Written by nucouple

8 Dec 2011

Following on from our story 10th Aug.

The following weekend we visited Partners in Bury for an evenings fun. At the club we both went and got changed ....me into a towel and mrs Nu into her blue baby doll with a tiny matching satin thong.

We had a drink in the bar and decided to go and warm up a bit in the jacuuzi. Two guys sitting at a table beside the pool watched as Mrs Nu stripped to enter the water. Once in the jacuuzi we relaxed for about 15 mins and decided we wanted another drink. On getting out the 2 guys again watched as Mrs Nu stood naked drying herself off with her towel before putting back on the baby doll.

In the lounge area we sat chatting while looking other people coming and going, Mrs Nu smiling at a tall black guy who was sat opposite us on a sofa. She said "i,m sure we have seen that guy here before when we have been on a previous visit ."

Just then a guy came and sat on the end of our sofa and complimented mrs Nu on how sexy she looked. He stayed and chatted with us for a while until mrs Nu asked if i fancied going back into the jacuuzi. The guy asked if we minded him joining us for a dip.

" By all means " said my wife and we all went back downstairs to the wet area. In the jacuuzi mrs Nu sat with him on her right and me on her left , facing the pool with our backs to the wall.

Her hand came over and started playing with my cock as the guy was admiring her boobs and telling her how nice and pert they looked. I agreed and started caressing her right breast as his hand came up to cup her left breast. When i looked down into the water i could see her hand had reached over to stroke his cock under the water.

She seemed to lean over on her side towards me and i realised the guy had slid his hand under her to play with her pussy . While leaning into me i looked up and saw that the black guy had entered the jacuuzi and had sat opposite us , reaching across to slide his hand between mrs Nus legs.

As this was happening 2 young guys walked past the jacuuzi , stopping to watch the action . We heard one say to the other "i,m having some of that are you?" which pissed us off somewhat and i saw the panic in mrs Nus eyes and said "Oh no your bloody not m8 "

This put the blocks on the fun and we got out of the water and went back up to the bar area. Awhile later we went for a walk looking into the rooms off to the sides, we came across the Dark Maze and entered .

At first it was pitch black trying to find our way along the corridors , me leading the way with mrs Nu following. At the centre we found it opened up into a room with a bed in it. We laid on the bed and started kissing and caressing each other, mrs Nu still wearing her baby doll outfit.

On the bed i sat up and leant against the wall while mrs Nu gave me a b/j. Her bottom was stuck up in the air as she knelt between my legs. By this time my eyes had become accustomed to the dark and i could see around the very dimly lit room.

"Take your knickers off babe " i asked . Without taking her mouth off my cock she did and placed them on the bed at side of me. I by now had slid my hands down her top to cup her lovely boobs , i could feel how erect her nipples were against my palms.

While sucking on me she had her back to the room entrance and didnt see 2 guys appear at the doorway. They stood for a minute admiring the view and guy no1 held out his hand towards her bottom looking at me for permission. I nodded and his hand slipped between her thighs. She jumped slightly as tho startled at first but carried on with her job in hand so to speak . The guy then knelt on the bed and his face dissappeared from my view as he started licking and kissing her pussy from the rear.

The 2nd guy again held out his hand towards her as tho for permission .....i again nodded and his hand slipped down the top of her chest into her baby doll to cup her right breast , while i was cupping her left one.

She started moaning as she was really getting into it with 3 of us now all playing with her body.

The guy licking her from the rear knelt up and held a condom up to me ...asking for permission to use it on her. Seeing the nod from me he quickly placed it on his cock, I could see him sliding his cock up and down mrs Nu,s pussy to gain some lubrication from her.

He then pushed forward and entered her while holding her hips in both hands. Slowly he pushed....in and out ..."god shes tight " he said to no-one in particular.

"And shes got a beautiful ass too" he said. He was now sliding his hands up to her shoulders under her baby doll, holding her by the shoulders to give himself something to push against.

I heard him start breathing very heavily as he started to cum.....the thrusts getting more and more urgent as he spat his load into the condom still buried in my wifes pussy.

"FFFFFFuuuckkkkk" he cried out and the thrusts slowly subsided. "That was fabulous " he said as he pulled out and leant forward to plant a kiss on mrs Nus bottom.

While this had been going on the 2nd guy had been stood by the bed with his hand either playing with my wifes right breast or under her playing with her pussy. He quickly placed a condom over his cock and took up position behind her.

In the dark i couldn,t see but this guy must have been larger than the first , as he entered i felt my wife moan, as her mouth was still around my cock.

This guy seemed to have an urgence about him, pounding for England! . Gripping my wife by her hips he thrust and thrust, This must have brought mrs Nu to one almighty orgasm as she took my cock from her mouth and let out such a groan.

I leant forward and whispered in her ear "are you ok babe ? " Her reply was "Heaven "

It was then i noticed 2 further guys were stood at the doorway, playing with their cocks while watching proceedings on the bed.

One entered and took up position at the side of the bed and started stroking mrs Nus right breast while the other stayed in the doorway wanking.

The 2nd guy now shouted out as he filled his condom while still pounding away at mrs Nus bottom. He stopped ...withdrew and wiped himself down with his towel.

Thanking us both he got up and left the room.

My wife now turned to the guy playing with her boob and asked if him and his friend would please leave us to have a bit of privacy now . The guys thanked us both for the show and politely left us on our own .

We stayed kissing and cuddling in the dark for a cpl of minutes before going for a well earned shower and drink .

This was another fantacy of ours fulfilled where someone would get to take my wife without her seeing who was responsible. A great night Partners in Bury and hopefully more to come lol.