Written by Heady Days

11 Apr 2016

We have been married 8 years, but really have been a couple for 10. For the first 2 we had to be very discrete because of my work and profession. I work in the political and diplomatic area.

I never knew it but my wife (then girlfriend) and I discovered my hidden desire to have her shared and available to other males. When she told me about previous encounters with men she had gone out with I became so excited. She enjoyed the outcome and it was a regular part of our dating.

She also likes rough sex and we played with ropes, restriction and some pain for both of us.

We were married and shortly after I took a position in the UK.

Security around our lives and work is a major consideration now days. This is even more prevalent when on an overseas posting.

It was through security that we met Danny. He was not on our team but with another office that we interacted with for a while. It was so obvious through simple eye contact that there was fire between him and my wife. What made it easier to associate was that I collect antiques and so does he but a different type. Even so, once we realised this we would talk about each other’s collection and future possible finds.

It was through these antiques we were able to spend time alone with Danny as our guest.

The first time was so amazing. Once the three of us were alone, the small talk lasted about 5 minutes before Danny took my wife in his arms and kissed her. He had most of her clothes off very quickly. Once she was bare he opened her legs and started to ease his finger and then fingers into her. He sucked her left nipple at the same time. Very soon she was humping his fingers and hand. She started to cum and he continued to thrust into her.

Then he stopped and pulled himself up beside her with his cock near her mouth. She just lent forward and started to suck.

I had never seen her with anyone else, we had only just talked about it.

Other than our small talk hardly anything was said. He never asked permission. He then took a condom from his pocket and tore it open with his teeth. He put it on and pushed his cock into her. He gave her a good fucking.

When he had finished her turned to me and said. That what you wanted didn’t you? I agreed. He then turned to my wife and said. Was that good? She could only nod.

He was staying overnight and he fucked her twice more. I never got to cum until he left next morning and I was immediately all over my wife and fucked her.

We were in the UK for just over 2 years and continued to see Danny. We had to be careful with how much we saw him as we had to hide the relationship from everyone, especially our own security people. When he came to stay we had to look very much like he was a friend who came to talk about antiques and have some drinks. He would even bring some items on the pretence of discussing their value and collectability.

I say relationship because my wife developed a fondness and respect for him and what he did to her. It was different from our marriage relationship but still strong. It was he who suggested that he get medically tested to show he was all clean so he could ejaculate in her. We jumped at his suggestion.

I did join in on some occasions but I did like to watch both of them. He became stronger and more dominate. Incidentally, once he came into our residence and the door closed he became Dan and not Danny as everybody else knew him.

My wife soon communicated that she liked some rough and restriction he tried different techniques. Dan extended some of this to me which really moved things along.

He hinted to me wife that I should be restricted and she agreed. This meant I was handcuffed or secured to a chair. Sometimes he turned the chair away so I had to twist against the restraints to see. These were most entertaining to watch.

When he treated her harshly he often left the signs. After he had left she and I had to be very gentle as her buttocks as they would have red welts on them from his hand or a switch. He also realised that she enjoyed being pussy slapped. He would spread her legs and slap her slightly open pussy with his hand.

After he had done that and then as he fucked her she would have enormous climaxes, so very intense. Her mound will be very sensitive. When he was about to leave and if I was still secured he would parade her in front of me and show me her buttocks and then show her front on and say, look at her cunt, it’s so red and puffy. You had better wank for a while until she lets you in it again.

Yes, he would use the word cunt in front of my wife and other vulgar words. I never have. Although I have written fuck when I describe what happened, I would never say it in front of my wife. Dan would when he spoke to her, telling her what they were going to do. He also used to call her a fuck doll. She absolutely relished how he spoke to her and I. Of course this was only when it was just us. When others were around he called me by my title and my wife as Mrs xxx.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Dan when I received another posting and left the UK.

It was very tearful for my wife and we knew we would miss him.

We have never found anyone like Dan since. We have tried with 2 others but it has been so hard to set up and they lacked the ability to give what we wanted.

My wife has been pregnant twice and we now 2 children. We are not having anymore as we have decided that’s enough.

I did talk to my wife about a trip to the UK to meet up with Dan. The purpose would be to have him impregnate her. We both thought it would be the ultimate thrill to have her carry his baby and then raise it as our own. It was my wife’s decision not to pursue it as she thought of the babies future feelings. It was romantic to dream about it.

We do not hear from Dan now but one of our old security team in the UK keeps us up to date with some of the people we met there. Apparently “Danny” is in a relationship now and has a child of his own. But he is always Dan to us.