29 Jul 2019

Well just a quick one today.

Hubby knew I had a meeting today but wanted me to get fucked by Danny. As we had been flirting a lot last week with each other. So I dressed up in a short dress with black leggings on and heels ?.

Always the first in to normally but today Danny had bet me too it because of the this meeting. Not long before he passes comment about how sexy I looked. Anyway all though the morning I’m messaging Dave as I can’t do anything with Danny. The meeting finished just before lunch and all bar one lad and Danny was left in the office. With that Danny sends the lad down stairs to to sort out some stock. I messaged Dave what was going on to which he told me to get shot of the leggings as soon as I could.

I nip to the upstairs loo and take them off.

When I come back into the office area Danny clocks what I have done ? and smiles and says “looking smoking hot”

The dress doesn’t really cover much at all and you could easily see my butt cheeks even with it pulled down. Now my desk in the office can only really been seen from where Danny sits and he has a view straight at the side of my seat everyone else is on the other side and the desk has a board down the front so you can’t see under it. But what Danny could see was the My bear back side on the chair ?. To which he took great pleasure in pointing out to me.

Wasn’t long before the lad cam back up stairs but Danny gave him another task. As the lad went down stairs again Danny called me over as I walked over he pushed back from his desk. His cock was out of his trousers and he started wanking him self. We laughed as it must have been out when Simon the young lad had been up here. Danny winked at me and looked back down at his cock. I knew what he meant so quickly dropped to my knees and started to suck him off. Danny stopped me after a few minutes and said “quickly sit on my lap” I quickly stood up and turn round sitting down while guiding his cock into my pussy. I started riding him fairly fast. And sure enough I felt him grab my hips and stand up and bend me over his desk. Was long before he cam inside me. With that we could hear Simon coming back up again so I had to quickly hurry back to my desk and sit down. No time to empty Danny’s cum out of my pussy. As I sat down on my chair I could feeling all starting to come out over the seat. I messaged Danny to see if he could get Simon to leave the room as I need to go to the loo ?. He came back with this.

“Babe your going to have to sit there till home time other wise he will think something is going”

Sure enough I sat in my wet patch for another hour before he left and I had chance to clean my self up.