27 Nov 2016

I worked full time in the Taxi business and my day driver had gone sick, so even though i was used to driving evenings and nights i was having to readjust and ensure the car was working in the day time.

I always shied away from days as the roads were so much busier and not being the patient type it would get on my nerves, Anyway I soon realised that the daytime drivers have regular fares as much as the night guys.

One particular lady was Mrs Edwards, she would come into town a couple of times a week to do some shopping, before being collected to return home again. Well the first time i picked her up she was an impressive sight, dressed very smartly in a nice top and a skirt, she sat in the front and was very chatty. We had a good laugh for the 20 - 25 minute journey,

Some 3 hours later i was asked to collect Mrs Edwards from one of the town supermarkets to go home again, so after loading her shopping off we set, again some good conversation and even a few suggestive lines thrown in.

I should add i was 27 and Mrs Edwards was a real life Milf being early 40's. I dropped her home helped her in with her shopping a really nice house in the country .

Some days later i was again called to pick Mrs Edwards up, well I have to say i was pleased with this job and when i pulled up and knocked on the door she gave a big beaming smile as well. Another journey into town and some more conversation that again had a few suggestive elements to it. Mrs Edwards asked me to collect her some 4 hrs later rather than her ringing the office, I was only too pleased.

When i did collect her she came out of a local wine bar having had her lunch there with some friends, she had clearly had a cple of drinks, She sat in the front seat again and as she got in, her skirt bunched up and i then realised that this smart looking lady also had stockings and suspenders on, I started driving towards her village and kept looking down at those lovely stocking clad legs, she smiled at me, "enjoying the view" she said i grinned and said one of the best sights i've seen all day.

she pulled her skirt down and spoiled the view, "keep your eyes on the road" she said "just for now" I wondered what that meant. We got to her house and i collected some bags that she had and walked to the door with them for her, "bring them in and put them on the kitchen table" she said as i put them down, she again said with a smile on her face "so , were you enjoying the view when i'd got in the car" I simply nodded and reiterated how good a view it had been as she had lovely legs. She stood in the kitchen and lifter her skirt showing off those legs again, "these legs you like them then do you"

Mrs Edwards I said you have beautiful long legs and they always look fabulous,

"does your girlfriend have legs as good as these" she said, well at that time i was not in any serious relationship and told her my last steady girlfriend did have nice legs but the last time i saw them was over 3 months ago as we had split up.

"no regular girlfriend for 3 months?, I take it you have been left to your own devices then " she laughed stupidly i wondered what she was talking about, when she saw the look on my face she said "I mean you have to rely on your own hand for relief"

I laughed and said well i have had some moments since the girlfriend and i split up but agreed that regular sex had been a thing of the past.

Mrs Edwards then raised her skirt even more and asked " does a sight like this still get a young man horny" well now I had caught on to the situation (slow i know) i looked at her and simply undid my jeans pulled them and my boxers down in one hit and my cock was virtually hard. "does this answer your question Mrs Edwards" i said

"Mmmm very much so" Mrs Edwards came to me and quickly held my cock wanking it until it was as hard as it could be, we kissed and my hands found their way under her top, i undid it and off it came, along with her skirt, this 40 something milf was looking fabulous in matching lingerie stood in her kitchen with my cock in her hand, before too long her knickers came off and she bent over the kitchen table and this is where i fucked her, now i wouldn't claim to be the most well endowed guy ever but it wasnt long before she was moaning and i could feel my cum rising, she came with a shout and i kept pumping, fuck me she shouted fill my cunt with your cum she said, at this I shot my load in several spurts, think i'd cum more than i had in ages. Once we had both come down she stood up and kissed me, saying thank you i enjoyed that but now you have to go back to work and my hubby will be home in an hour, so that was it i cleaned up and dressed she was wandering around without any dressing, she saw me to the door and gave a long lingering kiss, just saying that she hoped it will be me that picks her up next time. I gave her my mobile number so she could ring me direct, that was my first encounter with the lovely Mrs Edwards but not the last .............