Written by doncey731

8 Jan 2009

I was on holiday with my wife in Thailand and we used to go down the beach to some little beach restaurants for an evening meal. The restaurants were very simple but clean and the service and food were superb though no washroom facilities. We went there one evening and had a very nice meal. Just as we were about to leave my wife said that she was rather desperate for the loo and as she put it not just for a wee. She said I must go soon so I said you carry on down the beach back to the hotel and I will pay the bill and will catch you up. It was about 15 minutes walk to the hotel. She was obviously getting desperate and I paid the bill as quickly as possible and made my way down the beach. Curiously I was getting quite aroused and didn't want to miss anything. When I caught my wife up she was holding her bottom and trying to walk raidly.She said 'I am really desperate, I don't think I can make it back to the hotel...oh no...I'm nearly doing it in my pants'. There were some fishermen's boats just down the beach and it was dark though with a lot of moonlight. I said if you can't wait just go behind the boats - no one will see! By now she was squeezing ber bottom hard and I knew she was only just holding on. I was curiously aroused....so much so I had a massive hard on and was getting rather breathless. She said oh I'll have to do it and made off to go behind the boats. She was wearing a long skirt and holding herself really tightly. She got part way to the boats but couldn't make it behind them....she let out a cry pulled her skirt up and ripped her knickers down (I was behind her) and while she was still standing her bottom sort of exploded with a jet of liquid shooting out across the sand. By this time i was so desperately aroused that I just came in my pants wihout any manual stimulation. It was a strange experience but curiously I often think about it in my private moments and I always come very quickly!