Written by Knickerman

4 Sep 2017

Its short but a factual incident that took place 12 months a go , It was my 60th birthday and I am semi retired so I was at home and the wife works part time and had gone to work for the morning, I do odd jobs for people as and when required.

next door to us is sally shes 42 been divorced 5 years now, works full time as a secretary and has a 20 year old son who has now left home and lives with a girl, we look after each others houses during holidays and more recently I have been popping back and too next door to do odd jobs dripping tap etc, I have also been sniffing her worn knickers size 14 , for a few years now and do enjoy a wank on her bed sniffing yesterdays knickers when shes at work usually twice a week, now my wife only wants sex once a month and about every 3 months she can be a woman on heat but I need more and use sally's knickers to help with the frustration. But today being home alone and my birthday I thought I would take a couple of pairs round to ours and watch a bit of porn and wank at home, the only ones that had been worn where a black cotton pair and a white satin ones from work yesterday the black ones she had on the day before Sunday because i saw down the back of her shorts as she was gardening.

So sat in our lounge with the laptop on volume up and me naked with Sally's knickers, I am big into eating pussy and having the wife sit on my face when she agrees (once every 3 months or so) the video is showing a guy with 2 ladies and taking it in turn to sit on his face and wank him, I have the black ones on my face and can smell Sally sweet pussy and taste it with my tong the legs are over my eyes so i can continue to watch the video and have the satin ones around my cock , I did not hear the back door open and in walks the daughter in laws sister with a birthday gift for me and card.

as the lounge door opens she gets to see everything, I move forward to try and switch off the lap top but I am afraid of showing everything, OH says Donna looks like your enjoying your birthday then !! lets take a look at what your watching then and moves to be next to me and I move the black knickers off my face, looks interesting she says and then takes a look at the black knickers and says these are not your Lynns knickers she is size 16 I know cos i bought her some for xmas last year whos are they she asks, silence from me then she asks again only also adds I best tell all or she might speak to Lynn !! my cock is just about still standing wrapped in the white ones as she takes them off it and checks the size of them 14 !! tell me now she says , so I confess that they belong to Sally and also know that her and Sally went to school together but never rely got along they are polite with each other but thats it, Ha she says she has a bigger bum than me cos I am size 12 and now has a big smile on her face, my cock is now shriveling up and leaking pre cum on my leg, looking at the now paused video of the the girl sitting on the guys face and the other girl wanking him she asks has she ever sat on your face ? no I reply , you just sniff her knickers and wish she would do you ? yes I reply, Have you ever sniffed my knickers ? I stall a bit then say yes when ever we call at yours and I go to the bathroom your washing is always there (about twice a year we go round) humm she sits thinking for a moment looks at my cock and says well I want to beat her to that and says can I sit on your face first ? I then say I dont think she ever will, not the point I want to beat her and be first at something, with that she stands up lifts the front of her skirt and down come a pair of white cotton knickers and she shows me look size 12 ! then proceeds to put them over my face like i had the black ones but these are warm and a little damp as she rubs them in my face, lie down she commands so I stretch out on the sofa she takes the knickers off my head and puts them round my cock and starts to wank me, stops lifts her skirt up and i can see her hairy bush and she straddles my face a knee each side of my head and slowly lowers her self down on to me, leaning back she wanks my cock and says lick me please with her free hand moves it round and on her pussy rubbing and touching her clit as my tong darts in and out of her, it only takes a minuet and I and now fully hard and about to cum in her hand and knickers and as i finish shooting into her knickers and trying to get me breath her other hand moves faster and she rocks on my face to her cumming as well, we sit still for what seemed forever but was only a bout 30 seconds then she climes off carefully keeping a hand on her knickers then her skirt drops down she now cleans my cock and rolls up the cum filled knickers into a ball, looks at me smiles and says I wont tell lynn and you wont tell mike its your special birthday present just between us and I am one up on her next door now !! not bad for a 42 year old with 4 kids am I she asks, I say wow this is a dream for me, happy birthday she says as she heads to the door knickers rolled up in her hand, may be we can do this again soon she says, oh yes please is my reply, one last word before she closes the door and she says get tided up before Lynn gets home, closes the door and leaves,

we have done it 4 times over the past year at there house and ours almost always the same routine I think she likes it as much as me ? and she says its cos I am good to help her and mike with odd jobs and help with the kids that she does it, but has stated no shagging cos thats only for mike.

Oh yes Donna is 12 years older than the daughter in law.

But I still go next door for a wank sniffing and licking Sally's knickers