Written by Marge

4 Feb 2008

Hello everyone,it's Marge again,you might remember my

little stories about my lodger Derek that i called "a man

about the house".

Well if not i'll just recap.My name is Marge and i am 71,Derek

was my gardener but he became my lodger last year and we have enjoyed

a wonderful sex life since,Derek is in his forties by the way.

Dereks latest wheeze is that he's bought a camcorder and he keeps chasing me around

with it trying to film me getting dressed,he wanted to film our lovemaking but i was reluctant

...However i finally gave in last night.

Tonight we both snuggled up to watch our very own home movie together,it was the first

time i ever saw myself on film,and i was a bit embarrassed.."Don't be shy" said Derek "you

look lovely",and with that he put his arm around me.

In the first bit i was walking around the bedroom in just my pantybriefs and bra,and then i was

in my nice pink nightie.

Derek positioned the camera near the bottom of the bed and we both got in...Soon i was playing with

Dereks great big penis,it looked even bigger on the screen and the i sucked it...In the next scene he made his

stuff go all over my bosoms.

Then i did some posing just like a model,i couldn't believe how shameless i was being.

Derek was asking me to get into all kinds of positions and i spread my legs and even opened

up my most private places..Then i had to bend over and i blushed as bright as a beetroot as

i saw myself on the screen following Dereks instruction to spread the cheeks of my backside.

"You have got a lovely little bumhole Marge" said Derek as he smiled at my blushes.

I remembered what followed and i must admit it really excited me to see Dereks penis going in

and out of my pussy as i laid on my side.

In the next scene Derek took a big blob of ky jelly on his finger and put it in my bottom,then i faced

the camera a sat on his monster sized thing...It was an incredible sight,and i couldn't believe that my

poor bum could cope.

"That's it Marge,take it right the way in..good girl",said Derek as i groaned out in pleasure and pain.

After that Derek bent me over "Get ready Marge,i'm gonna take you to the moon",he said,and i watched the screen as his

penis disappeared all the way into my bottom.

It was certainly an exciting film debut.