Written by Muf

15 Apr 2015

Please feel free to leave comments, whether good or bad. Before I go on with what happened with Lea, I need to jump back about 25 years....

I was not only a late bloomer, but I did not have sex till I was married (sport was my first passion!). But this did not mean I was not horny. Although I have never had a threesome I have been in a room or two where sex has happened with 2 or more people. I have always been a bit shy, and this is a story of how I really matured.

I was a young 20 year old uniformed constable. I was a little cocky, and thought I had the world at my feet. I was sent to deal with a complaint in a well-to-do part of the area we patrolled.

The sergeant who was driving was a bit lazy, and after we had driven up the long tree-lined driveway we stopped in front of the huge house. I was given the file and the sergeant just said "Go and do your thing".

I rang the bell and a beautiful woman, probably about 40, opened the door and invited me in. She was older than me (at 20, 40 seemed ancient!) but she was stunning. She took my breath away. She had a nice cleavage and a curvy ass, a nice smile, with blue eyes and dark hair. Very light completion and was, because I don't have any other words for it, incredibly beautiful.

I struggled over my words not only because I had to speak English (my home language is Afrikaans) but also because my mind was drained of any logic. If I look back now, I must have looked like a fool. She caught me twice looking at her cleavage. Well, I struggled through taking the statement, met her hubby, and left.

When I got back to the police station I got a message to call the complainant again. She invited me to come over for coffee after my shift.

I only arrived at their home at 22:20. She was dressed in shorts and a low cut T-shirt. After a bit of chit chat, her hubby ask her "what's your decision?"

She told me she and her hubby were swingers. Quickly they explained to me what this meant. I blushed, and she asked me when last I had sex. I wanted to lie but decided to tell the truth.

She was clearly disappointed that I was still a virgin, but after a quick private conversation between her and her hubby, she said "I don't want to take your virginity, but I will teach you something that will help you throughout your sex life". Those words still ring in my ears like it happened yesterday whenever I think of her.

Of course I was eager to learn more. She told me she would teach me to lick pussy so well that I could make any woman cum.

Well, I was very fit and in shape, at that time playing wing or fullback in our local rugby team. She said that she also wanted to get some thing out of it, and told me to take my clothes off. When I was naked she walked around me! Her nails trailed all over my skin. Goosebumps covered my body, and of course I blushed like never before.

She said that if I had ever licked pussy before, I must forget all that I had ever done up until I rang her bell. She took off her clothes, and came to stand in front of me with her back turned to me. My erect cock pressed against her ass.

She said that I should remember that the skin is also a sex organ, and that to arouse a woman you must start with the skin.

She told me to softly kiss her on her neck. My tongue must play softly over her skin.

Her skin was like silk against my lips and tongue. As I kissed and licked her very softly on her neck, up and down, she turned around and pushed my head down to her beautiful breasts. I became too eager and my mouth went straight to her nipple to suck and maybe bite as I had seen in some movies.

She pulled away and told me that was not what she wanted. "If you ever want to get to my pussy, always be patient and gentle".

I had to start again. When I came to her breast the second time, she told me to let my tongue tickle her breast just on the outside of the nipple. The nipple had grown hard and stood out, and this made me enjoy it more.

Slowly she moved back and I followed her without my tongue leaving her skin. She lay back on the couch. She pushed my mouth over her erect nipple and told me not to bite but to close my lips and suck her nipple through my lips into my mouth and keep playing over her nipple with my tongue. She really enjoyed that. Her breathing quickened. Till today I wonder was that her first orgasm? I like to think that it was.

She pushed my head down, over her stomach. "Softly" she said, "your tongue must glide over my skin and tickle me". I must have got a bit more aggressive closer to her pussy because she grabbed me by the hair and very aggressively she told me "patience and softness is the key. Do what I tell you, and learn."

My head was guided back to where it was just above her trimmed pussy area. With my adrenaline pumping, I just wanted to get on and suck that pussy, but the instructions were clear - soft and gentle.

My mouth was guided to her pussy. Softly came her voice "tease me". My tongue teased all around her pussy. She bit her lip, and I just knew I did it correctly this time. A couple of times my tongue went over her pussy lips and there I could feel her aroused clit popping through her pussy lips. Every time my tongue touched her clit, her breathing changed.

"It's time" came the whisper. With my tongue I split her pussy lips and I entered her soft moist area. I used my tongue softly and sensually as it played with her clit. Now and then my tongue slipped into her pussy, but before she relaxed I was back on her clit. I really enjoyed it, but I also had to work hard to pleasure her. Her breathing quickened and I don't know why I decided to do it, but I sucked her clit into my mouth. My tongue now stroked her clit inside my mouth a few times, and before she got used to it I stopped the sucking, flattened my tongue and licked right over her clit. I don't remember how many times I followed that ritual but it was more than five times.

She held my head in place as I sucked her clit into my mouth again. My tongue was working more aggressively with her clit. It did not look like she minded it at that stage, and she moaned till I realized that she had climaxed. Although her pussy was wet, there was no squirting, nothing that showed me she came, but her face and the contraction of her muscles.

She must have felt my disappointment because she immediately told me that I had done well. She explained that she had had an orgasm, and that not all women cum by squirting juices.

Now, after all these years, writing about this I realize that I lost my virginity that night, although we did not have sex in a conventional sense.

I say that because of what happen next. She got up and came and sat right on my cock. It slid easily into her pussy (see, I lost it there). "Don't cum, I just want to soak it," she said.

Now, it was not easy. I nearly came right there. I bit my lip and managed not to, but it was hard. That was also the first time I noticed her hubby in the room. He was naked, and stood up. His cock was fully erected and much longer than mine, but as far as thickness I was on a par with him. She leaned back, and he took his finger and he played with her clit. A few times it felt like her pussy grabbed my cock, and boy it felt wonderful.

She must have come once or twice while sitting there being stimulated by her hubby's finger. I must confess I had nearly come a few times myself.

She got up and told me I must not come too quickly now, and put her lips on my cock. I was at the end of my rope and could not prevent it this time, and I came. I think she swallowed some, kissed me, and then blew her hubby while I watched and recovered. It was an amazing experience for me.

My cock did not soften at all, but I was so tired it was incredible. I took a shower and went home. I nearly fell asleep a few times behind the wheel on my way home.

Got invited back a few times, but that's another story.