Written by mr man

20 Apr 2009

Susan had invited Debbie over for a drink as i was out with a few of my friends, i called her around eleven to tell her i was on my way back and could pick debbie up from susans. She said it was fine as susan had said i should go up and join them for a drink. I arrived at Susans who answered the door in a tight fitting black dress which i thought was very short for an evening in.Debbie was sitting on the sofa and i could see from her face that she was a little drunk laughing and giggling as susan proceded to squeeze past her and sit at her side for a second i was sure debbie had felt susans leg as she squeezed past her.We started small talk when susan before my eyes spilled her wine all over her dress she jumped back from the table trying desperately to wipe the wine of her dress. Debbie told her to go into the toilet and pull her dressing gown on and hand debbie her the dress. Susan and debbie left the room and five minutes later debbie returned with the dress.I had gotten myself a drink and stood taklking to debbie who was washing the dress in the sink. Debbie came over to me and drapped her hands around my neck \"remember how you said you would love to watch me getting fuckeed by another woman........... are your sure\" I nearly chocked on my beer and stammered that i really didnt mind I heard the living room door open and susan game back into the room.

She sat facing me on a chair and as she leaned forward I could see she had no bra on and I could see her boobs right down to the nipple, I felt my face flush and i looked away debbie saw my reaction and i could see her shift her seat trying to get a view.,susan picked up her now refilled wine as she did her gown opened just enough for us to see she didn not have any pants on as we both got a glimpse of a shaven pussy, i looked over to debbie whio was staring between susans thighs, apparently debbie told me later that they had been discussing sex and girl on girl sex and had actually kissed but debbie had felt she was cheating on me and would feel better if i was there. Susan had agreed to this and now there well discussed plan was begining to take shape. susan look up at debbie and smilled \"oh im sorry she stammered\" she stood up and sat next to debbie they were looking and each other when debbie turned to me and asked if it was ok. i stammered it was not a problem and watched as debbie put her hand on susans knee I felt so horney I thought I was going to cum, susans dressing gown fell open and I could see her pert tits ,they were medium size with prominent nipples, debbie reached up and began touching them,they began kissing softly and i watched as debbies hand rubbed against susans nipple she shuddered and kissed debbie harder , her nipple hardened and stood up susans hand moved debbies head down to kiss it. Debbie kissed it and took it in her mouth sucked gently on the nipple susan let out a low moan Susans hand began to touch debbies tits through the top she was wearing, I thought I was going to faint my cock was ragging in my pants. Debbie took susans hand and took her through to the bedroom she laid debbie on the bed and started kissing ,I watched as susan began to lie on top of debbie completely naked the were kissing hard and i could see debbies hands caressing susans pert white little arse susan both of them were oaning and breathing heavily into each others mouth. Susan stood up and started to strip debbie she slipped debbies skirt and pants off quickly followed by her top and bra, she got on the bed and sucked on debbies hard erect nipples first one then the other, her hand went to debbies clit and i could see her start to roughly squeeze it between her thumb and forefinger debbie moaned and came very hard i watched as debbies thighes parted allowing susan more access. wow susan she said you were ready for that, she moved between debbies legs and started to lickher tight little cunt ,ive neverseen anything like hit susans dark hair flowed all over debbies stomach and thighs debbie groaning pushing her hips into susans face loving her tongue between her legs anything like it, she licked and fingered debbies pussy at the same time I was in heaven ,I soon found myself strocking my cock through my trousers debbie was lifting her bum off the bed pushing her cunt hard into susans face debbies body arched as another orgasm ran through her. Susan lifted her head debbies cum glistening on her face Ive a surprise for you debbie and she jumped of the bed. susan reached into a drawer at the side of her bed and pulled out a huge big black strap on, it must have been at least 10 inches long with a head as big as my fist, she asked if she was ok debbie nodded her eyes were huge and and she began to say she didnt think she could take i could see from her gapping cunt that she was not ready. Susan must have seen this also as she took out some lube from the same drawer and smeared it all over debbies hungry cunt susan then slowly inserted two long fingers inside debbie slowly pumping her hand back and forth then she slipped in another debbie began to groan her head folling onto the pillow she looked and me a huge groan coming out of her mouth as susan inserted her whole hand and began to rhytemacly pump debbies cunt. I could not take anymore i stodd up undowing my trousers and slowly began to sink my cock ito debbies mouth who began to slowly suck on me.susan stopped and began to put on the strap on she slowly inserted it into debbies gapping cunt and began to fuck her slowly at first, i watched as the whole lenghth of it slowly went deeper and deeper into debbie and was soon filling her cunt to the brim she started to groan and susan speeded up with debbie matching each thrust with a backward push ,I knew from debbies gleam of sweat rising between her tits that she would soon cum again, her juices were already dripping down her legs and each thrust was making squelching noises susan suddenly withdrew and debbie let out a huge moan my cock slipping from her mouth i watched as susans fingers enter her gapping cunt first one then 2 or 3 and then I felt her whole hand inside her again ,she began to fist debbie again and the squelching noises got louder and faster debbie moaned her lips scrambling for my cock as she had a mighty orgasm the likes ive never had before, i watched as debbie cunt juices rushed down her legs as orgasm after orgasm followed finally debbie collapsed exhausted on the bed she had always had multiple orgasms with me but never as intense as this, Susan lay beside her and said now its your turn, susan looked over at me and said in a soft voice if i was coming into bed or not. I stated to quickly undress as i watched debbie turn round and start to kiss susan.

debbie started to kiss susanns tits i lay down behind debbie and started kissing her back and fonddling her tits ,my hand found her clit and began to rub it ,she was sopping wet she began moaning as I slipped 2 fingers onto her and I felt her buck to meet me.she asked me to lick her cunt as i moved round for a better angle debbie moved to and i watched as her head slowly began to move as she started running her tongue deep inside susan I knelt up and began to lick her cunt,it tasted slightly salty but very nice.debbie moved her hands under susans bum and lifted her in order to gether tongue deeperboth were now moaning loudly now moaning loudly I moved on the bed and gently nudged debbies gapping red and raw hole i groaned as i felt in slide in and began to fuck her slowly and deeply, i could hear susan start to and pant and writhe beneath debbie she suddenly bucked and groaned the noise of another woman coming and the sudden movements debbie was making with susan cuming under her i shot a jet of hot sperm shoot into debbie this sudden shot of spunk must have pushed debbie over the edge and i fellt her cunt quiver as she came again. afterwards we all lay on the bed i began to rub debbies tits and kissed her stomach then down towards her cunt she softly whispered that she didnt think her cunt could take it , i slowly run my tonge over her swollen cunt and found her arse hole with my tongue gently probing it i heard her moan and looked up to see her and susan begin to kiss again debbie move round and went on all fours susan moved round into a 69 position and slowly the two of them began to suck and lick each others cunts while i gently pushed my cock slowly into debbies tight arse i slowly built up the pumping mothion and glanced down to see susan looking up at me debbies cunt covering the bottom of her face susan winked then shut her ayes as debbies tongue carresed her cunt. DEbbie was first o cum quickly followed by me then susan had a thundrerous orgasm i watched my cock pump inside debbie as i filled her arsewith my hot creamy cum, we all collapsed on the bed all well and truly fucked.