Written by Toastie15

29 Sep 2012

I have told you about my adventures with the wife previously but had some fun the other day on my own. I decided to book myself a Tantric massage from an ad I had seen online that was based on the coast.

The listing didn’t go into many details but was priced at £50 for 90 minutes with the option of a Naturist massage. I arrived at the pre-arranged time to be met by a woman in her early 40s at my guess, who had curves in all the right places and pretty slim with it.

She sat me down and asked if there was anywhere that I didn’t like to be touched and also my favourite places. After asking if I needed a drink or the loo she left me to undress and lay face down on the massage table.

A short time passed and she came in and removed her top and trousers with her knickers left on and begun the massage using unscented oil. She had a great touch and massaged the entire back of my body that included my balls and stroking the crack of my arse. She also kept placing her lovely soft breasts on my back and bum and stood so I could rub her thighs.

This continued for an age and while I could feel her touch and hear her my head was placed in the rest of the table so all I could see was the carpet and occasionally her bare feet. I then heard her removing her knickers which allowed me to stroke further up her thighs brushing against her pussy, which no lie was surprisingly wet.

She eventually turned me over to start on my front and increased the attention on my balls and cock that included rubbing her tits against them. By now I was really hard plus I had better access to her wet pussy. Then what came as a big surprise she started to suck my cock with her mouth feeling lovely and warm.

She continued to massage the rest of my body and kept returning to my cock with her hands, tits, and mouth. Before long she focused on sucking and licking my cock and I thought she would build me up but finish me off with her hands, but even though it would have been obvious to her I was starting to cum she continued and took all of my load into her mouth before swallowing.

There was no rushing off to spit my cum out or even getting a drink, instead she covered me in towels and rubbed my body through them. This is completely true and was a lovely experience that I intend to repeat in the future. Sorry it’s a bit tame for on here.