Written by Debby

26 Aug 2010

I told you guys some time ago,about how a small car crash,lead me to having sex with a black guy,A cple of you said it would happen again,and okay it did with a guy i met in a hotel,But i honestly thought that was the end of it,I am in a relationship,and dont really want to spoil it,but the guy from the hotel and i did keep in touch,only with the odd phone call,And as he had only ever came to London once with his work,i never thought that much of it,or ever really meeting him again,So you can imagine my surprise when he said,the next time my partner was away why dont i go to the Midlands and stay with him,adding then you can really,be a black guys woman for a cple of days,and have a black cock on tap,on paper that sounds bad,but it was not said in a bad way more jokingly,I said that was a great idea,but i dont think any of us thought it would happen,And as if by chance that night my partner,told me he was going to be going to switzerland for a whole week well Monday to FRIDAY,it was as if he was unwittingly throwing me into my lovers arms,Ispent the next cple of days going through the shall i or shall i not emotions,and was he serious or not,Iknew the only way to find out was to tell him,but i was honestly shaking as i called him to say it could happen,thankfully i could tell by his voice,he was happy to know it could be going to happen,even adding if i dont want to stay at his flat,he could book an hotel,not as classy as the last,but maybe a travelodge etc,i kind of admired his honesty and said his flat would be fine,and we arranged for him to meet me from the train at Sandwell and Dudley,Over the next few days i was for some reason so nervous to the stage of would i go through with it,But after dropping my partner at Heathrow on the Sunday evening,I seemed to calm down and knew it was going to happen,And it was with lets say with excitement,i boarded the train at Euston on the Mon morning,it did cross my mind i am going to stay with a guy,and the only thing we had in common was sex,that one evening,I knew i was acting like a blk mans slut,but even that excited me,and being so far from home,i could really act the part,We spoke on the phone on the way to confirm i was coming,But i was still like a nervous schoolgirl as i walked from the station,And was relieved to see him waiting there,We did not fall into each others arms but just had a little peck on the cheek,we went to the pub down the road,and the conversation was clumsy,we both sensed this,and he suddenly said look this is awkward lets go home and get the first fuck out the way and start again,not the best invite to bed but it worked,for some reason,and as soon as we got to his flat that was exactly what happened,we both undressed got into bed and fucked,the strange thing was it was,that fuck took me to heaven and back,it was crude,rough,with no real emotion just two people fucking,until i felt him tense and cum deep into me,i think then was the first time we actually kissed properly,and it certainly broke the ice,we stayed in bed just exploring each others bodies and i realised just how much i was turned on by black guys,i knew there and then this week could ruin everything i had,but had no intentions of leaving,the week seemed to fly by,I was introduced to his friends,but we mainly spent the week just having sex,i dont remember ever being so active even in the early days with my partner,it was if as soon as i saw his black cock i wanted it,then on the thursday he said he wanted to do my bum,something before i would have thought perverted,but somehow this time did not seem so bad,we kissed and turning me over he began to lube up my backside,and inserted a finger,which strangely felt quite nice,then he lifted me slightly and began to slowly,enter me at first i felt like a hot searing pain,but also a great feeling of pleasure,as he began to go deeper in me,then slowly build up a rhythm,jesus i love sex but this feeling was out of this world,i must have sounded like a porn star,with the words coming from my mouth,and the harder he pushed the more i felt ectasy,i was cumming again again,and could do nothing to quell the pleasure i was getting as he hammered his blackness home,until he could hold back no longer and shot his cum in my ass,God i could only lay face down trying to catch my breath,such was the pleasure i had just experienced,until we fell asleep,Waking on the friday morning,and looking at him sleeping beside me i wanted him to take me there again,but was far to tender,we done a cple of things before,he drove me to the station,as i had to return home,as we sat in his car,we spoke about the week and how good it has been,and joked about i was going home with a white pussy and a blk entrance,and for some reason i was sad when the time came to get the train,I am sensible enough to know this is not going to be some big romance,but i do know the days with my partner are numbered,simply because sex with him does not seem to satisfy me as much as with a black guy,That dont mean to say i will be jumping into bed with the first black guy that comes along,all i know is,if the right situation comes along i wont think twice,and yes its still my black entrance and i intend to keep it that way,because i find nothing appealing about having a white dick in there, Debby