smile to die for. He was so confident and I was nervous and wet for him. He told me I was better in person and that I was like an angel. I took in everything he said, I wanted to remember everything about that night. He took his t shirt on and I was in total awe. He was so my type. The windows were opened and we had a beautiful of Alicante harbour, it was the night of San Juan and we could see all the fireworks. It was so perfect. He started taking my clothes off telling me how he wanted to lick my pussy. Nobody had ever done that to me and I told him he didn't have to do that thinking it was something that nobody liked to do. My husband had never done it and the boyfriends I had had before him hadn't either. I thought it was disgusting to be honest. He was shocked and asked me how old I was and where I had been. He couldn't believe it. I was so nervous that I couldn't hardly talk but he gave me the best champagne I had ever had and spent ages kissing my lips looking deep into my eyes with those big green eyes telling me how pretty I was and how much he wanted me. My whole body was craving for him then, I had never been so turn on in my life, I felt I was in love with the guy but being so naive it was bound to happen like that and he knew it. He wisppered in my ear that I was not to fall in love with him that this was just sex, good sex. But I didn't take it in or maybe I did but one can't choose when to fall in love with someone, it just hits you. He then went and kneel down on me and lifted my skirt took my panties off and I asked him to leave the high heels. He stuck his face in my pussy and stuck his tongue in my wet cunt taking it in and out teasing my clit. I just couldn't believe what was happening to me. I remember I kept thinking how good life could turn out to be and how I wanted this moment to last forever. I kept sipping the champagne and I loved every second of it. I could see the fireworks in the sky and the boats and the sea and this sexgod licking my cunt that had never been licked before. Life was worth living indeed. He then asked me to bend down and fucked me from behind both of us looking the display of lights in the sky, he asked me if he could cum in my pussy and I told him he could come everywhere he wanted as I was all hers inside out and we exploded together right inside me. We spent the whole night making love even though he kept telling me it was just wild sex, I didn't care I was in my own little world totally besotted with the guy.

When I had to leave he gave me one of the best pieces of advise nobody has ever given me. He said, go and find someone that really loves you and wants to fuck you properly every day of your life because that's what you need and deserve. But in the mean time while you are looking for him I'll come and help fucking you, satisfying you in just that way. Find other fuck buddies too because I won't be there for you all the time and your husband is a useless bastard. So I took it all on board with a broken heart.