Written by madeinengland

1 Jul 2013

I work in surveillance and have covert cam’s and sound all over our home. Though let me state, as we live very rural, so these cams are for safety and protection only, and never, ever do we use them for spying on each other. It is so natural for us, we don’t ever consider they are there, (well, we did for a year or so, then it began to fade).

As our cams are well hidden, and even the sharpest eye would have difficulty in finding them.

My wife and I have been married for 15 years. She has a genetic condition, whereby her skin and bones don’t age the same as everyone else. Aged 43, she is still pint sized, tiny and petite, and looks in her early twenties. While others think it is good for her, often she is mistaken for a single younger girl, and not the married mother she actually is.

Men have always adorned her, perhaps one of the reasons she rarely leaves the house. As most times when were out, she find’s herself being woo’d and chatted up.

A few years ago, I had to leave the house to join a conference. It was short notice, (only 24 hours).

I left for London, knowing full well I may or may not be back for tea. We kissed and waved bye, bye and off I went.

Later that day and during a break, I called her, but the phone went unanswered, (This was normal for her). Thinking nothing else, I rejoined the conference.

Afternoon and I knew I would indeed be going home, so I called again to give the good news. She answered, “hello darling, when are you coming home, I have a special gift for you?”. I knew her special gift was passionate lovemaking, something we engaged in when we were apart for a while.

Later that night, in fact it was almost 10pm by the time I arrived home, and in my true wife style, she was waiting clad in some sexy lingerie.

It never crossed my mind then, but upon reflection she was different. Radiant, glowing, and highly charged all spring to mind. Within 20mins, we were in bed passionately making love (and we’d only been separate for less than a day). As always, she makes incredible effort, but today was extra, extra effort, and a few special moves. At the time, I genuinely thought no more of it, and just accepted the benefits. Her pussy was wetter than wet and tasted different. Though to be honest, I never questioned it and as always, just got stuck in. She asked me to lick her before fucking, again, nothing really unusual - With pleasure, I lapped away.

Speeding up, and moving forward one full week - I was revamping the server the cam’s record on, not checking them, just doing the normal maintenance when I inadvertently hit the cache (saved material). Nothing structured, I just browsed through as I sometimes do !!!

The first images I came across were of two people supping wine across the dinner table, but my wife did not drink, so I thought it could not be her. Investigating further, there was a man and a woman (my wife) drinking wine while eating cheese and biscuits.

Naturally, instincts got the better of me, so I investigated more. First I selected this file, and that file (as they cache and save as a new file/folder every 5 min segments).

I cannot explain the shock, and disbelief of what I found, and after moving forward, reverse, then piecing it all together. In short my wife had sex with the TV license detector man.

For a while, I left the files all jumbled up, not wishing to know the truth. Then over time, as pain turned to arousal, to see how the event unfolded, I slowly pieced it all together. To the best of my ability, here is as accurate account of what I found.

I left for a conference in London - There were no problems and could see and hear from the video myself waving bye, bye. An hour past with nothing, then I seen a car enter the private drive. It approached slow, backed up, came up to the gates and pressed the entry buzzer. He said he was the TV license detector unit and as we had not bought a license, he would be issuing a fine. My wife (as she does) opened the gate and told him to come up the drive. (the drive is private 500 meters away from the road). He approached a second gate where sensibly she came out of the house and walked up to it.

He one side, she the other, I assume the dialogue was of TV’s (no sound there)……. He must of asked for a look around, or at least that was what I could see from the video.

Once inside, the cam’s get better (HD), and the sound quality is impeccable. His first words we “WOW” at the vaulted ceilings and size of the place. Clearly he was impressed, but still asked for a walk about.

Cutting the story down, he walked around, found a whole load of TV’s and said what a beautiful place we had (thanks Derek). He then, as men do, complimented my wife and told her we would be facing a fine of thousands…….. She was shocked and did not know what to say apart from, “my husband will deal with it when he gets home tonight”.

As she was home alone, she had her internal clothes on, these are items she would not normally wear outside. This day, she was sporting a summer dress that was short, sexy, but she would never have the confidence to wear it outside in public.

Ready to leave, Derek asked if there was a quite spot he could have lunch,,,,,,, errrrr as my wife does, she said “you can have it here”. Derek jumped at the chance.

He proceeded to go outside, to his car, grab lunch and come back to our kitchen. They both sat at the dining table engaging in general small talk. Derek asked all the usual searching questions, i.e. marriage, kids, age, etc, etc……. He must have pre-meditated some plans, or was forming them as he went along, because he come out with - “I have a bottle of wine in the car, would you like some?” I could not believe it when my wife said YES.

He went for the wine, and she headed for the cheese and biscuits - the wine was opened and she took some. With the wine Derek become more and more complimenting and frisky. He told my wife how stunningly beautiful she was, and how her petite young figure was mesmerizing. Though upon relfection, I rather think she was enjoying the attention, even though she was playing it down.

Derek moved the conversation onto our pool, massage and sauna centre, saying he’d never seen anything quite like it before. My wife doesn’t like swimming, but she’s a easy one when it comes to a good therapeutic massage.

Derek cottoned on, saying he’d had massage therapy training and that his hands were the hands of healer. My wife was listening with some degree of intent.

He asked if he could be excused to go to the toilet, she politely obliged. We don’t have cam’s in the toilet, but we do in all the bedrooms which in the downstairs guest room, the camera pans into the bathroom (only if the door is left open). Derek could clearly be seen masturbating his cock, looking into the mirror sizing up his own man-hood. He pooped a pill (Im convinced it was a viagra), then he returned to the kitchen.

He asked “May” (my wife is named May) to stand up so he could have a look at her lovely dress - she did - she stood up and done a twirl. Though the camera does not show that angel, it does not take too much working out that from where he was sitting, she probably flashed her panties.

Derek reached out both arms to beckon her, she hesitated, then took one step forward. He stood up and walked the three paces to her, touched her bottom and said “oooohhhhh”.

Throughout, she was stating clearly she was married and had not ever done this before, and that if her husband came home, he’d go crazy.

With his hands on her bum, he lifted up her dress and began dancing (probably to mask what he was about to do). Without any further notice, he touched her panties what looked like around the pussy area. He then offered her a massage - she said no, he said, go on, she said no, he said, go on……. in short, she gave in.

They walked to the pool centre and into the massage therapy room he wasted no time. Asking her to lay face down, he excused himself for another bathroom break. When he returned stark naked, her head was face down on the massage, (so she didn’t know). May was still fully clothed, so Derek began to massage her back with skill and expertise, and in my view, he was quite good.

Not long into it, he moved his body towards her head and the obvious happened, his now stiff cock was prodding her ear. She lifted up her head, swung it around and without any preempting, began to suck him………. (first watch I was totally stunned - it was everything and the opposite of her character).

His cock was average length, but quite thick and totally shaved…...

Once in her mouth, his actions mimicked that of an animal. He became wilder and wilder, with May joining in. She turned herself over to allow him access - he quickly took up the invite. Off came her panties, then her dress and bra, soon she was spread-eagled fully naked. (though now when I see theses images, they really turn me on).

Derek took to licking her pussy and sucking her nipples, and it seemed like he was in a rush. Soon her straddled her, but she said NO……….

I thought (at least she stopped him there), then she raised herself, grabbed his hand and led him to the hallway. Hand in hand they walked naked, being guided by my wife, they arrived at the guest bedroom.

Like a scene from a movie, she lay stretched on the bed while putting her arms out to welcome him. Wasting no time, he keeled between her, picked both legs up, and began to tickle her pussy with his cock……… It was hard to watch because she did the same acts as with me - and showed an exaggerated amount of wild passion.

Wishing I could zoom, I could see the actions of his kneeling push himself into my wife - and she was now being fucked by another man…………

It seemed like he fucked her for hours, but at best it was around 10 mins - every position was explored, missionary, doggy, and even a front to front embrace.

Then, they fucked on the dining table, in the lounge, and bizarrely on my favorite chair.

As there was no condom, surprisingly he was fucking my wife bear back (never thought she would allow that).

By this point, I began to think about the cam’s and her knowledge of the cam’s….. surely she knew it was being all recorded? (that part I still do not know if she was aware, wanted to be seen and caught, or just fucked him recklessly without thinking).

Then came the grand finale - he wanted to cum, but wasn’t sure how or where to. He asked May, “where can cum?” She never answered and just kept pumping him. Though the cam angle was slightly out of front view, I could hear and see her ass pumping him - then he let out a very loud moan, (he was cuming inside my my). She love’s creampie’s but never did I assume she’d take a strange man……. as she does with me, she rode him until he was dryer than dry - it’s just something she has a lust for.

They rested, chatted, and looked quite relaxed together. He showered and said his work would go crazy because he’d been out of range for more than a few hours. He dressed and left……… On the other hand, my wife did not shower, (or at least it didn’t look that way from the cam’s) and while I’ve never seen her do it before, she sponged and used the same towel as Derek to wash herself down.

Now I know that night when I came home, I licked her cum tainted pussy - That night she was wetter than wet, fucked me like crazy and bought a TV license the very next day.

That was 5 years ago now and since then, every anniversary she reminds me to “don’t forget to buy a TV license”. I have never confronted her simply because maybe she knew, maybe she didn't, but since then my desire for her has doubled.

I watched her being fucked by a stranger - it was real at the same time surreal. Erotic but not dirty, and she did have a good time.

When all my emotions had calmed down - I thought it better not to confront her………