Written by 1977 Plymouth

21 Jan 2011

This is an incident that happened about six months ago now but is imprinted on my mind like it was yesterday. It was the start of some adventures that I thought I would never have. That and the realisation that my wife is a complete cock hungry slut (which I love).

My wife R and had decided that she wanted the bedroom redone as that is where we spend most of out spare time. Not being one for DIY we decided to hire someone in to do the wallpapering. We got a couple of quotes from local decorators and decided to go with a bloke called Dave who was recommended to us by a work colleague. He was a bit older than us but R said that he was quite handsome and fit. He was tall, dark coloured and built like a rugby player.

He turned up on the agreed day at 0800 which to be honest is a bit early for the wife and me. We let him get started and we returned to the spare room for a few more hours sleep. We were cuddled up in bed and as normal in the morning started to feel a bit horny but was conscious of Dave being next door.

It started off with a few kisses on the back of R necks which she loves, she pushed her tight naked butt into my hardening cock making all the right noises. R is always quite vocal during sex. I started running my hands all over her body, my hands caressing her ample breasts, her nipples were large, hard and really sensitive. I started to tweak them and pulling them quite roughly giving her a little bit of pain before taking them in my mouth for the pleasure. I trailed my mouth down to her pussy spreading her legs nice and wide so I could get good access to her hole and clit. I carried on licking her, moving from her clit to her ass and back, tasting her ass and sweet pussy. She was soon moaning loudly and cuming on my tongue.

I moved up from her pussy so I could start to fuck her, my cock was just about to enter her sopping pussy when R asked do you think that he heard. During this I had completely forgotten about Dave being next door. R again asked do you think he heard. I didn’t think he could have not and said so. Ruth moaned again and pulled me in to her. She started to ask me if I thought he was listening to us fuck. It was at this point that I realised that this was turning her on, having someone in the next room and possibly listening to us. I carried on fucking her and telling her how he would be next door frustrated and would be taking his own cock in his hand to relieve himself whilst we were fucking, wishing he was in here with us.

R said at this point that she wished he was as well, that she wanted to feel his cock in her as well as mine. She said she could imagine feeling his cock filling her up as I watched and she sucked my cock. We were both really turned on and I could not control myself any further and shot my cum deep into her pussy as I felt it tighten around me as she came again. As I moved off R and I noticed that the door was ajar and that Dave was stood there watching us fuck.

R was aware that he was there and beckoned him in. I could not believe this was happening, I was actually going to get to see my wife fucked by someone else. We had talked about it before but I never thought R would actually do it. But R got up off the bed and went over to Dave and started to kiss him, he soon had his hands all over her body as she hurriedly pulled at his clothes. No sooner had she managed to get his cock out she sank to her knees and started to suck his cock, taking it slowly at first but before long taking his whole length to the back of her throat. She was slurping all over it and giving it the real porn treatment. I was soon rock hard again.

It was not long before Dave shot his load into her mouth, R gobbled it up but some of it spilled down her chin and onto her tits. It was an amazing sight, R dragged him over to the bed now and they joined me on it. We both started playing with R body, I offered my cock up for her to suck which she greedily did, Dave got down between her legs and started to lap on her cummy pussy causing R to moan around my cock. All of a sudden R stopped sucking me and pulled Dave onto his back and quickly sank down on the whole length of his cock, her pussy was stretched tight around it. She started to grind herself down onto him, moaning and saying how good it was. I could only look on as she rode him, she must have cum about 4-5 times whilst doing this. Dave seemed to go on forever and had still not cum when R slid off him. She lay there next to him exhausted it seemed, her legs still open and pussy gaping. It was such a horny sight. As R laid there she continued to play with Daves thick cock. I couldn’t help myself I need to have her again so I quickly got between her legs and started to lick her well used cunt and moving her to her ass again. She was really groaning as my tongue probed her ass, using my fingers I lubed it with the combined juices of everyone and she was pushing back on to them.

She stopped me and said that she wanted to fuck us both at the same time. She got back onto Dave sliding down his ready cock, she laid on top of him still for a while as I got in behind her, my helmet ready at the entrance to her ass. I started to ease it in slowly at first, sinking further and further in until I was buried ball deep in her ass. It felt amazing as I started to thrust into her getting faster and harder the more closer I came to cumming. I soon on one last thrust shot my load deep into her ass as I pulled out she pulled Dave cock from her pussy and put it to her ass and sank down on it squirting my cum out. She started to shout at Dave that she wanted to feel him cum in her ass, begging him to do it. Before long he came and R sank collapsed on top of him exhausted. After a few mins R got up and said thank you to Dave and said she was going to have a shower.

Dave got up and grabbed his clothes and went back to the decorating. I laid there in the bed feeling good and not really believing what had happened. R came back to the bedroom and kissed me and said thank you as that was one of her biggest fantasies fulfilled. She also said that we should do that again later. Dave was due to work all week at the address but ended up there for two weeks due to the amount of time we spent fucking. He even refused to take any payment for the work. This was just the start of our adventures which I will share with you all if you would like over the next few weeks.