Written by topshots

3 Oct 2008

Having several kids my wife, who is a size 10 with pert breasts, and i have little time to ourselves, so i put a rest day in and took the kids to school on my return i found my wife dressed in jeans and a top.I pulled her upstairs and layed her on our bed, i unfastened her jeans and pulled them down over her pink panties,next i slipped her panties off to reveal a nealy trimmed pussy.I told her i was taking her out in her stockings and with no panties, she said no but she would go out with a skirt and no panties, i had to agree.When she came down stairs ifted her skirt-just to check and she was bare, as we jumped in the car i was feeling very horny.I pulled up her skirt as we drove to Buxton to feel her tight pussy, she parted her legs a little for me to finger her while i drove, i was hoping the other drivers would get a look at my wifes pussy.When we got to Buxton we parked the car and went a walk round the shops, i tried to get her to flash her pussy, but she would`nt, so i had to make do with a few feels of her pert arse.On our return journey things got a bit hotter i was fingering her while driving and she was spreading her legs wide and pushing my hand harder in to her pussy, she was wet through.She undid my trousers and pulled out my throbing cock and started to wank me and asked if she was being dirty enough.Then she lowered her head and started to suck on my cock while i drove, it was great, i tried to look for somewhere to stop on the hils because we were so reved up, but could find no where.So i drove as fast as i could all the way ome while fingering her, once we parked up at home we nearly ran in the house.Once inside she pulled off her wet skirt and sat on the corner of our dining table and spread her legs for me, i pulled down my trousers and nealt down in front of her and licked her juicy pussy she moaned with pleasure as i did this.She was begging me to fuck hard now so i stood up and rammed my cock in her making her squeal as i fingered her arse, lifting her from the table, in no time at all i filled her with spunk.When we had finished the table was wet through with her and my cum it was running down the table legs, we have agreed to have more rest days like this, and so i will let you know more when it happens.