Written by Calum

15 Dec 2014

I’ve long held this fantasy of watching my wife Debbie, getting fucked by other men. There can't be many people who haven't heard about Dogging and it has always intrigued me. An internet search found a few places reasonably close to us where dogging was supposed to take place. I thought she might be up for it, as she had told me whenever we had fucked outdoors, that she enjoyed the idea of a voyeur watching us and had occasionally fantasised about that happening, sometimes imagining inviting the voyeur to join in. I knew we hadn't been watched those times but the knowledge she enjoyed the idea of being seen fucking got me thinking.

I waited until the next time we went to one of our favourite outdoor locations to fuck. Afterwards, she lay naked on the grass, in the early evening sunshine, with her legs open, my spunk dribbling from her cunt. I went down on her, licking her pussy, cleaning my spunk from her hole, sucking her clit, bringing her to orgasm with my tongue. With her on a sexual high I broached the subject of dogging and asked if she was interested in going. She didn't dismiss the idea out of hand, wanting to know what I had in mind, which was a good start. I suggested that we could just go, see what happens, and that perhaps we or she could put on a show for anyone watching. I was feeling fairly confident she'd go along with it, even if it was only to watch. I wasn't really expecting her suggestion that we go home, shower, she'd change into suitable clothes, and go that night.

Debbie is 32 and has a fit body. Firm 34c tits, a lovely bum, nice legs and a lovely tight pussy. She shaves between her legs, either side of her gash to just above her clit but up until then had kept her ginger pubes trimmed to a triangle on her mound. Driving home to prepare she spoke excitedly about what she should wear and asked if I thought she should shave her pussy. Just listening to her was enough to give me a hard on. I told her shaving her pussy would be good and suggested that she should wear the sexiest thing she dared and surprise me.

We looked on the internet at the dogging locations I'd found. She asked me to get her a drink. I fetched her a bottle of wine and poured her a large glass, leaving her reading about them whilst I showered. I dressed and went downstairs to programme several dogging sites into the Sat Nav, while she showered and chose what she should wear.

It was over an hour before she appeared downstairs, carrying the almost empty bottle and half a glass of wine, a spot of dutch courage. She was more heavily made up than usual, bright red lipstick, thick eyeliner and eye shadow. Very tarty looking, which only served to complement what she had chosen to wear. I could see she was wearing red fishnet stockings,, because the lace tops were partially visible below the hem of the very short white denim mini skirt. On top she wore a white denim waistcoat. She held it open to reveal a sheer, see through vest type top underneath, her tits and hard pink nipples clearly visible. “What are you wearing under the skirt?” I asked. “Stockings” she replied, pulling the poppers up the front of the skirt open one at a time “And nothing else” she grinned, opening it revealing her freshly shaven cunt.

It was tempting to shag her there and then, but the thought of watching her being fucked by other guys quickly banished that idea. “Ready if you are” she said refastening her skirt before putting on a pair of high heeled platform sandals. It was late June, getting on for 10pm, not fully dark. I reversed the car up the side of the house so none of our neighbours saw her. We had agreed where we would try, about 45 minutes drive with an alternative a bit further away. We needed petrol and pulled into a filling station, pulling up at a pump next to the kiosk. “I'll do it she” announced, reaching for the door handle.

I turned as she pushed the door open and swung a leg out. I leant over and could see the cashier watching as she swivelled on the seat, legs apart, flashing her pussy as she swung her other leg out and got out. She shut the door behind her and I watched in the mirror. She bent over to open the petrol cap, the back of her skirt rising up uncovering her stocking tops, and the under curve of her buttocks. She started putting petrol an. Another car pulled up in the next row but the driver didn't notice her. She replaced the nozzle, opened the door and asked for money to pay. While I took notes from my wallet she commented what a warm evening it was, took off the denim waistcoat, throwing it on the back seat. With the waistcoat off, lots of side boob was exposed through the large, deep arm holes as she took the money to pay.

Whether by accident or design, the front of the vest, slipped between her boobs completely exposing her right tit. With a saucy smile she left it uncovered, turning and walking across the forecourt to pay. The guy in the kiosk stared at her jiggling tits, one visible under the sheer top the other exposed. He took his time, slowly counting out the change. Returning to the car she passed the other guy who got a good look at her tits as she passed him. He watched with the guy from the kiosk as she got back in the car. She sat for 10 or 15 seconds, one leg in the car the other outside with her legs open, shamelessly exposing her pussy again. It was only as we drove off that we noticed the CCTV. Debbie was remarkably sanguine about it, and cheerfully said she hoped that whoever saw it would have a good wank. At this rate I was going to cum in my pants before we even got anywhere near the dogging location.

We turned up at the Dogging location to find it deserted. We were both disappointed, but Debbie optimistically said we should try the next one, resetting the Sat Nav. That too was deserted, I thought of suggesting going home but Debbie insisted we try one more. This time we struck lucky. I was surprised at just how busy it was. There must have been about six cars there, maybe more hidden by the trees and bushes. We parked in a quiet corner, with the engine running, about 25 metres from the nearest car, watching for 5 or 10 minutes.

There was something going on by one car, several men crowding around the open passenger door, the back of a womans head visible as she gave one a blow job. I was wondering about getting things started when I felt Debbie rubbing my cock, pulling the zip on my jeans down. She'd seen enough and was eager to play. I twisted around, put my hand on her thigh, stroking her leg higher and higher intending to finger her. She'd beaten me to it, and had a couple of fingers in her cunt masturbating. I put my hand on top of her, pushed two fingers in her hole, then a third when she pulled her fingers out after a few moments. She was absolutely soaking, sex honey running from her pussy. She undid the button on my jeans and pulled my cock out, wanking my throbbing erection.

I’d read about Dogging etiquette, asked if she wanted to be watched and when she sai that she did, I turned on the interior lights. It was like moths to a flame, almost instantly, there were four or five blokes peering through the windows at us. A couple of them had their cocks out wanking next to the window. Debbie just got wetter and wetter as I fingered her with all those guys outside watching. After a couple of minutes I had four fingers deep in her pussy, my thumb rubbing her clit. Her breathing changed, she stifled a moan, wriggling as she gripped the skirt, tugging the material, unfastening all the poppers up the front, then undoing the belt, pulling the skirt open. She pushed my hand away, raised her right leg, placing her foot on the dashboard before slipping her fingers into her cunt masturbating in front of at least, by then, half a dozen complete strangers.

For myself, I was feeling somewhat self conscious, sitting there with an erection even though they were all watching Debbie. I suggested that she suck my cock, which she could do and still play with herself. “In a minute” she gasped. I heard a tap at her window, she immediately pressed the button and it lowered a few inches. A guy asked if he could have a feel. I was starting to get cold feet but before I could say anything she'd opened the door, swung her legs out, shuffled to the edge of the seat, and was sitting legs apart, inviting him to finger her cunt.

The skirt had been left behind on the seat. The guy squatted down and began to finger her, while she lifted the vest top over her head and threw it in the back. She cupped her tits, squeezed them together, before teasing her nipples, keeping them hard. I heard her telling them to get their cocks out and show her their erections. At least three already had and were wanking, and offered her their cocks to suck. She didn’t ask me or even say anything, she just got out of the car!

I jumped out too, hurrying around to the passenger side to watch. I couldn’t have taken more than five seconds but she was already on her knees sucking off some random guy. I stood watching, stroking my cock like most of the guys in the group as she really went to town on his cock, blowing him like a woman possessed. I'd recovered from my earlier indecision and shock at her behaviour, and started to wank with the other guys as I proudly witnessed her, slowly suck another guys cock into her mouth. She gave him head for several minutes, until he grunted he was going to cum. She didn't stop sucking but continued until he came in her mouth, swallowing some of his spunk, the rest running down her chin and dripping onto her tits.

She didn't even attempt to wipe the spunk from her face before grabbing hold of another cock. She pulled the guy closer, opening her mouth, taking his prick between her lips, sucking his shaft into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down as she gobbled his hard cock. She only stopped briefly for a quick look when the others started groping her. I saw two blokes both trying to finger her at the same time while another was squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples hard. She appeared to be loving it, moving her hips, riding the fingers probing her cunt.

A guy with a larger than average sized cock, perhaps 8 or 9 inches long and very thick, squeezed between the other guys, offering her his cock to suck, optimistically hoping she'd manage two suck his and the other guys simultaneously. She shook her head, but took hold of it, her eyes full of lust. She couldn't drag her eyes off his prick, slowly wanking him until she'd taken a second load in her mouth. She didn't bother swallowing, letting it pour from her mouth, trickle down her neck and run down her body as she stood up. Still holding the guys large prick, she looked at the remaining guys cocks, “My old man brought me her cos he wants to see me being fucked. Which of you horny fuckers wants to have me first?” she coarsely asked. The guy she was holding was quickest to answer and wanted too' “I'm saving you for last. I don't want my cunt to be so stretched I can't feel their cocks” she told him.

She waited for several seconds while they look at one another, then, growing impatient, pointed at one, probably the youngest, at least he only looked about 18, and told him he could fuck her whilst they decided which of them would be next. She asked me to turn on the side lights so they could all see her, then moved to the front of the car. She rested her bum on the bonnet, spread her legs and began to play with herself, telling the guy to wank and get himself fully erect. I now know from experience that at first it can be difficult to “perform” when you are being watched, but he got himself fully hard.

With a relieved look on his face he moved between Debbie's legs, holding his cock, aimed at her cunt. The tip touched her fingers, she stopped masturbating, ready for him to slide his cock into her waiting cunt. I didn't want to miss this and pushed my way between the two guys waiting to fuck her next. I leant forward, holding my breath, as he pushed his prick into her hot, pink cunt. She waited until he'd got his length inside her, then raised her legs, wrapping them around him and told him to fuck her hard. I let out the breath I'd been holding, enjoying the sight of Debbie taking another guys cock in her pussy for the very first time.

Debbie was excited as me, encouraging him to fuck her harder and faster, telling him she wanted him to spunk in her cunt. What the young guy lacked in technique he made up for with enthusiasm, ramming his cock in and out while she frantically frigged her clitoris. He didn't last more than a couple of minutes before his bum cheeks clenched, he thrust into her three or four times, pumping his spunk deep inside her. She wasn't far behind. He pulled out and with his spunk running from her pussy she furiously fingered herself, cum flicking off her fingers, splashing me and another guy as she climaxed.

She lay back with her eyes closed. For a moment I thought that she'd had enough, but she was just catching her breath and when she felt a guy touch her leg she automatically opened them wider for him. He rubbed his knob along her gaping gash, coating it with spunk and her juices before guiding it into her waiting hole and plunging his cock into her cunt hard. She gripped the edge of the bonnet, above her head, holding on tightly as he rammed his cock in and out. She was still breathless from the previous fuck, her tits rising and falling rapidly, shaking each time the guy thrust into her. She began to slide off the bonnet, two guys grabbed any arm each holding her, taking the opportunity to grope her tits, pinching and pulling her nipples.

I was about to intervene until she gasped, with obvious pleasure “Oh my god. Harder. Pinch my nipples harder” They pinched, pulled and twisted her nipples. She moaned, throwing her head from side to side, clearly enjoying the painful treatment her tits were receiving. The guy fucking her slowed down, jerking his cock inside her ejaculating in her cunt. She was on a high, told the guy who'd just fucked her to move and was quickly mounted by another guy. Three more followed, fucking her over the next 10 minutes with other guys holding her on the bonnet and groping her tits. The last one came inside her and pulled out with her telling him “Fuck off out the way. I want him” looking over his shoulder at the guy, stroking his impressively large cock in preparation to fucking her. Wriggling out of the grip of the guys holding her she slid off the bonnet, leaving a trail of her juices and spunk on the paintwork.

She crouched in front of the guy and took his cock in her mouth, sucking it for a minute or two before standing and telling him she wanted to be taken from behind. She turned around, bent over the with her hands on the car, the parking light shining between her legs. “Can you see my cunt” she called over her shoulder to me. I'd never heard her use such language, but it was a turn on hearing her talking so filthily. I told her we all could. “Fetch your phone and video me being fucked” she instructed, reaching between her legs with one hand, holding herself open, presenting her spunk sodden cunt to the guy waiting to fuck her.

He wasted no time, stooping behind her, sliding his cock between her legs. I began to video her taking the guys large cock. She grabbed hold of it and held it against her hole. The bulbous knob, sliding between her pussy lips, parting them as he began to enter her. She took the knob end in her cunt, then he withdrew before pushing it in again. Despite already having been fucked several times he had to move in and out numerous times, sliding more of his shaft inside her an inch at a time as her cunt expanded to take his girth. I could hear her sighing, quietly telling herself she could take it, more loudly urging him to get it inside and fuck her. I watched his thick cock, stretching her tight cunt open then finally slide smoothly up her fuck hole. He didn't stop until his full 9 inches had fully penetrated her, his balls nestling against her lust swollen clitoris.

She braced herself, hands on the bonnet supporting her upper body, tits swinging freely as he began fucking her. A guy approached, sat on the bonnet and began to play with her tits, pinching her nipples, copying what she'd demanded minutes earlier. The guy fucking her had built up to a steady rhythm, his cock sliding easily in and out of her cunt. “Harder” she moaned. Both guys took it as an instruction. The dogger fucking her rammed his cock in and out faster and harder, the one abusing her nipples pinched them harder, making her shriek, but immediately instruct him not to stop.

She was making almost animal like grunting and snarling noises until a third guy approached from the side and joined in, pushing his cock against her face. She turned her head, opened her mouth and he shoved his cock between her lips. She maintained some control, using her teeth to prevent him pushing his cock down her throat as he held her head, fucking her mouth. When he pushed his luck, she dug her teeth in to deter him. He pulled out, she turned her head away just as he ejaculated, shooting cum on her face and in her hair.

She hardly seemed to notice the spunk running down her face, distracted by the guy fucking her, spreading her buttocks, dribbling saliva on her bum and slowly twisting and pushing a finger up her arse. Her hand moved between her legs, rapidly fingering her clit. She frigged her clit while he energetically fucked her for close to 10 minutes until she started mumbling that her cunt had never felt so full and she was going to cum. Cum she did, gasping and moaning, her back arching, head thrown back as the guy rammed his cock deep in her cunt, pushing his finger as far as he could up her arse at the same time. He jerked inside her, grunting each time he pumped more spunk in to her cunt.

He stood with his cock buried inside her for a minute or two until she began to straighten and his softening cock slipped from her hole followed by a gush of his spunk, which ran down her thighs soaking her ripped stockings. She looked around. I'm not sure where they'd all come from about 12 guys and 2 women watching her performance. About half the guys had their cocks out wanking hoping to be next to fuck her. I assumed that she'd finished, stopped videoing when she asked me to fetch some tissues from the car. She had other ideas, I handed her the tissues, she wiped her pussy telling the doggers that she didn't want to be fucked again but was willing to suck some more cock and let them wank over her.

She'd taken on a completely different persona, never before shown any inclination for being fucked roughly or having her tits mauled and abused. I'd been wanting to see her being fucked but never suspected that she'd be so uninhibited or that she'd want so many cocks. I can't even begin to describe what a turn on it was watching her first being fucked by several doggers, then disappearing in to what I can only call a melee of about ten guys all with hard cocks. I started videoing again but even with the benefit of the recording it's impossible to tell how many guys she sucked off, which she wanked and who tossed off over her.

By the time they'd all cum, some more than once I think, she was absolutely drenched in spunk. Looking extremely pleased with herself, wiping the spunk from her body and face, flicking it on the ground she extricated herself from the group of guys. Ignoring one guy who wanted to lick her clean she walked over to me. “Fuck me now, before we leave” she demanded, taking hold of my cock and leading me over to the car. My earlier embarrassment at the thought of being watched was forgotten. She leant back against the car, opening her legs. With some of the earlier guys spunk still oozing from her cunt I slid my cock into her hole and fucked her. I enjoyed the sensation of fucking her after she'd been taken by other men. There was something really horny, my cock squelching in her used cunt whilst looking at her with cum trickling down her face and body.

After I'd added my deposit to the spunk mixture in her pussy she picked up her clothes, fastened just the waist of the skirt, put the top on without cleaning the spunk from her body, face or hair. We drove home, with a minor detour. Debbie wanted a drink, at least that was her excuse, and we called at the same petrol station. The same guy was in the kiosk. She got out, fully exposing her wet, gaping and very obviously recently fucked pussy, the top wet with cum and with spunk still in her hair and on her face. She walked over to the kiosk showing everything, then took ages choosing a drink. I think it made his night shift.

That's about it, other than after we got home she showered I could see there were red marks on her tits and around her nipples which were turning to bruises by the morning, her inner thighs had similar marks too. She enjoyed the rough, unconstrained sex, said the pain added to the excitement of what she was doing and the intensity of her orgasm.

That was the first time and she wanted me to take her again the following weekend. Who am I to refuse a ladies request. We went to the same site again, learnt of others and hardly missed a Friday or Saturday night, sometimes. both for the next four months. Probably 50 or 60 doggers have fucked her and it was only the onset of the colder weather that's prevented her from having more.

In the last few weeks she's been fucked in the back of the car a few times, twice while I drove around the city. We've got the mobile numbers of some of the guys who've fucked her and have been in contact. Between us we are trying to arrange somewhere big enough and warm enough for her to invite some of them to a No Holes Barred Gangbang. She says she wants about 10 to 15 guys. Knowing her I suspect that she's hoping for considerably more and won't be in the least surprised if she ends up being fucked by thirty or more guys if we find a suitable venue. Debbie wants to write the story next time we submit, if it all works out and of course if you're interested.

I don't know what you think but I think I have a Slut on my hands.