Written by Arty Pete

1 Nov 2010

In the mid eighties I was a student studying Art in Leeds. I shared a small two bedroom flat in Armley with Chris, a fellow student who like me was from the Bristol area. We were both quite successful with girls but neither of us had serious girlfriends.

There were many good looking women on my course but there was one, Amy who I found very attractive. She was very slim and petite with short black hair I did suggest several times that we might meet for a drink or go to the cinema but she always made excuses.

Just before Christmas the college closed but Chris and I stayed on at the flat as we had both been offered a weeks work at a local warehouse.

On the saturday evening we both went to our local pub with the cash we had earned. As we were sitting at a table near to the door I noticed Amy enter. She had a long dark coat with black fishnet tights and black boots showing below. She went to the bar and ordered a glass of wine, I joined her and offered to pay for her drink and asked if she would care to join us. She said that she was hoping to meet some friends but she was already more than an hour later than the time they had arranged, I then found out that she was in the wrong pub, the one she wanted was several miles away. She decided to stay with us and joined us at our table. She took off her coat and hung it near the door. She looked fabulous, she was wearing a very short mini skirt and tight fitting sweater which showed off her breasts and we could tell that she was not wearing a bra.

After a few drinks she became far more relaxed and talkative, we discovered that she was from a small village in Dorset where she had strict parents which is one of the reasons that she decided to come to Leeds, to be further away from them.

When time was called we invited her back to our flat which was only a few hundred yards away for coffee or another glass of wine. She was a little unsure but eventually she said yes. We walked back to the flat, we sat on the large sofa and I lit the gas fire. I opened a bottle of wine and poured glasses for the three of us. Amy kicked off her long boots and sat with her legs tucked under herself. A little later she excused herself and asked where the bathroom was, I pointed to the door through the kitchen.

Amy returned a few minutes later cursing, I asked what was wrong and she showed us a large rip in her tights on her right thigh which happened when she snagged them on a door frame. She sat on the sofa between us and leant back and stretched out her legs. I playfully poked a finger into the large tear in her tights and by the giggles coming from Amy I got bolder. I picked up a pair of scissors that were on a nearby table and bent down and pulled the tights away from her toes and cut the ends away from both her feet. She laughed and wriggled her white toes. I moved up and bunched up the tights at her knees and with one snip of the scissors her knees were exposed. She was still giggling as I put the point of the scissors in the tear on her thigh and started to snip my way upwards towards the hem of her skirt. I saw that Chris had his arm around her shoulder and Amy was resting her head on his shoulder.

I reached the bottom hem of the skirt and lifted it a little higher, Amy did not seem to object and as I continued to push it higher she even lifted herself up until the skirt was

almost around her waist and her black knickers were in full view. I had now completely split her tights and I reached across her and started snipping up her left leg. After just a few seconds the tights fell away from her thighs. Amy reached down and kicked off the tattered remains but made no effort to pull her skirt down. Chris was kissing her on the lips and his fingers were gently stroking the curve of her breast.

I placed the tip of the scissors under the elastic at the waist of her knickers, Amy looked at me and said that if I cut them I would have to buy her another pair. I thought about this for a split second before cutting through the elastic, then reached across her and snipped through the other side. The knickers fell away exposing a neatly trimmed patch of black hair.

I pulled the torn knickers away and ran my fingertips through them. Amy was moaning gently, I dropped to my knees on the floor and pushed her knees further apart. I kissed the inside of her knee and then moved my lips up her thighs. When I reached her pussy I pulled the lips apart and ran my tongue along them and tickled her clit with the tip.

I looked up at Amy and saw that Chris had lifted her sweater up to her neck and was sucking on her nipples. I could also see that Amy,s left hand was busy inside the zip of Chris,s jeans.

Amy slid a little further down the sofa and opened her legs even more, I pushed my tongue deep into her cunt at the same time I unbuckled my belt, pulled my zip open and pushed my jeans and under pants down. My prick was rock hard. Amy,s right hand was pressing the back of my head harder into her crotch. My face was covered in the warm juices from her pussy. I pulled my face away and replaced my tongue with my fingers, two fingers slipped easily into her and my thumb continued to rub her clit.

I moved away slightly and took my prick in my hand and moved it towards her, I placed the tip at the entrance to her tight cunt and pushed, about half the length of my cock went inside her, I withdrew a little and pushed further into her. Amy pushed me away gently and said that I would have to use a condom if I was to fuck her. I said that I had some in my bedroom and rushed to get them, nearly falling over as my jeans and underpants were tangled around my ankles.

I found a pack of three durex in the cabinet next to my bed and returned to the other room, Amy was on her knees on the sofa, Chris was standing with his prick in her mouth, she had one hand wrapped around him and the other was cupping his balls as her lips moved back and fore on his erection. I ran my hands over her naked arse and reached between her thighs to finger her cunt again. Amy removed her mouth from Chris,s cock and said that we would be much more comfortable in a bed room. I suggested that we use mine as I had a double bed while Chris,s room was smaller and had a single bed. Amy stood up pulled her sweater over her head and undid her skirt and dropped that onto the floor. She walked towards my room with me following, Chris sat on the sofa and thought that we wanted to be alone but Amy said that he should join us too.

Amy had a great figure, her tits were much bigger than I expected on her small frame. She lay in the centre my bed and watched the two of us as we removed the remainder of our

clothes. Both of us had impressive erections. We had seen each other naked many times but this was the first time that we had been so aroused.

I lay on Amy,s right and Chris was on her other side, we were not really sure on how to continue, Amy took the initiative and reached for both of our cocks. I moved foreward and took one of her small hard nipples between my lips. Chris reached for her pussy, Amy raised her knees and parted her legs to allow him easy access.

I raised myself onto my knees and Amy pulled my prick towards her mouth, she licked underneath the shaft of my cock and around my balls before she slid her lips onto me. I could feel her tongue rolling around the head and then she took me deeper into her throat than I had expected. After a few minutes I warned her that if she continued I would come, she allowed me to take my cock away. I picked up the packet of condoms and removed one then rolled it onto my cock. Chris who had his head between her thighs rolled away when he saw that I was ready to fuck her. Amy pushed me onto my back and squatted over me facing away from before she lowered herself onto my prick, I watched as my covered cock slowly disappeared into her. She ground her pussy hard against my cock and her breathing became louder as she moved faster and faster until with a deep sigh she climaxed.She stopped moving on me and fell foreward, she turned around and pulled the condom off me and sucked my cock into her mouth again. She handed another condom to Chris and told him to put it on and fuck her as she was blowing me. He stood by the side of the bed and thrust himself into her, his hands were gripping her by the hips and I could feel her shudder as he pumped into her. She was looking up at me as she sucked greedily on my cock. This time I knew that she wanted me to come in her mouth, I held onto the sides of her head as I exploded into her, after several powerful spasms I pulled away from her, she dribbled a large amount of my semen onto my balls and over my prick then rubbed her face over it.

Chris cried out that he was about to come, Amy asking him not to come inside her but to come over her tits. She rolled over and held her breasts while Chris tossed the condom to one side and aimed his cock at her nipples. After a few strokes with his hand he shot three huge jets of spunk onto her breasts. She massaged the semen into her tits before flopping back on the bed. She dropped her hands down to her pussy and lay there with her eyes closed as she pushed her own fingers into her cunt while her other hand was rubbing her clitoris furiously.

This was the first time that either Chris or I had seen a woman masturbating. We watched just inches away from her as she brought herself to another noisy climax. Her fingers and hands when she had finished were soaked and there was a large wet patch on the sheet. Amy opened her eyes and saw how closely we were watching her. At first she seemed a little shocked at what she had just done but then we both commentated that we were fascinated by the show and had learned a lot.

Amy suggested that the three of us could do with a shower and led us to the bathroom where it was a tight squeeze for us all to get into the shower, so she washed us one by one under the shower before getting in herself. We all wrapped towels around ourselves then collected another bottle of wine and glasses and returned to the bedroom.

Amy told us a little more about her home life, she explained that she was actually engaged

to a man from her village but she was having great doubts about him as he was not interested in sex, they had fucked on a few occasions but he was not a very good lover and always finished after a few seconds. She explained that she really enjoyed sex and could not imagine a life with him. She also explained that in such a small village she would be unable to look for relief elsewhere without everybody knowing and causing a scandal.She also said that she was not on the pill as she was frightened that her parents would find them which is why she insisted on using condoms.

She asked how many condoms were left, I said I had just one left and Chris said that he did not have any. She pulled her towel open and said that we should decide which one of us was going to use it. Chris insisted that as it was my condom I should use it. Amy thanked Chris and promised that she would not leave him frustrated. She slipped her hand under my towel cupped my balls and stroked my prick which had already started to harden. She pulled open my towel and lowered her head and lips onto my prick. I told that I wanted to go down on her again, she was very pleased with this suggestion and she spun around so that we were in a classic sixty nine position with her on top. I pushed my tongue deep into her for the second time. She was working skillfully on my cock and even though I had already come once I had to slow her down, I said that I was ready for the condom.

Amy laid on her back as I rolled the durex on, I lifted her legs up to my shoulders and pushed my prick deep into with one thrust. This time I was determined that I would last much longer, I wanted to feel her coming with me inside her. I could feel her cunt muscles

grip my cock tightly as I was fucking her. The longer that I continued the louder and deeper her breathing became. Suddenly she was shuddering and digging her nails into my back before she screamed, I could feel her wetness flooding out of her over my balls. I then started to piston into her and I soon had a very powerful orgasm as I filled the condom. I rolled off Amy while we both tried to regain our She bent wown breath.

Chris was still standing beside the bed with an erection pointing at the ceiling, he had his fingers wrapped around it and was wanking slowly. Amy rolled towards him and her hand joined his, she flicked the tip of her tongue over the head of his prick as she stroked him to his orgasm. He came in spurts over her face and into her hair. Amy wiped her face then collapsed on her back in the centre of the bed. In just a few minutes she was fast asleep.

Chris and I pulled some blankets over her and soon we too were asleep next to her.

In the morning I was woken by the sound of someone in the kitchen, Chris was still snoring quietly in the bed. Amy walked into the room smiling carrying a tray with several cups of coffee, she was still stark naked, my eyes dropped to the black bush between her legs, these days the fashion is for a shaved pussy but to my eyes a neat hairy pussy is far more attractive.

She placed the tray on the bedside table and sat on the bed beside me. I lifted my hand and cupped one of her breasts, she responded by sliding her hand under the sheet and softly squeezed my prick. I moved my hand down to her pussy and gently parted her lips, I tried to slip a finger into her but she pushed my hand away. NO MORE she said besides we have no more condoms. She pulled the sheet covering me down, my cock was erect. She bent down and kissed the end.

She took my hand and led me to the other room, she bent foreward over the back of the sofa

put her hands on her cheeks and pulled them apart exposing her pussy to me. FUCK ME she whispered. I asked about the condom and said that for this time we could do without one.

I wet my cock with my saliva and pushed into her. I leant foreward so that I could hold her breasts in my hands. It was all very quick, after just a few dozen thrusts I came into her. She stood up, kissed me and returned to the bedroom. Chris was woken up by the feel of her lips on his cock and after giving him a very quick blowjob she left.

She dressed and except for the tights and knickers looked as she did the night before. She said goodbye and thanks and closed the door.

That was the last time that I saw her. She did not return to the college after the Christmas break and none of her friends knew where she had gone. A few months later I heard a rumour that she had got married to someone in her village>