Written by helen

23 Apr 2009

well as all you guys know it was my best friend saras partner who introduced me to black guys,and even though she knew al was having me whenever i visited them i still felt guilt,that adding to the fact i was trying to have a baby with my own partner here in london,the situation was getting silly,al refused point blank to wear anything and though he did say he would be careful still finished in me every time,then i would spend a cple of weeks worrying as the result of that would have been a mixed race baby,so i decided the best thing would be not to visit again and get my life back on track,that has turned out easier said than done,i soon stopped even enjoying sex with my partner,but did realise whenever i was out i was staring at black guys,the realisation was it was not sex with al i was enjoying so much it was the fact he was black,this was proven on a night out with my friend from work,we went to a club and though neither of was out to be pulled from nowhere a blk guy asked me to dance,please dont think i am being unkind but lookwise god had not been kind to him,but as soon as he took me in his arms it felt good,he must have sensed this as i could feel the beginings of his erection as we danced close,instead of pulling away i was pressing myself into him and when he moved in for a kiss i responded,we spent another hour or so in the club,then he suggested he take me home,i told him that was impossible,but agreed to go to a hotel with him,it did feel a bit strange as we booked in as it was around 1am and here we were booking in with no luggage,i dont suppose they were but it seemed as though everyone was looking at this white girl booking in with a blk guy who i had just met,as soon as we got into the room it was as if the world was about to end we could not get our clothes off quick enough,in seconds we were on the bed and he was inside me,my head was spinning with pleasure as he pumped into me this was not just any cock it was a blk cock and i was loving every second of it,i soon felt the wetness inside as he emptied himself in me,and we just lay there getting our breaths back obviously the night did not end there but i dont need to go into detail,but lets just say by the time i left in the morning i had sucked and fucked him dry,we did not swap phone numbers or arrange to meet again which i was glad of because even after all that had gone on,he was not the type of guy i would have dated.but what it did do was made me realise there was no future in my relationship,i was into black guys in a big way,i decided to leave my partner asap,which i did a few days later and now find myself here in this small bedsit,and its fair to say more than just the odd blk guy knows what it is like to wake up here,and yes i have had all the racist remarks like black mans meat etc and thats only from my family,but i have to say loud and proud yes i am easy with black guys but i have never been happier,one of my friends ask me have i ever said no to a blk guy,and i am glad i did not have to answer as if truthful i would have to have said not yet,so thank you al and sara as even though you dont know it,you have made me find what i really like