Written by lucky guy

7 May 2013

We met for the evening meal and sat chatting with other guests until about 1130.

Taking our leave we set off upstairs when she said "Your room or mine"?

I hadn't seen her room so thought we would try that one.

The first thing once inside she told me thatI had made a good choice as there was a jaccusi in the bath room.

It took us all of 30 seconds to strip and another minute waiting for the bath to fill.

She got in first I was quick to follow sitting at the opposite end

Since our previous seesion she had shaved herself completely and her cunt lips were small and tight to her.

I put my foot forwards and put a toe there, she leaned back and widened her legs giving me free entry with my big toe, working it gently and paying attention to her clitoris she soon was laid back eyes closed enjoying all the sensations that this was sending through her body.

Her first orgasm hit fast and hard as she writhed in the water pushing forwards making my toe actually enter her by about a good inch.

When she quietened down I switched the power on and the bubbles started.

She stood up turned and then sat down with her back to me between my legs.

Plenty of bubble bath, her breast were perfect size, not a bit saggy, and her nipples were erect as I teased them.

She took one of my hands then put it between her legs asking me to make her cum again.

She was sitting close my prick, solid as it was, was in the crease of her arse, as I fingered her she wriggled until the motion had a disaterous effect and I shot my load

under her.

She put her hands under and got some of the cum then spread it over her breasts giggling, telling me that her ex husband would have given her thousands just to do what we were doing but she never had done anything like this before.

We lay back just enjoying the bubbles as I still played with her clit' and fingered her through a couple more good orgasms before we decided to stop the bubbles and get out.

Still naked we fell onto the floor in the sitting room in fromt of the fire kissing and groping each other until I got a good erection again.

I lay on my back, she mounted me, my prick dissapeared in one push down then she sat still, feeling it throbbing inside her, she did something which caused her insides to twitch, sort of wanking me with out moving.

Laughing, she said she had read it in 'that book'.

It worked, again I had no control, my prick burst inside her, I thrust upwards making sure that she got all the full load, bringing her to the final climax of the evening.

We dried each other then got into the king sized bed, using a quarter of it we lay so entwined

It was about one o clock now as we drifted off to sleep, our bodies locked together, naked.