Written by sexycouple69_

25 Aug 2010

Hi hope you liked the first story, well after the last time on the Nudist beach in Tenerife my wife ensured we went back again the following week. I was not sure if she was in for more cock or not I just went along.

We found the same spot early in the afternoon, so settled down on our towels my wife was soon stripped of and I noticed she had shaved around her pussy so it looked fantastic. She laid down put sun cream on taking her time over her tits and pussy.

She was looking round to see who was there, not many as it was early,she laid back to get some rays. After about hour I said to her that there was a Spanish guy walking across the beach T shirt on but no shorts and you could see is cock just moving from side to side, she said oh, as though not to bother but as the guy got closer she sat up to put more sun lotion on just as he was walking pass, is cock was just hanging there as he walked pass and what a size. I said did you like what she saw, she made a sarcastic comment not interested but I knew she was as her eyes were following as he passed. She said nice bum though.

Any way this went on all afternoon as guys walked pass naked trying to get a look at my beautiful naked wife spread eagled with her legs open showing her pussy pretending to read her book. We had something to eat with some wine which I hoped would help her relax and hopefully might see her get fucked again.

Time was getting on it was now around 6pm still hot but people were now leaving the beach, I was thinking nothing is going to happen, my wife was now on her belly still reading her book, then I noticed the guy from earlier with no shorts was walking back along the beach he came over towards us and I new he was going to come up to us. I did not say anything I thought let see what happens. He came straight up to where we were, sheltered on 3 sides so the only opening was from the beach.

He stopped just in front of us and asked in broken English as he was Spanish if we had any water, to which my wife just turned to see his cock just in front of her it was semi hard and very impressive. I said sure and gave him a small bottle of chilled water that we had. He squatted down and had a drink, he then sat down on a large rock to the side facing my wife he could now see her bum and pussy from behind. He started to talk broken English about how hot it was, with that my wife turned round to face him. He said to me you have a beautiful wife you are very lucky, I wish I had a wife or girl friend like you sexy laying there naked. My wife was now raised up on her elbows and slightly parted her legs so he could see her pussy more. She said thank you would you like a cold beer instead of that water, which I gave him I knew then she wanted him to fuck her.

We chatted for while when he said to her would you like me to give you a massage, he said I am good with that my wife turned over and said why not. He removed his shirt he was now totally naked just like us. He asked her to turn round as it was easy for him to work on her shoulders from in front of her. She turned round he knelt down in front of her and started to massage her back and shoulders moving is hand down towards her bum, she was loving it. I was starting to get a hard on just watching them. It was not getting dusk as the sun was going down but she was in heaven I noticed that is cock was now getting bigger as he massage her back, she was moaning she then without looking started to play with his cock going up and down is shaft. This went on for some time he then kissed her on the back of her head and asked her to turn round so he could massage her legs.

She let go of his now very large cock around 9ins and thick and turned round as he had asked. He parted her legs and was now kneeling in between them we both could see how wet she was, he started to massage each leg moving up towards her pussy her legs opened wider, I said are you enjoying this, the answer you bet I am. He then moved closer to her is cock now not far from her pussy, he started to massage her bum and every so often his finger would find her pussy, when this happened she would give out a moan. He then started to finger fuck her and all the time I just sat there and watch, she was loving it. Then two finger, then three she tensed up and came all over his fingers.

He then removed them and placed is cock at the entrance to her pussy my wife just backed onto it, I watch as he slowly pushed all his cock into my wife's pussy. He stared to fuck her slowly doggy style except she was still lying flat on her tummy. He was now deep inside her frusting away each stroke getting deeper and deeper, I was now wanking my self watch my wife get fucked by this monster of a cock. She then knelt up with her head still in the towel so he could get deeper doggy stile which I might add is her favourite position, she was cumming again she shuddered and came all over his cock and balls. As is cock was going in and out you could see all her juices. He was now fucking her hard and she was loving it she kept saying fuck me harder, oh fuck me harder, he was tensing up

and I knew he was about to cum when I realised he was not wearing a condom. I said to my wife he is cumming and he is riding you bare back, she just shouted I want him to shoot inside me I want to feel his cum.

He was now fucking her hard and fast and she was moaning loudly, I looked around to see if any one could hear us, what I did not notice was there was another naked young guy there watching playing with his cock which was good size shaven. I thought best not to say anything I just nodded to him it was, ok to watch. He got a little closer so right next to guy fucking my wife. Then he tensed and shot his load deep into my wife's pussy, he must have shot at least 5-6 times. He pulled his cock out looked at me smiled and got up. My wife's pussy was red and swollen and open you could see the spunk inside her, she was still in the same position head down on the towel panting trying to get her breath.

Before I said anything she said I you now going to give me your load, I am waiting with that I got up to move round behind her but before I got there the young guy was now between her legs cock in hand ready to enter her, he looked at me to for approval and I nodded it was and with that he entered her. She just said that feels big my darling and little did she know it was not me. He started to fuck her the spunk coming out of her every time he pulled out of her. He started to use the spunk to lubricate her bum which she doe's not like, but she said nothing she was enjoying the fuck, moaning like hell. He then started to finger the rim of her bum and she was loving it. He started to finger her bum she was moaning louder with pleasure, the first guy was still there watching and I could see is cock was getting larger again. He moved in front of sat down on the towel she raised her head so that he could slide slightly under her head so she now had his cock just in front of her face. He then placed his cock into mouth and she was now sucking this guy tasting his and her juices thinking I was fucking her doggy style.

She was now cumming for god know how many time's it was also getting darker but still warm so could still see what was happening, then my wife gave out a scream oh fuck that hurts (my name) the young guy had just pushed his cock into my wife's arse, oh Jesus that hurts he slowly pushed it in until it was all in and just paused a minute. He then started to fuck her arse, I knew she was enjoying it as she was again sucking the first guys cock. The young guy tensed and shot his load into my wife's arse at the same time the other guy shot his second load into my wife's mouth. She collapsed on the towel both guys got up spoke something in Spanish, that's when my wife turned round to see the young guy and his now deflated cock still wet with his cum. She looked at me seeing my still erect cock looked shocked but just smiled at them. Off they went, she had spunk cumming out of her pussy and arse dripping down her thighs.

She said you let that young guy fuck me and fuck my arse, I thought it was you. I said you enjoyed it didn't you, she just smiled laid back on her back she said now it your turn but this time I can see you, with that I climbed on top of her my cock went straight in we kissed and I could taste the other guys cum it taste sweet. It did not take me long before I shot my load deep inside her next to the other guys cum. As soon as I pulled out she sat up took my cock into her mouth and cleaned me up. That was the best day at the beach I'v had she said. We got dressed and left for home. What a night we had.....