29 Apr 2019

I am Rhea a 39 year old woman of African origin. I have only oosted one story here and that was about a year ago. It is difficult to put into words a BDSM scene that not everyone understands. I have been married but now divorced and have a new partner. We have a standing in our small village community and are both caretakers of our village hall. The hall needed a lick of paint, several quotes later we settled on a decorating firm from a nearby town, this was last week and the guy turned up with all his kit and two East European painting men. One was a bit scruffy but spoke excellent English, the other was gorgeous, tall late 20s muscular and clean shaven but very limited English. So the painting progressed with me opening up and then popping back later to lock up. Today was the last day, the decorator arrived with only Pawel (limited English) apparantly Gheorghe was ill. The decorator assured me all was well and Pawel knew what to do as it was only a couple of hours of touching up. Believe me it wasn't just the walls that wanted touching up. I had to go to the bank this morning so left Pawel to it and dashed into town, once done i dashed home. Quick shower, slipped into my skin tight white leather jeans no panties, front button blouse and no bra. I returned to the hall and locked the door behind me. Pawel was on a step ladder, now, how to communicate with someone who speaks no English? Then it dawned, rubbing someones cock and balls tgrough their jeans translates into any language, surely? So this i did, gently putting my hand between his legs, slowly massaging his balls and cock. Pawel looked down at me. I could swear he could see down my top. Pawel slowly came down the ladder and i resumed my work on his manhood. Pawel responded by massaging my tits through my blouse before unbuttoning it and pushing it off my shoulders and started to play with my bare tits. I undid his jeans and pushed them down, followed by his underpants. Pawels cock sprang out it was thick and nice and hard. I wrapped my hand around it and his hand went between my legs rubbing me through my jeans, getting me nice and wet. I dropped to my knees taking his cock in my mouth, i licked and sucked moving my head up and down the length of his cock. Pawel grabbed my head and moved with rythmically, moaning in a language i didn't understand. He started to get more vocal and speeded up his thrusts. Suddenly his cock exploded in my mouth with what felt like lots of cum. I greedily swallowed it all. I licked and sucked him clean. I desperately wanted him inside me so i stood and started to undo my jeans. I noticed Pawel start to go limp. No No No! I started playing with it to get it hard again but to no avail. He was obviously a 'one shot man' i hadn't the time before his boss returned to work on him. So i jyst had to be satisfied with what i had. Can't wait to tell my partner what a dirty tart i have been.