Written by James

30 Jun 2008

By popular request I am writing yet another episode in the life of my slim, young brunette wife\\\'s work as an escort for an exclusively black and Pakistani escort agency. She took on this work while working full time as a nurse at a West London hospital. I had lost my job and earned extra money as Elizabeth\\\'s driver.

It is a job which of the many stories to choose. Many of them would not be printable on this website. However, one occasion springs to mind that might be of interest.

The year was 1980 and it was early winter. Elizabeth and I enjoyed all the excitement, though she was usually very nervous about meeting clients. At the same time, she was clearly excited by meeting strange men for rough sex.

Their roughness was the very opposite of both of us. I had taken to wearing ladis satin panties under my suit trousers because I couldn\\\'t help imagining that I was her.

I was also going out dressed as a girl while she was on night shift. I used to enjoy walking around Hampstead Heath.

Anyway. The black guy who ran the agency had enjoyed humiliating both of us and came up with ever more demanding clients and situations. Now he asked her to dress up in her expensive clothes and for me to drive her down to a seedy side street in Brixton. I don\\\'t know if it was a regular haunt for prostitutes because there were no other working girls there when we arrived in our Mercedes. I as always wore a suit, though my blonde curly hair was now down to my shoulder.

When I watched Elizabeth dressing, I couldn\\\'t help wishing that I was able to dress up like her.

She wore all the usual style of lingerie; figure hugging Janet reiger full length lace and satin slip, matching suspender belt, bra and high cut French knickers- all with lashings of lace. This time she chose a pink set, finishing off the effect with black silk seamed stockings.

Her lingerie shimmered in the light of our bedroom. Her fur coat, silver necklace and matching earrings completed the effect of spoiled upper middle class elegance.

Her choice of slip was shorter than usual because she was wearing an above the knee black satin skirt. It fitted her very snugly. Her blouse was blue satin and because it was cold, she wore her short fur coat. She brushed her shoulder length hair and lacquered it once she had it perfect. Hr face looked babyish and very posh. She grabbed her hand bag and was ready to go.

She smelt wonderful and looked nothing like the usual street walker. The punters may not have realised that she was up for hire.

The escort boss said he would be in the area, keeping an eye and making sure he got his cut. This time Elizabeth rode in the front of the car. Sitting in the large low leather front passenger seet, she looked very tiny. Her skirt had ridden up slightly in the seat, exposing a froth of pink lace and satin.. As we drove, I kept glancing down at her slender black stockinged legs and had a hard on. Still, I was a bit afraid because I knew their were only two options for street walkers. These were up against a wall or going off in punters\\\' cars.

When we got to the street we noticed that it was busierwith traffic than I had expected. I had been told it was Ok to park the car in a particular gateway, connected with one of the escort boss\\\'s businesses.

I got out of the car and went round to help Elizabeth get out. In her short skirt and high heels, she struggled to do this with dignity, but in the gateway nobody saw us.

I locked the car and kissed Elizabeth. She was shivering. I said are you frightened. She said a bit, but I am shivering because it is a bit cold, even with my coat on.

As she walked on to the street, I followed. She was teetering along, her pert bottom perfectly displayed by her tight satin skirt.

We stood together for a few minutes, then a large black Mercedes, with darkened windows glide to a halt beside us.

The driver got out. He was a large black man, wearing a lot of bling. In his mid thirties. His hair was in dreadlocks. He introduced himself as Gladstone and said he worked for the agency. He told me to get in the back of the car. There was another large black man sitting in the passenger seat. Reggae music was playing on the stereo.

As I sat there, the man patted Elizabeth\\\'s bottom and felt her tits through her blue satin blouse. He was laughing. Elizabeth looked serious. He was talking to her for a few minutes before he got back into the car. All three of us then sat there and watched Elizabeth teeter a little further along the street.

About fifty yards away, she stopped and faced the kerb. Cars were passing us. Most of them were old bangers. As they slowed I could see mainly West Indian occupants and heard thumping music from within. Elizabeth looked hesitant then raised the hem of her skirt very slowly. Her head was bowed, but she was looking toward the approaching cars which had slowed to pass us.

As Elizabeth\\\'s skirt was pulled up, I saw the light colour of Elizabeth\\\'s pink satin and lace slip. She pulled her skirt up further. Now I could see her stocking tops. The black men were laughing. One said: \\\'Dat is some fuckin posh slut, she gonna get some big pricks dis night.\\\'

Elizabeth appeared to be adjusting her suspenders. I guessed she had been told to do this to attract the punters. Cars started hooting at her and men in Rasta hats were sticking their heads out of passenger windows. i heard shouting. Elizabeth looked up nervously. An old battered Ford car slowly passed us.there were three men in it. Loud music was playing inside it. Their heads were bobbing to the beat. I couldn\\\'t see the driver, but the other two were young black men. As soon as it passed us, it pulled in next to Elizabeth. the front passenger leaned his head out of the window. Elizabeth let go of the hem of her skirt. It fell back down over her black silk stockinged legs.

She was talking back to them for a few moments. then she glanced back in the direction of our car before getting into the back seat. The driver of our Mercedes had already started his engine. \\\'Now we gonna see de fun.\\\'

The battered old Ford pulled away. We glided after it.

I was frightened but excited inside my girlie panties.