Written by Sophie

23 Jan 2018

My name is Sophie, I am 23 years of age, 5’ 3” tall and quite slim, dress size 8 with a 32A bust, and medium length blond hair. I live with my boyfriend Jake, who is aged 26, 5’ 10” tall and quite athletic and sporty. Jake works as a van driver for a delivery company and I am a waitress in a restaurant. Although I had a good education, a previous boyfriend was involved in drugs, which I got dragged into and, although my sentence was suspended, it has made it difficult to get into the career I would really like.

We had been going out together for 2 years, when we decided we wanted to live together, so we looked round for a flat to rent, but it was difficult because rents are so high in our area. However, we managed to find a top floor flat in an old house where the landlord and his wife live on the ground floor. They are, I would guess in their mid-60s and I always think of them as being like my grandparents. Anyway, they are very friendly, without being intrusive.

We had been having some financial difficulties due to me being off work through illness for 3 weeks, and Jake being on short time due to a lack of work, and it finally caught up with us. The rent was £750 due on the 1st of the month and we could only scrape together £600. Jake and I talked about it and we decided that I would take the cheque down to the landlord and hope I could ‘sweet talk’ him. In the event, the husband was out and I spoke to his wife, who was very understanding and sympathetic. She said she would explain the situation to her husband when she gave him the cheque and, when I passed him in the hall a few days later, he seemed very laid back about it.

Well, you know what financial difficulties are like, once they start, it is difficult to dig yourself out and, when the next month came around, we had taken a pay-day loan which, if we didn’t pay it off in the next few days, it would start to become expensive. We were faced with the choice of paying the loan off and not having enough to pay the rent, or vice versa. I decided to have a chat with the landlord’s wife again but, in the event the landlord was there and his wife was out shopping.

Mr G was very sympathetic towards our situation, he even said he understood how expensive loans could become when you started to incur penalties, but he almost casually mentioned that we still owed him £150 from last month. Then, he casually said “well you could pay that off in kind”. I was frantically trying to understand what he meant when he calmly went on “yes, you could have sex with me”. I was speechless initially, and he said very little, allowing me time for it to sink in. He said he didn’t want to pressure me, it was entirely up to me, but he said nothing about what the consequences would be if I said ‘no’. He suggested I talk to Jake about it and let him know our decision.

When I came home from work that evening and was in bed with Jake, I related to him the conversation with Mr G. I was quite surprised at his calm reaction to it, he said he realised we had responsibilities towards the landlord and, when push came to shove, we might be evicted. “After all” he said, “it is only sex”. In the event, we decided to sleep on it, but not before Jake and I had made love, and I was struck by how extra-special passionate Jake was. When we talked about it over dinner the following evening, Jake mentioned that we will have been nearly £300 short in the rent over the past 2 months, so what did Mr G have in mind would be adequate compensation for that.

When I went to see the landlord the following morning, he was a bit vague, but he eventually said that having sex with him a couple of times would be sufficient to compensate for the shortfall in the 2 months’ rent. I had been thinking about it over the couple of days since he suggested it, and it occurred to me that I had never thought of Mr G as being repulsive, he was old enough to be my grandfather, but he was quite trim and fit for his age. It was only sex after all, and it would help us out of the dangerous financial hole we were facing.

So, the stage had been set, and we agreed that he would come up to our flat in the morning a couple of days later when Jake would have gone to work and Mrs G would be visiting her elderly mother. I decided I would wear as little as possible, without being slutty, so that I could get it over with as quickly as possible. By the time the morning arrived, I had decided I needed to try to enjoy the occasion as much as possible, to avoid it affecting my relationship with Jake. I put on a summer dress, buttoned up the front, no bra as I barely needed one, and some fairly skimpy panties. I put on my makeup, exactly as I would for work.

Mr G knocked on our door at 10.00 am as agreed and I let him in. It was all a bit weird to start with as neither of us quite knew how to initiate what was going to happen. Mr G said “shall I sit on the settee and we can start with some gentle oral. You do oral don’t you.” Without waiting for my reply, he undid the top of his trousers, slid his trousers and pants down to his knees and sat down on the sofa. I took a deep breath and thought well, I have to be at work for mid-day, so let’s get on with it.

I kneeled down next to his feet and reached forward to grasp his flaccid penis. I thought I ought to try to raise his erection a little before I tried to take it in my mouth, but it wasn’t responding to start with. As I was gently wanking his penis, he started to undo the buttons of his shirt, which seemed to make him feel more relaxed, and his penis started to respond. I keep referring to it as his penis, but that is not the language I use with Jake, it was his cock.

He reached down and began massaging one of my boobs through my dress, and that seemed to get his blood flowing, as his cock began growing rapidly, to the point where I was happy to begin licking it and slurping the head. I am no expert on the size of men’s cocks, but I would guess he was about average, slightly smaller than Jake, and I was quickly starting to enjoy sucking him, especially as he was giving my breast a good old maul. I started to feel the ‘tingly’ sensation between my legs that I got with Jake during foreplay.

After a while, Mr G grasped my shoulders and we both stood up. Without a word, he began undoing the buttons of my dress and I thought well, this is where he gives my boobs a proper maul. In the event, he turned me round, sat me on the settee and pulled my knickers down, before kneeling down between my feet. When he pushed my knees apart, I thought well this is it but, to my surprise, he pulled my bottom forward and proceeded to give me the most wonderful oral sex. Perhaps it was more enjoyable because it was such a surprise, he didn’t just want to ‘hump’ me, but clearly wanted me to enjoy it too. Before long, I was orgasming as he licked my clit and thrust his tongue, which seemed to have grown to the length of a snake, into my vagina.

He stood up and said “can I fuck you now” but before waiting for a reply, he slid his trousers and pants off and also removed his shirt. To my surprise, he produced a condom from the pocket of his trousers before kneeling back down between my feet. I thought well this is it and I half expected him to just slam into me like an animal. In the event, he was very gentle, he entered me quite slowly and asked me if I was OK before he started to fuck me, quite gently. I was quite enjoying the gentle fucking he was giving me so, when he asked me if I was OK, I said “yes, harder if you like”. That seemed to be his signal to pick up the pace, and he eventually slammed into me with greater force and I was quickly back to the orgasm I had enjoyed on his tongue.

I do tend to lose control when Jake is fucking me, and I was telling Mr G that I wanted more, and harder and I wanted him to make me cummmm! As I reached the peak of my orgasm, I felt his cock begin to twitch and he was grunting as he filled the condom. As we returned to earth, he slid out of me and went to the bathroom to dispose of the condom. When he came back into the lounge, I had put my knickers back on and was beginning to do the buttons of my dress back up. He stopped me to caress one of my boobs very gently and kiss me on the lips, before saying “that was very nice, perhaps I can give your tits a bit more attention next time”. With that, he gathered up his clothes and got dressed, before kissing on the lips again and returning downstairs. Wow, I thought, that wasn’t half bad, nothing like the onerous task I thought it would be.

I decided I needed a shower before going to work, and I was so excited about just having sex with Mr G, I even fingered myself to another orgasm while I was in the shower. When I got home from work, Jake wanted to know all about it, so I told him it was OK and it hadn’t been as onerous as I had thought. Jake fucked me with a real passion that night, so clearly it turned him on.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and Mr G saw me in the hall one morning as I was leaving for work. He reminded me that “twice would be appropriate for the shortfall in 2 months’ rent”, so we agreed he would come upstairs to our flat at 10.00 am the following morning. It was basically the same as last time, he was very gentle with me, gave my tits a good mauling this time which really warmed me up for the very aggressive oral he then gave me. I sucked his cock with much more passion than I had the first time, to the point where he had to stop me before he came in my mouth. He donned a condom and fucked me to a very satisfying orgasm, before he came himself, with lots of grunting and groaning. I thought afterwards that it had been even better than the first time. I decided that I didn’t want to think about the moral aspects of having sex with a man old enough to be my grandfather, it was, after all, just sex.

A couple of months went by, when we were able to keep paying the rent, although I sensed that Jake would not have minded if we had been short of money as he seemed to enjoy me telling him about me fucking the landlord. I met the landlord as I went out to work one lunchtime, and he asked if we were OK to pay the rent at the end of the month, which was less than a week away. I said we should be OK to pay the full amount again, and he said that he appreciated the financial difficulties young people have and, if I needed to earn some extra money, I should let him know as he might be able to help.