Written by Muf

18 Mar 2015

Well on Tuesday the 24th I received an early present; or was it?

I got a call from the lady of the previous Sunday (just for the sake of it let's call her Lea).

"Hi, are you coming over?" she asked.

I was startled because I did not recognize the voice, and she had not identified herself.

"Sorry, who am I speaking to?" I asked.

I could hear the disappointment in her voice. "It's Lea from Sunday" she replied.

"Hi Lea, I did not recognize your voice for a moment! "How are you?" I asked.

Well, there was a bit of chit chat, but I'm sure you don't want to hear all of that.

"You coming over later and bringing your cuffs" she sort of ordered.

From past experience I know that cuffs are not so comfy. I took them with me, but went to Rope World to pick up some decent rope too.

You might think I am a man and it's easy to have sex outside your marriage, but it was not easy. The first time was in the heat of the moment! Felt guilty as hell. But it happened like in a dream.

Now it was different, and different kind of sex too! Yeah, hell, I was nervous and horny with a guilty buzz too.

I rang the bell! Lea opened the door in just a T-shirt! Her big hard nipples were pressing against the T-shirt and were clearly visible. She look sexy and I could feel my erection pressing against my pants.

"Come in, Warrant Officer" she said. Although I told her to call me by my name she never did, and eventually I stopped trying to get her to use my name!

"Are you ready for your bitch?" she asked. I was stunned at what she said, but started to enjoy this.

"I was born ready" I said.

She lead me to a bedroom and fell on the bed. "You bring the cuffs?" she asked hopefully.

"I did, but I also brought something better" and showed her the rope.

She turned onto her back and lifted her hands so that I could tie her down.

On my way over to her I decided not to let her take the lead, cause she wanted to be my bitch. First I tied both ropes separately to each of her hands. I turned her onto her stomach! "On your hands and knees" I ordered her.

I tied her hands to the legs of the bed! It was a wooden bed. Her ass was in the air, and her ass and pussy opened like flowers in front of me!

I blindfold her and pulled her T-shirt over above her head, I first spanked her right butt cheek, then her left one! I knew she liked that because of the first time I was with her!

Next I spanked her so that my middle finger hit her asshole! She loved it! After I spanked her a few times I decided to pleasure her!

I slid under her with my feet towards her head and my head close to her pussy.

I just teased her, letting my tongue slide over her clit very gently! She moaned and tried to push down onto my tongue.

I decided not to let her dictate anything, so I slapped her ass and said "No!"

I teased her further. Finally I applied pressure with my tongue on her clit. She was so wet. My tongue glided over her clit, now and then into her pussy and over her asshole. I started to suck her clit, and I slipped two fingers into her pussy.

I was sure that she came because my whole hand was wet! She tried to lie down but I did not let her. I untied her, and made her sit on the dressing table! She was sweating when I opened her legs!

She grabbed me around my neck and said in my ear "fuck me like your bitch should be fucked."

My cock slid easily into her wet pussy. Once inside her I fucked her hard! The dressing table was banging against the wall! Lea was clutching my neck and the sweat was running from our bodies!

I did not realize how close to cummimg I was till she clutched her legs around my hips, exposing her pussy more, allowing me even deeper inside her! I could feel she came again and it was too much for me! I exploded like never before.

I don't know how long we had laid there in each others' arms on the bed, but when she finally got up she said she had a surprise for me.

The surprise was actually a shock. She introduce me to her husband. I was really shocked, but she pushed me back onto the bed and sucked my cock clean while her hubby watched.

"Next time, he wants to watch" she said. I watched the older man smile while his wife sucked me. I never would have guessed that I liked to be watched, but it was a turn on. I immediately got an erection, and soon had a second orgasm with her sucking me.

I was totally embarrassed, but it was also a big turn on. But that's a story for next time....

This story was originally posted on Swinging Heaven South Africa's website.