Written by cram69

19 May 2010

hi 44m northeast 6ft this is an account of my swinging past all true at 19 Iwas suduced by 33 year old married woman thats another story leap for ward to my first couple i was living alone 33 and always horny still seeing my married friend but not as often reading the personals in a daily paper I answered an add from couple mid fortys after week of exchanging emails they agreed to come to my place one friday night

after last minute mobile call to check it was still ok they turned up a little late I a bit nervous as i opened the door to shortish bald guy average build followed by his wife permed hair black jacket, skirt white blouse bit see through i could see her bra they had brought some wine they sat oppisite me as we drank talking about how they wanted to spice up there sex lives ,how much she liked sex ,wanted to try spit roasting when the wine was finished she popped to the bathroom and her hubby said lets get stripped off so we both got naked sat in diffrent chairs she returned dressed in black basque stockings suspenders her nipples poking over the top of the basque she had a curvy figure nice tits bum to match she walked across to me knelt beyween my legs started sucking licking on my cock (7" uncut) he knelt behind her began to finger fuck her making her gasp and moan as she sucked me

I could hear how wet she was getting her mouth felt good as she sucked up and down on my cock her hubby moved her into the middle of the floor and with her on all fours I slide my cock back in to her mouth he position himself began to fuck her(his cock was smaller about 5 1/2") I began to fuck her mouth gently as he held her hips pounding her she was becoming more frantic gasping and moaning "you going to come babe" he said" yesummm " she gasped as best she could my cock still sliding in and out of her mouth,

he suddenly speeded up and i could tell he was near too, then he came thrusting deep my cock sank deep into her mouth as he pumped into her

as they both came down we pulled apart I hadnt come yet and he asked both of us if we,d like to fuck I slipped on a condom and entered her from behind as she knelt over the seat , holding her hips driving in deep and fast she was moaning gasping little whimpers coming from her " come darling" he said " you enjoying it" her back was arching her moaning louder and quick a noise only a woman on verge of comming can make,I was near myself and thrust harder faster she came I felt her muscles grip my cock as she shook I let her clam herself then pumped her faster my balls bursting the friction on my cock sending the signals of an impending climax to my brain i thrust deep matching each spurt with a thrust both of us gasping for air

we dressed quickly her complaining she would be stiff in the morning an her carpet burn knees but we all agreeded we ,d enjoyed it parted with promise to do it again but we never did ,

which moves me on to kath 36 5ft 6 blonde curvy but not fat married woman who i met in chat room after few weeks flirting her telling me she loved sucking cock and swallowing and that her hubby was ok with it we arranged she would vist me on her own one saterday night if we got on she would stay and hubby would pick her up in the morning. she arrived again a little late black blouse shortish skirt boots and I welcomed her in she was very nervous but a drink of wine and some genral chit chap seamed to calm her down and after an hour she phoned her hubby to say she was staying, still nervous we sat on the settee my arm around her shoulder as i gently began to unbutton her blouse revealing black lacey bra and fine pair of large breasts as i reached the last button she stood up removed her blouse un cliped her skirt stepping out of it standing there in boots stockings black lacey bra I joined her pulling her down onto the rug in front of the fire kissing her lips and neck she was breathing heavy her eyes closed as i kneeded her breasts releasing them from the bra to suck on her nipples i slid down her body began to lick her thighs before working my tounge on to her pussy lips opening her up flicking on her clit

she was gasping moaning " i asked if she was still ok ""fine she said dont stop please" i continued to lap at her clit her body tensing shaking a little she gaspped crying out as she climaxed gripping my head pulling me hard into her pussy as she released her grip I looked up to see tears running down her cheeks " dont worry "she said "I always cry when i come, dont know why i just do" we sat back on the settee bit less nervous and she leaned across me rapidly un doing my jeans , sliding them down before resting her head in my lap i felt her tounge tip flick the head of my cock as she slowly pulled back the foreskin before her lips engulfed my cock head then she sank deep onto my cock before sliding back all the time her tounge working on my cock head It was my turn to breath heavy now as she began to both wank and suck at the same time gaining speed bringing me closer and closer to climax I began to tense up as my body prepared to shoot its load she senced this clamping my cock in her hand began to wank me onto her tounge and open mouth it felt so good i could hold back no longer as the first spurt hit her toung she engulfed my cock began to suck matching each spurt as my hips thrust into her mouth not a drop spilt from her lips " ummm that was nice" she said" "lets go to bed" said I " umm yes lets" but thats another story