Written by Susan

15 Apr 2008

Our daughter Amy's best friend the 19 year old Mary is spending more and more time with us and on Sunday she and my hubby fulfilled one of their joint fantasies, having her fucked by two guys - my hubby Gary and his mate Jim. Mary wanted Gary to set it up so she was dressed up as a slut and would be hit on by the men who would then surprise her and both fuck her. Jim and Gary were ready to watch the football on tv ( I was out as agreed) and Mary, who stayed with us for a very wild Saturday night in our bed, where I finally got a really good go with her fanny and she fucked me with a strap on while my hubby fucked her from behind. That was difficult to do at first but ended up being the best sex we have all had so far. Mary has also started bringing boys back again and leaving the bedroom door open so we can hear her getting it. She talks dirty a lot and shouts and tells men what to do to her so you can imagine this is wild and Gary and I fuck while listening to this horny young girl who is the same age as our daughter. Anyway on Sunday, Mary was dressed in a very very short ad tight white tee shirt dress, very short and hugging her tits with no bra and just a thong. She came into the sitting room and (as planned) accepted Gary's invitation to join them watching the footie. Jim is one of our best friends who have known Mary (like our daughter Amy) for at least five years. Gary says the guys have often talked in the pub (not when Mary's Dad is there of course) about what a nympho Mary looks - little did they know. Mary has tits to die for and has lovely long slim legs. Anyway, Mary was sitting there on the sofa between Gary and Jim. She says she was feeling sooo horny sat there with these guys legs touching hers and her dress riding high up her thighs, flashing her thong. She also knew what was to come...she says her pussy was totally wet within 10 minutes of sitting down. Anyway, at half time Gary gets Mary to get up and get some more beer. When she comes back, Gary asks Mary if the guys at uni are half as good looking as the two of them. Mary just says " Well I don't know but I always prefer older guys because they know how to make a girl cum". Jim was amazed but Mary says she realised this little plot was working because he had the biggest hard on in his jeans. The action kicked off when Gary pulled Mary down on the sofa and started snogging her. He told Jim to come on and feel these great tits... Mary then feel to the floor, took Gary's cock out and started to give him a long slow blow job. Jim was behind her stroking her tits and feeling her body and stroking her pussy. Then Gary pulled Mary's dress up and over her head. The little 19 year old Mary was now sitting there in just her thong while these two randy guys set to work on her. They each fucked her on all fours while the other was getting sucked and Gary gave her a long dose of 69. The TV stayed off while they licked her pussy and covered Mary in spunk. She was gagging for it and kept telling them to "fuck me you bastard , come on give me your cock. My pussy is aching for it." By the time I came in (after the match would have ended) Mary was sitting there in a clean pair of knickers, cuddling Gary who can't get enough of sucking her tits, and Jim was kissing her too. The men had their clothes on again. Mary had dried spunk all over her face and body. That night, Mary stayed with us again and we all had a great 3 some while she talked about how Gary had fulfilled one of her big fantasies with the two guys. She said she had often flirted with Jim and realised he was up for it before. He had given her a new's years kiss at a party at her parents' house and had stroked her tits 'accidentally', she said. That was the night she said one of our other friends had fingered her in the garden until she same on his hand. So she was a nympho before Gary gave her a seeing to.