Written by sexycouple_69

21 Aug 2010

Well we had been going to this nudist beach in for a few weeks now and my wife was getting more and more adventurous enjoying the rays of the sun on her naked body.

We had found a spot that was sheltered and we could see most of the beach.We would have a picnic on the beach salad, some wine and the wine would help he more to be daring.

At first she would just be topless leaving her thong on but over the weeks she removed these as soon as we got on the beach. There were blokes naked who would walk past and she would pretend to have her eyes closed but I caught her a few times looking at them. I did not say anything but just thought leave her to it.

This one day a naked guy laid his towel down not to far from us in a position were he could clearly see my wife's gorgeous pussy which was mostly shaven. She noticed him and made a comment to me how close he was. I said there was not I could do it's a public beach but I was hoping deep down that something may happen. Anyway he put sun lotion on his body and just laid down on his towel on his belly, he kept looking over at my wife and her pussy.

As I was next to her I could see that she was reading laying down resting on her arms and she kept moving her left leg so he could get a better view.She took another drink of wine and I could see this was making her more relaxed and more daring. She looked over at him and turned to and said he's playing with his cock, but she could not see it clearly. I said was it turning her on and with that I placed my hand over her pussy it was very wet, so she could not deny it, I just said that is wet so you must be excited.

The guy got up and went down the water's edge out of site of us, my wife said he's gone so you don't have much time fuck me before he comes back. She rolled over on her side and backed onto me my cock already hard, it slipped in without any trouble. I was slowly fucking her from behind when I looked up to see this guy coming back, do I tell her or just carry on I was getting bigger just thinking about it. Her head was now in the towel and I was now fucking her doggy style and she was loving it. The guy was getting closer and I think she sensed something was wrong, she said what's the matter I just said the guy is on his way back from the sea not that far away. She stopped and just laid on her side we me still inside her. She turned to look at the guy this time she could see is shaven cock limp but large, she said like to see that when he's excited, we just laid there until he got to his towel. She was moving slowly on my cock keeping it still at the same time looking to see if the guy could see us.

She decided it was best that she turn round so she could face the beach and keep an eye out so I could finish what I started. We moved round I was now standing up as she got into position with a huge hard on which the guy saw and just smiled at me. I just gave him a nod and the knelt down and entered my wife from behind, she let out a sigh which I knew he heard. I was pumping away when the guy sat up and turned towards us he was now playing with his cock, I could see it clearly and so could my wife. I said do you like what you see she just nodded and as I fucked her she watched him wanking.

The guy got up with a very large and thick cock around 9ins and started to come closer to us, my wife just said to me fuck me harder I want to see him cum. The guy was just now a few feet from us watching the action before him stroking his now hard cock. He knelt down in front of my wife said something in Spanish which we did not understand but we knew he was enjoying the show. My wife was now moaning she must have cum at least 3 times already she then grabbed hold of this guys cock and started to wank him, he got closer to her and I could not believe what she did next she took his cock into her mouth and started to suck on him. There she was being spit roasted by her husband and stranger who was about late 30's well built. I could not hold on any longer and this just tipped me over and shot all my spunk into her. She was sucking this guy like there was no tomorrow, he said something to her he pulled out and shot all his cum over her face and tits. He then moved his cock back to her mouth which she took and cleaned. She has never done that to me. He got up thanked us in Spanish and left.

We laid there for a while, cum seeping out of her pussy, are you ok I said , she said that was the most intense fuck we have ever had I lost count of how many times I had cum and gave me a big kiss and said thank you. I said did you enjoy his cock and I could see in her eyes she did as they were still full of lust.

We got dressed and left and had amazing fuck again that night. More to cum