Written by sleepwell

15 Apr 2007

When I got married ,my wife already had a son, only ten years younger than I am she had him while she was still at school.Anyway as he grew up we became firm friends and when his mum and I split up we remained so.When he married Jenny I was his best man, they settled down not far from me about twenty miles away and I would see them quite regularly, when shopping, or sometimes we would meet up for a drink or a meal.Paul is now 35 well built about 5 11 with short hair and works as a sales manager for a German company recently he was told that he would have to attend a month long training course at the HQ in Hamburg. Jenny who is 32 did not like being left on her own for such a long time but because of work could not go with him so it was decided that she would move in with me as I have a three bedroomed house all to my self,and they are always popping in and out anyway. they even have there own bedroom here for when they have a night out or they come for a meal and have a drink. As far as I know he has never shagged her in my house or if they have they have been very quite and not made a mess.So jenny moved in some of her stuff on the Saturday then after taking Paul to the Airport on the Sunday morning came straight to mine and we had some breakfast,she then went to unpack and I popped out to do a bit of gardening lunch we went out to the pup and we soon settled into a routine I would get up in the morning put on my dressing gown and start breakfast ,down would come Jenny also in her dressing gown we would eat then I would go up have a shower and shave and get ready for work then she would come up shower and get dressed then we would leave together.Two weeks into the course Jenny came in from the hallway looking very glum she had been on the phone to Paul who had just told her he was having to stay for another three weeks as one of the other managers had not ben al to attend so Paul had to take his place on th next part of the course.Jeny was heartbroken and started to weep,I instiktively put my arm around her and we stood with her softly crying on my shouder.

now Jenny has shoulder length light brown hair is about 5`6 I am 5`8 she has Iwould think a 36 breasts and an hour glass figure I cant say I have ever thought about her sexually in the past 9well not seriously I think all men do to a certain extent wondering what it would be like ) but we were as near as related as could be.But that did not stop my cock starting to grow as we stood so close I could smell the pefume she was waiing,and the condiioner she used in her hair etc.Any way I did the gentlemannly thing and eased my body away a bit while still letting her rest her head on my shoulder I also stroked her back and told her in a quite voice that it would be all ok it would soon pass she after a while stopped crying but left her head on m shoulder telling me how much she missed him, how she wanted to see him how she needed him,her arms by this time were round my back and with that she gave me a hug stood up and kissed me on the cheek and we parted.I turned at once as I did not want her to see what my cock was doing to my trousers went straight to the kitchen and put on the kettle.I was stood looking out the window waiting for it to boil when she stuck her head round the door and in a cheerer voice thanked me for being so understanding and good if I could give her 10 minutes to repair the damage to her face she would buy me a pint to say thank you I said something like fine I will just get changed myself then she ran up he stairs and I heard her bedroom door close I followd went into my bedroom took out my still hard cock and within about six sharp tugs unloadedwhat fl;t like gallons of cum ino a towel.( since I have left my wife I have not had anoher relaionship and for the past three years have relied on porn vidioes and mastibation for my release. anyway we set of to the pub and she go me a pint and we settled in and had a meal a few more drinks and then headed back home when we got back she dived upstairs o the loo and I went into the lounge to put the tv on realising that earlier I had taken the newspaoper upstairs and left it on my bed I called up to Jenny to bring it down when she came down when she did, Jenny had goten changed and put on her nighy and was wairing her dressing gown this she sometimes did in te evening,she got on the couch pulled her legs up under her and started to watch the tv. After a short while I asked her if she wanted a glass of wine and rising got her a glass and one for myself a little later she stood up to efil both our glasses and as she handed me mine I asked her if she felt better now she said

"yes do you" I said I was ok and thatI felt fine she then said that earlier it had felt better than fine to her and her eyes moved down to my groin she then leaned down and kissed me on the lips and placed her hand on my thigh I started to get hard at once ,she thenstood up and went and sat back down on the couch as she was standing her dressinggown gapped at the front and I realiseed that under yes gown she was naked as she sat down she started to tell me that what she missed most of all was Paul in bed ,and how did I manage as she knew that there was no woman in my life as Paul had told her I told her I watched porn and wanked she said something like thats a waste or something like that she had only gone without for three weeks and was desperate even with making herself come by this time I was rock hard and dident know what to do. She suddenly rose and came across to me nelt down in front of my and undid my zip reached in and pulled out my 7" cock bent forwards and took it straight into her mouth she was sucking and moaning as was I, I reached down and got my hands inside her dressinggown and started to fondle her tits and play an sqeese her nipplesthis pushed her over the top and she had a masive orgasim at once,she was trembling all over and sat back and said thank you I nealt down beside her and undid her gown and started to suck on her tis and run my hands down her bodyshe lay back on the carpet allowing me unhindered access to her body opening her legs to let my fingers into her shaven wide open and wet pussyI stroked her for a few minutes and she agin came I carried on stroking her and she had her hand on my cock when she asked me to fuck her telling me my fingers there were nice but she could do that to herself but righ now she wanted my cock,I still had the presence of mind to point out I had no condoms but she told me she was on the pill so with no further abo I swung her round and genntle pushed my cock into her , with haveing had a wank earlier I was able to last for longer and we started with a nice slow rythem with jenny mathing me push for push we slowly started to build up speed with her asking me to fuck her harder and harder suddenly her body all went ridgid and she moaned nooooo! nooooo! yes now now and came clamping my cock within her pussy that was enough to trigger me and I pumped and pumpedsending cum deep into her I then fell to the side of her with her rolling to keep my cock in her such had been our urgency I was still dressed even though I dont know when my trousers and boxers were around my ankles, she then reached forward and kissed me on the mouh gently idsengaged and left the room. I stood looked around and started to tidy up taking the glasses out and feeling so guilty I slowly climbed the stairs went to the bathroom and then ino my bedroom got undressed and into bed the door opened and a voice asked quitly are you asleep I said no and in Jenny came she had put her dg back on she sat on he bed looked at me and said "feeling guilty?" I said I was she said that was silly we both wanted it needed it evenPaul was good in bed but for the past six months had been banging one of the typsts at the office he dident know that she knew but she said wih a smile ther were always clues lying around if you looked she then picked up he towel I had wanked into earlier looked at it then at me and said what a waste and threw it ino the wash basket by te door undid her dressing gown and klimbed into bed. I would like to say that we again fucked but at my age twice in one night on top of the boose is good going but we did go to sleep in each others arms and when we awoke in the morning had a nice long shag in the comfort of my bed,the first of many. Paul has now returned from his course and has been promoted,so has the typest she is now his PA he has confided in me that he is having an affair but that he still loves Jenny I asked him what he would do if she started an affair all he said was nothing really as long as no one got hurt I couldent complain. He now has to do a lot of travelling and training and takes his PA with him and they have to stay overnight.Jenny has stoped complaining about.