Written by Stephmale

5 Jan 2011

My wife Tracey is 37, blond, 2 kids, size12, & works as a dental nurse. She recently applied to do a few night shifts at the hospital for emergencies. Recently she has lost her apatite for sex.

On her first night she got dressed for work. Not the usual dental nurse outfit of white tunic & trousers but a full white dress, buttons up the front, stockings and boy did she look fuckable. Why all dressed up? i enquired. Its required by the dentists was the reply. Lucky bastards i thought. The first night passed, she came home tired & had a shower before going to bed. I went straight to the washbin & found a pair of wet knickers that smelled of sex.

The 2nd night came & went with the same results. On the 3rd nignt she came home and i poured her a glass a wine and asked how it was going. While we chatted i ran my hand up her leg but she pushed me away. I persisted, kissing her neck & she relaxed. When i got up to her pussy, there was no knickers & she was soaking wet. My fingers slipped right up her. I slipped one finger around to her ass & it too was soaking. The Bitch had been shagged senseless.

I asked what she was going on,so after alot of persuasion she told me the following.

On arrival on her first night the dentist was black & she immediately fell for him. After abit of flirting in the first hour or so, they had no patients for a while. She went to the toilet & when she came out he was standing there waiting. He pushed up against the sink and kissed her roughly, mauling at her tits. His hand went up to her pussy & he started fingering her. She felt his massive cock & fell to her knees to suck as much as she could. She said it was like a childs arm. It was all she could do to get the knob into her mouth. They were interrupted so they had to calm down & get back to work.

On her second night they didnt work, instead spending the evening in his flat. She said she sucked him off before he bent her over the dinner table, stockings suspenders & basque was all she had on. He licked her out from behind while fingering her bum. She said she never had an orgasm like it in her life. Then he slowly entered her inch by inch. The pain was immense but soon faded. Soon his big heavy black balls were slapping against her white ass. She came numerous times. Then the shocking bit.

She said he pulled out of her soaking pussy & stuck his massive cock up her ass. The pain was sufferable then subsided. He came deep inside her ass!!

When i asked what had happened tonight she said exactly the same. With that she slipped out of her white tunic, just stockings & suspenders & showed me her pussy. I made hwr bend over & touch her toes. Both of her holes were gaping wide & oozing spunk. She said that she is now a black mans bitch. I shoved my cock straight up her pussy & came within seconds!.

I cant wait till she goes back to night shift next week. She says she might even take him home over the weekend.

Heres hoping.