31 Dec 2016

At our church youth club there was a girl called Andrea and she was having her 18th birthday party. This was many years ago, back in the 1968 time.

There were several of us young people at the church youth club and we were invited along to Andreas house.

My girlfriend Julie wasn’t able to go as she was on holiday with her parents, it was in those days when we didn’t go on holiday together!!

I went along with Lynn, my chosen girlfriend for the night and then were Peter and Ann, Roger & Daphne (Who incidentally wanted me to be her boyfriend but i wasn’t really interested in her, Stephen and Mary, Janet and Michael, Audrey & Colin, and of course Andrea and her boyfriend Peter.

We had a few nibbles to eat and played a few games together, quite harmless games, nothing sexual

Then Andrea suggested we play Hyde Park corner which is a kissing game where the lights go out and you sit your girlfriend on your knee and snog her. However there is a progressive game when every 15 minutes your girlfriend moves to the next person in the room and eventually she will arrive back on your knee.

All the guys took their place on the seats, settee armchair wherever we could and our respective girlfriend came and sat on our knee.

Andrea had a timer that went off after 15 minutes and that was the signal for the girls to move on.

Lynn was sat on my knee and we were kissing and I was stroking her body and getting a bit of a hard on even though she wasn’t my girlfriend.

The alarm went off and mary came and sat on my knee.

I started to kiss mary and stroke her body and realised she was quite well developed, nice round bottom and quite pert little tits for almost 17.

Alarm went off and Audrey landed on my knee.

Audrey was quite a good looker and my hands roamed round her body and she didn’t object when I slipped my hand up her skirt to feel her nylon clad legs and then round her bottom to find some quite lacy panties.

I stilled my hand inside the panties and moved forward to find a hairy bush and started to stroke her

Her hand reached down between us and she took hold of my cock and whispered – “nice” in my ear and I slipped a finger into the pussy and started to massage it

Damned alarm went off and Andrea arrived on my knee

Hands up Andrea’s skirt and the panties were quite wet, clearly she had been well fingered.

Her hands reached down and took hold of my cock and unzipped my trousers.

Fingers in Andrea’s pussy and god she was wet, and hairy started to gently masturbate her as she did me and then the alarm went off.

Ann was next and her panties were in a disgusting sate of wetness, Got 2 fingers in her and started to fig her and she kissed me hard as she went into an orgasm on my knee and she said that she had needed that for a while!!!

Daphne was the next and final one to arrive on my knee.

Her boyfriend was sitting in the chair next to the settee so he was just out of reach of us

She didn’t sit like the other girls had sat she spread her legs over my legs and was facing me

My hand went up her skirt and she kissed me and said” take me i want u to feel me”.

I slipped my fingers into her pussy and started to massage her clit

She kissed me and said “I want u take me”

I knew she was hot and ready and burning with desire but we had to stop and tidy ourselves up before the lights went back on.

Peterl’s dad picked us up at the end of the party, Roger only lived a street away and so I agreed that I would make sure Daphne got home ok and Peter's dad dropped Daphne and me off near our house as Daphne only lived about 5 mins walk away and I said I would walk her home.

Lyyn went home with her friends dad and Roger walked home.

Peter and Ann had a car and so they too Audrey & Colin home

When we got to Daphne’s house I made to leave and gave her a peck on the cheek but she said “walk me round the the back door.”

i did and it was pitch black there.

She kissed me and asked me if i have enjoyed being with her tonight and I said yes

She said she had loved me feeling her and did i want to do it again.

I said you have a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend but that seemed to wash nothing with her

She took hold of my hand and led it towards her skirt and said “feel me”

I slipped my hand up her skirt and realised she had taken her knickers off

You don’t have any knickers on i said

No I took them off they were very wet after you had fingered me

I could feel her wet bush and slipped my fingers into her and started to massage her pussy

Her hand reached down my trousers and took hold of my cock

Do u want me she said

You’re very sexy i said but we both have partners

I want u she said I don’t care about roger I want you

We can’t do it here I said

so that says that you do want me? she said

Yes I do I said

Come back Monday after noon and mum and dad are out and we can be alone together.

Monday afternoon came and I arrived about 2

She greeted me in the same dress she had worn on the Saturday.

We had a very passionate kiss in the kitchen and she said do you still want me

I said Yes I do I have been thinking about you all day yesterday and saw you in church and thought about you and what we had done.

She led me upstairs and we sat on the bed and kissed

I slipped my hand back up her skirt and she had no panties on

Your naked under there I said

I know she said I haven’t worn any since Saturday night

I went to church without any on yesterday and It felt good

She then told me that she was a virgin and wanted to give her virginity to me

I gulped and then confessed Well I am a virgin too.

Lets do it naked she said and stood up and took her clothes off.

God the sight of her naked teenage body was just too much and I pulled her to me and kissed her breasts.

Omg you are beautiful

I could feel the erection rising

I stood up and she helped me take my clothes off and stood there with quite a hard on

I have never been naked with a girl before

I don’t have any contraceptives I said

Its ok she said I am a virgin and you can’t get pregnant when you are a virgin.

Not sure I believed her my enlarged cock was overruling my brain and she took towel and laid in on the bed, just in case I bleed she said and She spread her legs and said take me.

i laid at the side of her and said

all the books we read in school about sex said that the girl had to be warmed up first by petting

I started to stroke her pussy and she had an orgasm

then she said come in now and I mounted her and it felt wonderful to be penetrating her pussy and I could feel her hairs round my cock as it went in .

I felt the resistance of her hymen and she said push and I felt it break –she winced a bit and said I had taken her virginity go and I fucked her pussy till i orgasmed inside her

As I withdrew the spunk was pink - I had deflowered her.

We laid on the bed for a while and then I started to touch her pussy again and she said do you want me again

I said yes

She said I need to get some contraceptives as I am no longer a virgin and she disappeared off into another room and came back with a durec

I got this from my dad's nedside drawer she said

I took it and rolled it onto my cock and then I mounted her doggy style and took her pussy again.

A beautiul experience with a sexy horny girl

We cleaned up and I disposed of the durex down the toilet adn we dressed and she kissed me good bye

She later married Roger and I married Julie