Written by helen

9 Mar 2009

when my best friend sara,told me she had met a guy and was planning to move to brum to live with him i was a bit shocked,and said i want to meet him,and how come she had kept him a secret,i was soon to find out why,the guy was as black,now i know its 2009,and all that but mixed relationships are still frowned upon and i am ashamed to say i was of that opinion,well she had been gone for about 2mths when she invited my partner and i down there for the weekend,although my b/f enjoys me going with other guys he was having none of it,but i dug my heels in,as she was my best friend,so i went alone,he was confident nothing would happen for two reasons,the first being we were trying for a baby,and the second being he was confident i would not sleep with a blk guy.i arrived on the friday night,and they met ne at the station,i actually took an instant dislike to the guy,we went back to thier flat and sara and i stayed in drinking wine and just catching up really,al her bloke went out,saying he was leaving us to it,when he came back we were both a bit tipsy,and soon the conversation turned to sex,i admitted i had never been with a blk guy and probaly never will,he just said i will be a trophy before i go home,i thought nothing of it really,on the saturday morning i was woken by al with a coffee,gathering my senses i soon noticed he had his dressing gown open and was doing nothing to hide the fact he was wearing no pants,for some reason i cant explain my eyes just became fixed to his blk cock,maybe i was still a bit tipsy i dont know,but it was definately turning me on seeing this he said no rush you will have some of it before you go.much to my shame i had to admit i wanted it,my mind was a bit confused how can you dislike a guy but want him to fuck you,not only that your best friends partner,a bit later in the day sara announced she had to so somewhere but would only be a cple of hours leaving me alone with al,as soon as she had gone he came over to me and kissed me,everything was telling me to pull away but instead i just found myself responding,i dont even remember how we got to the bedroom,my head was spinning i dont think i had ever wanted sex so much in my life,it was crazy and within seconds he was in me,no build up this was just sex and i was going to places i had never been,the strange thing was the thought of it being a blk cock in me seemed to make it all the more exciting,suddenly i felt him tense as he emptied himself in me,and for the first time it occured to me i was not on the pill but i just dismissed it, as at that moment my satisfaction was so great even the thought of pregnancy did not deter me,as he rolled off me i knew that my life would never be the same, he laid back and pushed my head down to suck him,which like a lamb to the slaughter i did,i felt him getting hard in my mouth and god i was loving it,which was strange as i dont really enjoy giving oral,time just seem to fly by,and even though i knew he was about to cum again,i had no intention of pulling away,and i soon felt a warm coating on my tongue as he came in my mouth,which i just swallowed,something i had never done before, time was passing and we had to go down before sara got back,when sara did return she said to al hope you looked after her,he smiled and said i dont think she had any complaints,she looked at me and jokingly said do we need to get the morning after pill,i could hardly say yes,and at that crazy moment in time i did not care if i was pregnant,nothing else happened that weekend,and fortunately,i did not fall,to this day sara and i have not mentioned it again,but i am sure she knows and maybe even set it up,the only reference she has ever said is you will have to come down again,and we will get you a blk guy to keep you happy all weekend,i want to scream yes please,as i want it to happen,but here in london and with my partners views know it cant happen in london,all i can add is the next time i am leaving birmingham i know i will be leaving a blk guy very happy and who knows maybe even more than one