Written by Sophie

12 Feb 2018

In my first post, I told you how I had fucked our landlord to make up for a shortfall in our monthly rent, and how it turned out to be quite a pleasant experience. Although old enough to be my grandfather, he was a very considerate lover and even used a condom, which wasn’t really necessary as I am on the pill. My boyfriend, Jake, had also enjoyed me telling him about the experience, which certainly enhanced our love life.

Mr G, our landlord, had mentioned one morning as I went out to work, that he could find me some work to earn some extra money, which made me think a bit as we never had enough, so I decided to ask what he had in mind when I saw him next. I decided to say nothing to Jake to start with, as he would be sure to have spent the extra money before I had even earned it.

The next time I saw Mr G, I asked him about what he had said, and he explained he is a member of a camera club, and some of the members liked to get together occasionally to talk about their pastime. From time to time, they had talked about getting someone to be a ‘life model’ for them to practice their skills. He said they would all chip in to pay me a fee for doing it. I said I expected they would want me to take my clothes off, but he said only if I wanted to. He said they had done it once before with one of the other guy’s wives and it had been quite fun. He also said one of the group had some connections to a modelling agency, which I might be interested in.

Having thought about it for a bit, I told Mr G that I would do it, although it didn’t occur to me until the morning of the shoot to ask how much my fee would be. Mr G drove us to the house of his friend who he said had one of the bedrooms converted into a makeshift studio. When we arrived, the friend’s wife was there and she seemed to know what was planned, I gathered from what she said that she had been the model at the earlier shoot. There were four men there in total, our landlord, who is called Bob and his three friends, who are called Gerry, Pete and Del, all a similar age and I guessed they are all retired. I was introduced to the other 3 guys who shook my hand warmly, Pete and Del giving me a gentle kiss on the cheek, which I thought was quite gallant.

I hadn’t thought too much about what I should wear, and Bob hadn’t said anything either, so I had put on some fairly smart undies, bra, panties and hold-ups, with a skirt and blouse over the top. They had me sit on a chair in the middle of the room, there were various lights arranged in front of me, and they started to sort out their cameras. Gerry’s wife, Brenda, had come upstairs with us, and she said she would go downstairs to make some tea, while they got started.

As I said, Bob, Gerry, Pete and Del all looked a similar age, probably mid-sixties, reasonably trim and, having already fucked Bob twice, I thought that I wouldn’t turn any of them away. Perhaps I am getting the taste for older men, I thought. They said that, rather than overpower me with all of them trying to take pictures at the same time, they would each take a turn at doing the snapping, while the others studied their pictures in the screen of their cameras.

Gerry started by asking me to adopt different poses while he snapped away, then Del took his turn for 5 minutes and then it was Bob’s turn. He asked if I wanted to show them some of my underwear, and suggested I could undo a few buttons of my blouse. I was quite warming to these four old charmers and, with Gerry’s wife downstairs making tea, I felt fairly comfortable that I wasn’t going to get gang-raped, so I undid the top two buttons of my blouse.

Del said I had done that too quickly, and asked if I would do the next couple but this time do it slowly and sexily. I was starting to quite like these aging charmers, so I did as he asked, this time with a cheeky smile on my face, then I pulled the blouse open so they could see my sexy bra. All four of them gave approving murmurs. They then continued to take their turns to take photos of me, asking me to pull the side of the blouse one way or the other, so they could get a better view of the sides of my bra. Eventually, Bob said I might as well undo the rest of the blouse and, when I had released the rest of the buttons, Del stepped behind me to slide it off my shoulders, to loud encouragement from the others.

Pete said “surely you are going to give us a clear view of what’s inside the bra” and, before I had a chance to say anything, Del had unclasped it at the back. I held on to the front of the bra until I realised they all thought it was great fun, so I slowly slid it away as Gerry snapped away with his camera. They seemed to be quite impressed as I massaged my tits with my hands, and they each took their turn with the camera as I enticed them with my sexy display. I noticed that Pete and Gerry were starting to get sizeable bulges in their trousers, which was turning me on too.

Bob said “come on, show them a bit of leg too” so I started to sexily pull the hem of my skirt up, which Del thought was brilliant, and I was quite warming to the idea of exciting these aging charmers. Pete wanted me to show them my knickers, but I realised the skirt was too slim to easily slide up over my hips, so I decided to give them another show by sexily unzipping the side and sliding it to the floor, which resulted in them all cheering loudly.

All of a sudden, I realised I was standing before them in panties and stockings, with four lustful old men telling me how good I looked. Perhaps I should have had a few drinks beforehand, because I realised they would probably all want to fuck me. They all clearly had erections, Gerry and Del stroking them through their trousers. I decided I needed to take control of the situation, so I said “now stop getting so excited …… I will give you all a hand job, but you need to form an orderly queue.” They looked at each other, one of them murmured “that would be nice”, and they started to undo their belts. It was only then that I noticed Brenda had come back into the room and put a tray of mugs down on a chest of drawers, but she didn’t seem too concerned about what I was about to do, so I smiled at her and she smiled back.

Pete was the first to step up and I kneeled down on the floor in front of him. Hr dropped his trousers and pants to his knees, and I began massaging his cock, which was already largely erect. The others had lost their orderly queue to take photos, and were snapping away, which encouraged me to make a bit of a show of wanking Pete’s cock. I was quite warming to the idea of putting on a show for them, so I engulfed Pete’s cock in my mouth, to much encouragement from all of them. I hadn’t intended to go all the way with the blow job but, just as I sensed Pete was about to cum, he grabbed hold of my head and held me there as he pumped his sperm into my mouth. He hadn’t forced himself into my mouth at all, so I was able to swallow the lot comfortably.

Next was Bob, who made it clear he wanted a blow job too. I was ‘in the zone’ now, and had come round to the idea of giving them all a blow job, so I readily grasped his cock and began nibbling at the end, which quickly brought lots of verbal encouragement from all of them. Bob seemed to be more controlled, perhaps it was the fact that he had fucked me twice already. I reached down with my free hand to stroke my clit, pulling my panties to one side so I could slip a finger into my pussy. All four of them were cheering their encouragement, and it wasn’t too long before Bob shot his load into my mouth.

Next was supposed to be Gerry, but Del couldn’t wait and they both stood in front of me, having removed their trousers and pants. I was alternating between slurping one cock then the other, wanking both of them at the same time, and they were both reaching down to maul my tits, which I was enjoying enormously. All of a sudden, I realised they were both about to cum, and I didn’t know which one to take into my mouth first, so I pointed Gerry’s cock towards my tits and he spurted himself all over my chest, it felt like gallons of it. I realised that Del had started to cum into my hair and, when I looked up towards his face, I got his full force into my face. Bob and Pete were standing alongside us, snapping away with their cameras and cheering, although I wasn’t sure whether it was me or the other two men they were cheering.

As Gerry and Del gasped the last of their orgasms, and I was excitedly telling them how brilliant it was, Del wiped the end of his cock across my mouth, and I licked his knob clean. I stood up, but they all wanted to get a few last shots of my face and chest before I could finish. Brenda stepped forward and suggested I could go through to the bathroom to clean up. As we walked across the landing, she said that she had been the model for their last photo shoot, and she had been required to do rather more than I had …… “it was really quite fun” she added.

Brenda led me through to one of the bedrooms which had an en-suite but, as soon as we got into the bedroom, she turned and wanted to kiss me, quickly progressing to licking the cum off my face. I hadn’t had a full-blown bi experience before, despite having thoughts of it when I was at uni, but Brenda was obviously well-practised and I quickly felt at ease. In no time at all, she had me on the bed fingering my pussy and licking my clit. She must have locked the bedroom door, because we were not disturbed by the men at all.

I managed to claw her clothes off (she didn’t resist too much) and we got into a 69, licking each other to multiple orgasms and we really became quite noisy, the men must have known what was going on. Brenda had licked the sperm off my face, but she never got to the cum on my tits, it was rubbed off between our writhing bodies.

Eventually, we decided we had to rest, I certainly needed to catch my breath, and we lay side by side still gasping. I said “well, that was a new experience for me” to which I added that I hadn’t realised what I had been missing. Brenda gasped that she didn’t think the men should be the only ones to have some fun today. We showered together in the en-suite, during which we explored each other’s bodies, with lots of giggling and gasping. It crossed my mind that I had thought I had got a liking for older men, but it turned out to be a lot more than that.

Brenda had brought my clothes through from the studio and, after I had dressed, the four men offered me £20 from each of them. It doesn’t sound much, but £80 was a lot more than I could earn in tips for a whole evening. Del asked if I wanted to be recommended to his friend who ran the modelling agency, which I said I would. Hopefully, there will be more to tell in due course about my new career in modelling.