Written by Dave

1 Jul 2008

Iam Dave in my mid 30s. I didn\'t think of myself as Bi but I suppose I must be after what happened a couple of months ago. It was about 10pm in the evening and quite dark and I was feeling very randy. I knew that activity went on at some toilets and decided to have a look for myself thinking I could always just walk out.

I went into the toilet and it was as black as night no lights anywhere. I stood still as my eyes accustomed to the dark and realised that there was another guy there standing at the urinal. I slowly made my was over to the next but one to him and got my cock out. As my vision improved I could see that he had a hard on. He seemed very young probably late teens. He steped back and I was able to see that he was really well endowed. He held out his left hand and I moved closer to him. I remember the feeling as his slim fingers closed around my cock and I reached for his. He was very long and quite thick, his cock was flat along the top it was so hard. I gently moved my hand back and forth then cupped his balls with my other hand. His touch felt great as he pushed my foreskin back and forth before he whispered asking if I had anywhere to go. I sugested my car which was outside and we quickly drove off. 5 minutes saw us parked in a field gateway with both our seats reclined. He had taken down his jeans and pants and pushed his shirt right up showing his flat stomach and smooth chest with his cock hard against his stomach. I quickly followed suit and then he was kneeling taking the tip of my cock in his mouth. He pushed down playing with my cock and balls as he sucked me hard. I was in heaven. Then he lay back on his seat and I realised it was my turn. I played with his large hard length exploring it first with my hands and then my tongue. My head moved quite naturally back and forth as I pulled him into my mouth moving my hands up and down his slim smooth body. I heard him gasp and pulled him out as he came jetting his cum over his belly and thights. I kept going until he was relaxed.

He moved down and took me in his mouth his hands pressing and squeezing me until I could hold back no longer and came into his eager mouth. He let me finish and then we both cleaned up.

He told me that he was Bi and had a girlfriend and wasn\'t surprised to hear I was married. He said he had joined 3 couples for 3 somes having met the guy in here.

He asked about my wife and I was honest when I told him that I doubted she would like a 3 some. We exchanged mobile numbers and I drove him back to the area we had met.

We called each other meeting for a little fun and eventually my wife succomed to a 3 some but more on that later.