Written by Debbie

14 Jul 2016

When Don told me that he was going to take me naked to a vicars and tarts fancy dress party and make sure I was gangbanged I was shocked and couldn't quite believe my own reaction when I groaned "yes please". "everybody always told me how prim and proper you were Debbie" he said "but I always knew you'd be a real slut.". He then phoned someone and said "come round to Debbie's place we have to get her ready for the party". When I asked who Don had spoken to he wouldn't tell me , saying "Just another dirty bitch like you." He then stripped me, produced some nipple clamps from a bag, attached them to my already stiff nipples and began to twist and pull on them mercilessly while I groaned with a mixture of pain and ecstasy. Soon there was a knock on the door Don went to answer it and returned a few minutes later with my friend Leanne who worked in the same office as Don and myself. Leanne took off her coat and I saw that she was naked like myself her nipples were pierced , so were her navel and labia . She glistened with spray tan and oil and looked so sexy. Leanne is a couple of years younger than me and a few inches inches taller, her tits are slightly smaller than mine and while I have long black hair she is also a brunette but her hair is in a sexy bob with a Cleopatra fringe. She began to spray tan me, two coats until like Leanne I was almost mahogony in colour. Then she took out the biggest bottle of baby oil I had ever seen and began to cover me in the stuff. By now Don had got his cock out and ordered me to suck which i did lovingly, slurping loudly while Leanne continued lubing me and fisting both my sopping wet cunt and my arsehole which she prepared for intrusion by sliding a huge butt plug up it. Don then withdrew his cock groaned "I'm coming"and began to jet what looked like pints of hot salty jism over mine and Leanne's hot naked bodies . While the spunk dried he began to suck and bite my tender tits. When I asked Don how long he'd been fucking Leanne, who i'd always thought to be happily married, he told me that he'd first fucked her on her wedding night five years ago while she still had her wedding dress on, going on to tell me that if I ever married Dave he'd do the same to me as I would always be his hot bitch, married or not. I should have been horrified by this gutter talk but it thrilled me as I wondered just how many cocks he'd arranged to pleasure Leanne and myself with at the party.