Written by John B

2 May 2007

My wife Deb and I have often read the dogging stories in here and thought we would like to try it, but never quite got up the nerve both at the same time.

Last weekend we had the Grandparents take the kids over night and went out for dinner and some time away from the four walls. I drove as I was driving early the next day so would not drink anyway. We passed a spot that we had heard was a dogging site and so the subject

came to mind. By the time we were on the way home Deb was feeling some Dutch courage and I was horny thinking about how I could fuck her anywhere I liked at home as the kids were away. Then the dogging idea came up again.

Deb had on some tight jeans which showed off her wide

child bearing hips, and a low cut button up short sleeve blouse, showing her 38 e charms off very nicely. When I mentioned the dogging site was close she said "Sod it, it's now or never!"

As I pulled in I tried to remember the protocols I had

read in here. There was one car present but we could not

see if anyone was in it. I put the courtesy light on as I fumbled Deb's blouse open. Deb decided the bra had to go

and did that thing women do to remove it with the blouse still on.

I had her jeans off and in the back seat with her shoes before we noticed we had company. On Deb's side were two figures. It was hard to make them out but this helped I think, it sort of kept them more anonymous to start with.

I asked if Deb wanted the window open a little for the watchers, she was enjoying my two fingers up her snatch and having her

nipples suckled and just said yes, quietly. About a minute after I opened the window a man of about 45 (I am 38, Deb 36)

asked if he could "feel them?" I looked at Deb and she gave a very small nod. At that the man began to squeeze her left tit and ended up with his head in the window sucking the nipple. The second man was in front of the car looking in. Deb quietly came over my fingers.

I whispered in Deb's ear "Do you want to let him fuck you?" and she just gave another small nod.

I slipped off Deb's panties and said to the man on her tit" You can give her one if you like!" He said "I don't have a condom!" Deb said very clearly "Just fuck me for Christ's sake!" In a flash he had his jeans off and opened the door, climbing in as Deb let her seat back all the way. She let out a high pitched sigh as he slipped effortlessly up her. The second man had moved to the open door for a better look. I opened the back window on Deb's side and told him to try a tit for himself, which he did, squeezing it in time with the other mans strokes.

Deb was panting and gasping, really having fun. The lucky one said "Where do I unload?" Deb just wrapped her legs round him and squeezed. "There's your answer!" I said.

My cock was fit to burst so I climbed into the back and

fed it to Deb who sucked it harder than ever. She came at the same time as the cock inside her, squealing around my cock.

The man climbed off and the second one said "Any chance mate?" Deb made no move other than to keep sucking so I

said o.k. He was soon ready and slid straight in and started really fast strokes right away. He must have been forty plus but he was very fit and kept up a fast pace all the time. I had to let rip and Deb took most of my load

but just lost a dribble as she gagged a little. The man fucking her asked if I was Deb's husband to which I said yes. He said "I could lay on a gang bang some time if she likes them, I think she would be great for it!" I told him we were not into that just now and he said "Fine, but

please yet me know when you are!" Minutes later he said "Inside? to Deb and she nodded, she had only panted

or nodded since the first cock was up her, except when squealing out a cum, now she started to wail. I had to put my hand on her mouth in case she was heard by anyone that might spoil the fun, she got quite loud. The second man

shot up her as she came and grunted loudly five or six

time as he rammed his orgasm home. He had a short breather before he got off and stood up. The other man had watched

it all through the open back window.

The two men thanked Deb and I and said they hoped to see us again. We were quickly ready and drove home in silence.

At home as soon as we shut the front door Deb looked at me and said "Well?" I said to her "Get those clothes off and

lay down somewhere so I can fuck your brains out, slut!"

I have never seen Deb undress so fast in my life. It was

not long but it was an intense fuck right there on the

hall floor.

We will do it again when we get the chance.