Written by Gaz

27 Nov 2009

My gf rosie has the most unbelievable body,25 with a size 10 figure,cute tits and the most amazing tight,pert ass.my mate dave has mentioned once or twice how lucky i am and i catch him all the time eyeing up her perfect bum.as it was his bday i spoke to rosie and suggested we gave him a little treat...,so on his bday me and dave were sat in my lounge playing xbox when rosie wandered in wearing a school uniform.tiny grey pleated miniskirt,thigh high hold ups and stiletto heels.up top her tits bulged in her black bra and tight cropped white blouse.she knelt dwn on all fours in front of dave and his jaw dropped.i gave him a little smile and a wink and his face lit up.his eyes ran all over body not knowing where to start first.he hitched her skirt up to expose her skimpy little g-string,he then slapped her right asscheek before grabbing a handful of each.his face lowered dwn and flashed his tongue over her ass before butterfly rimming all dwn her crack.her face was a picture and my cock was hardening.three hard spanks later and dave was getting carried away.he ripped her g-string off and devoured every inch of her ass with his tongue.i snogged her passionately as dave hoisted her hips upwards and worked his rock hard shaft up her ass.as he got in he grinded rhythmically as rosies face screwed up in pain and pleasure.too much for me,i wanked in her face before gushing all over her.dave pumped harder and faster,spanking harder until his hips buckled and he released jets of cum up her ass,he pulled out and ran his finger dwn her crack.rosie stood up,dripping with spunk and took daves cock smearing it over her tits.she then left after presenting dave wiv her thong as his bday pressie.happy birthday dave!