Written by over the bar

24 Nov 2015

I enjoyed my recollection of the escapade to the capital to see Rocky Horror. I was surprised at the clarity and amount I remembered especially as I have a lousy memory for names and events these days. the past comes to life in far greater detail as I write. Having even enjoyed rereading it myself, I felt a twitch in my trollies as I recalled Derek in heaven as he fucked my wife, Di.

Derek looms large again in this recollection of dust strewn, cobwebbed memories of just how lucky I was in that era. Di had suggested Derek join us for an evening meal one night, making the excuse of us both scoring a couple of goals each in a semi final of a local cup competition. It was mid April and I had a weird idea that I wanted to watch what Derek would do with her in my absence. So I asked her if I could be absent when he arrived and I would hide outside in the back garden and if she allowed the door into the lounge to remain open, I could watch any developments that might be made. Dinner was ready and Derek was due to arrive in five minutes, Di was happy to entertain him until I decided to arrive. Our car was in the garage so my absence would appear to include me being in it. I could hear things quite well as we only had single glazing and it was a small house for just the two of us. Derek was around my height, about 5' 7'' and weighed around ten and a half stone, so was reasonably well built and fit, and she loved his cock, around seven and a half inches and nicely proportioned and very tasty according to Di. I was basically the same but had eight inches and enough stamina to last as long as required, wish I could now, but must not get bitter, at least I can still perform.

Back to the evening in question. I was in the dark watching through a window and listening to the music Di had playing when I heard the doorbell, bloody great he is here, I thought. Di was soon back in view and Derek was with her very close by. He said something and gave her a kiss and they embraced, I saw his hand running up and down her back , feeling the shape of her underwear. He said something in her ear and kissed it, I saw his tongue lick around it too, something which makes her go weak at the knees and I heard the giggle which was a giveaway that she was well turned on. He stood back to look at her dress, a full length one with a split from foot to thigh top, so each step revealed a fully exposed stocking clad leg, suspender strap et al. She proudly revealed the slit and he wore a very dirty look as he saw how sexy she looked.

They kissed again and then she went to fix him a drink. He followed her and started to caress her from behind, parting the slit and running a hand over her sexy thong, black and lacy, what there was of it. Drinks fixed, they kissed again and Derek found the zip of her dress and drew it down, exposing her beautiful back and the black bra holding her gorgeous 38D breasts and those sexy nipples which I knew would be very hard, He drew the dress away from her body and I heard him say 'Beautiful though it is I think it needs to come off'. heard Di say 'You dirty bugger, are you going to fuck me?' with a lovely sexy smile as if in a plea that was what she wanted. She knew that was what they both wanted.

I now had my cock out and was in no hurry to break up this spectacle, after all it was my idea and I needed to see it through. I knew Derek would go all the way whether I was there or not as she had spent a few nights with him at his house and been several times in our bed with us both. I need to say that I am not bi so all our sex was purely around making her sexual desires fulfilled. With her now down to underwear in a lacy black and matching suspender belt and black stockings, Derek had a very submissive and sexy woman at his mercy. At this time I should mention Derek had one more surprise awaiting him, she had shaved herself perfectly smooth, trimming away all her pubes and looking sensational. I knew once seen, he would be descending for a more intimate inspection.

I got more excited as I saw the bra straps descend down her shoulders and his hand reach round to release the clips, her bra dropping off and being replaced by his hands and face as he kissed and licked her breasts eagerly. Di was allowing him to do whatever he wanted and she released his cock from his trousers and said she wanted to give him a welcoming suck. He allowed her to get his trousers and pants off and he obligingly stripped his shirt while she sorted his shoes and socks out, then stood and said something like 'That's more like it' and they embraced in a very loving way, making me feel my cock weep pre cum at the sexy and intimate sight of my loving wife giving Derek a sexy squeeze on his shaft which twitched as she stroked it and then gripped it and pulled the foreskin back. She then went to her knees and sucked for England. Derek drew in deep breaths which I could see and hear and he said how great her sucking was.

Derek stopped her and said her thong needed to come off. She stood up and I heard her say 'Well I think you ought to do it then'. I had the perfect view as he slipped the thong down then off over each ankle, then his realisation she was shaved came as I saw his face a picture as Di exposed her cunt to him. He nuzzled into her soft flesh and began licking her cunt. I only saw bits of this but could hear Di saying how nice it felt and her sighs as she started to come. I knew they were going to fuck and decided to stay until she was filled with spunk before going in for our meal. They were now in a world of their own and obscured from my view but I heard Di telling him to keep fucking her and her rhythmic gasps and sighs were music to me as I imagined him pistoning in her and I pictured the ecstatic look on her face as she fucked her lover knowing I was listening and had been watching all the action so far. I thought of how we had developed this relationship with no jealousy and loads of fun for all three of us.

Eventually I heard the familiar grunting as he pumped his spunk deep inside her and Di's steady short breaths as she took his load and came. Just heavy breathing and a silence for a few minutes. Derek was telling her in low tones how gorgeous she was, the post fuck small talk continued and I slipped quietly into the garage and then to the front door and inside. They were laid cuddled up together, his cock still inside her and a tell tale wet patch on the sofa under her bum. I asked if I had missed anything and they both laughed. Di said dinner was ready and she would get it done. She brought me a beer and we kissed, I could detect the taste of his pre cum on her lips and I fingered her sloppy slit, feeling, then tasting the cum from her cunt which had stained her stocking tops. The meal was eaten with all of us naked and after we had finished we had a drink and a chat before we all went upstairs together and she fucked us both again.

Next morning she sucked Derek off again before I gave him a lift to work and returned to enjoy our day off in deeps sexual joy. We both agreed Derek was a great lad and we discussed the future when I asked if she fancied having a different cock to his ad she said she would consider it if we found someone who could be as trustworthy as he had proved.