Written by lovedogging

14 Dec 2009

I have read the stories on here, and like many other guys have often fantasied about seeing my girlfriend with another man, and often imagine she is getting fucked by a work colleague whilst I am fucking her. However, she is very prudish would not even entertain the idea even if I mentioned it only as pillow talk. But she has a great figure and legs and that fuels another fantasy of mine which is her inadvertently flashing guys in a public place. Who knows, with some grooming it may well lead onto my original fantasy one day? Although a long story, it is completely true and I just had to tell it exactly as it happened just recently - I hope you think it's worth it... I do!

As part of a longer term plan to realise my fantasies, I tried to encourage my girlfriend to wear skirts more often rather than the usual trousers to work or jeans at a weekend. Despite an uphill battle, I starting making some progress with her at least looking at purchasing some more skirts. I always encouraged her to wear holdups (easy access as I call it!) whenever she did wear a skirt or her long evening dresses when we went to functions, often to no avail with her opting for less sexy figure-hugging tights. However, I saw an opportunity when she asked me to comment on some new clothes purchases she was not 100% sure of - one being a long shirt intended to be worn with leggings or trousers and boots.

As she tried it on, I commented that the shirt was definitively long enough to be worn as a dress, but the leggings were too dark for the material of the shirt and something slightly less opaque was needed such as holdups. I knew holdups were not really an option, due to the shortness of the shirt, but the thought was still in my head! I quickly suggested the alternative, tights, as I did not want to miss out on this opportunity. To my surprise, she agreed that the leggings were too thick and said she would try some black tights. They looked so much better, and with compliments flowing from me I also managed to persuade her that the outfit would look best with a pair of her 4 inch stilletos rather than boots. Adding a thick belt around the waist finished the outfit beautifully, bringing in the materiel to show off her gorgeous figure and slim waist, and as a bonus slightly raising the hemline further still. She looked extremely hot, but I resisted making a move so that she didn't think that the outfit was too revealing and slutty, and therefore dismissing it as a real option. However, I excused myself briefly from the bedroom and went to relieve myself whilst secretly watching her admiring herself in the mirror. I saw this as a success and the first stage to getting further towards my flashing fantasy goal in the future.

The following week we went away for the weekend to a nice country retreat as a celebration for her birthday. All the usual refinements were there, including leisure facilities, large function rooms, various bars and an acclaimed hotel restaurant. After trying the facilities (the usual swimming, jacuzzi and sauna), we booked a table in the swanky hotel restaurant and then went to get ready. To my surprise, my girlfriend had brought the hot outfit she had tried on for me the previous week and I was extrememly horny even at the thought of what I was going to do. I made sure we were ready in plenty of time, in order that we could go down to the bar and get a drink. My mind was racing, as I had noticed that the sofas in the bar were quite low and this would potentially allow for a minor flashing event.

Fortunately there was a sofa free at the far end of the bar which allowed full view of the whole bar area. As we were ordering the drinks, a group of guys came through from another door, which turned out to be an access corridor from a function room hosting a wedding. There were some fleeting glances as we collected our drinks, and then I started to get an erection as I knew my girlfriend would sit on the sofa facing into the room. I led the way to the sofa, and left the place which would give the guys the best view of my girlfriend. As I sat down I could see all eyes were on her, and smiled as I knew how low the sofa was. My girlfriend had not really noticed and I kept her attention by talking to her. The low sofa height was made more signifiant by her stilletos, so as she sat she almost fell into it and fell backwards, surely flashing the guys. Despite my girlfriend wearing tights, I knew she was not wearing any panties as they would have given her a VPL which she would not allow, so it would have been quite a sight! My suspicions were realised as I saw a few nudges from the guys to each other, and they rearranged themselves so they so that they could casually remain talking in a group but could all see my girlfriend on the sofa. Despite my best efforts, such as making her move her feet apart when I dropped some money, I don't think there were any other significant flashes, but a few tempting moments. I had managed to gain some significant thoughts for the 'wank-bank' with the earlier flash, partially fulfilling a fantasy, and I would actively orchestrate future moments such as these, in the hope for the time when she would purposely flash for effect.

We were called through for dinner, and as usual my girlfriend sat facing into the room as she was always does. Dinner was extrememly pleasant with a nice bottle of wine, however all I was thinking about were the activities after the dessert. I didn't want to rush things along too quickly, and in any case we would finish our wine, coffee and liqueurs first. Straight after the dessert plates were cleared away and with a sense of urgency, my girlfriend asked for the room key as she needed the toilet. I asked if she was feeling ok, but she assured me she was fine but just got caught short, probably due to all the drink! Off she dashed, and I watched her leave the restaurant and head towards the room past the bar area. I was extremely turned on at her sexy high-heeled wiggle and also at the thought of what had happened previously.

I did consider going and surprising her and having a quickie, but as she had taken my card key I knew the moment would be lost by the time she had straightened herself and opened the door for me! Plus I was looking after the drinks and she would probably be back before I even got to the room now. However, after a while I was starting to get a little concerned, but reassured myself that she had probably not been gone that long. Finally, she returned and again I asked if she was ok, to which she said she was great! As she sat down and continued with her drinks, I noticed she appeared quite flushed, to which she told me that she was probably still feeling a little embarrased as she had dropped the keycard on the floor on her way back through the bar to the restaurant. My mind started to race, thinking of her bending over in front of the guys from the wedding party, and whether they managed to get yet another glimpse of my girlfriend, but slightly closer-up.

After my erection subsided, and we finished at the table, we went back through to the bar area where I hoped I could get her to inadvertently flash again in her slightly inebriated state. Unfortunately the bar was empty, so after one more drink without anyone coming through from the function room to potentially have fun with, I led my girlfriend upstairs to finally have my wicked way with her, re-living the earlier flashing events.

As she slipped off her clothes, she looked so sexy. I was looking forward to finally making love to her, but knew I would still secretly imagine that she was with being fucked by another guy and I was looking in on the action. We embraced and French kissed for a while, whilst my hands explored her gorgeous figure, lingering around her erogenous zones where they stroked and caressed her. She was really passionate, moreso than usual which made me think how well I had judged the amount of alcohol to turn her into this insatiable animal, as she got more wild and aroused. As I kissed her on the lips, then her chin, neck and moved down her body to her breasts then stomach, she opened her legs wide to allow me easy access to fellate her. I must admit that I am very good at orally pleasing women, and loving what you are really good at can only make for a more pleasurable experience for both parties!

Mmmm, straight away I noticed she was extremely wet, probably due to her being extremely aroused, which was distinguishable by her enlarged clit sitting within her puffy pussy lips, her extremely erect and sensitive nipples and the now not so gentle moans made whenever I lightly brushed her breasts or even so much as breathed on her sensitive pussy. It was sensational. She was open and juicy, and watching her writhe around in ecstasy whilst I used my tongue to lick, stroke, plunge and tease made me extremely horny. As she became more vocal, I needed to fuck her hard. I made sure that my mouth and lips were well and truely smothered in her sweet juices then went straight back to her face and deeply and passionately kissed her deeply, and made sure to use my sweet coated tongue on her lips and her tongue, making sure she got the taste of herself. Although she would not entertain the idea of going with another woman, I always make sure that she gets a good taste of herself when I go down on her - I see it as conditioning her for the sweet taste, so maybe one day she will try going down on a woman for herself (and hopefully she will let me watch!)

As I was exchanging tongues and her sweet juices, I plunged my cock deep inside her. I am not small at 7.5" with girth to match, but it just slid in straight to the hilt. It felt amazing, so warm and moist and as I continued to fuck her hard and deep I imagined her being fucked like this by one of the guys who had seen her flashing earlier at the bar. Needless to say, I didn't last too long, and with a final deep thrust that felt like my cock would come out her mouth, I came deep inside her.

The session had been so frantic and passionate, we were both exhausted and fell asleep almost straight away, still embracing each other. When I awoke about 45mins later I was feeling really horny yet again, and wanted a repeat performance. As I began kissing and starting caressing my girlfriend's body, she stopped me saying that she had had had more than enough sex for one night, and was feeling a bit sore. Although frustrated at the thought of not having another session, I relented as I end up getting more frustrated if I get her too sore! Plus I knew with the evenings flashing events fresh in my mind I would be up for frequent sessions during the week and didn't want to jeopardise that!

What happened the following morning totally surpassed my expectations though. On packing to leave , I noticed the corner of a condom packet by the side of the bed. My girlfriend was on the pill and we always fucked bareback, so it was not mine, and I was sure it had not been there previously as I had dropped a cufflink there the night before and had scrabbled by the bed to find, it but not seen any litter. My mind raced at the thought of what might have happened the night before, and started to piece together the events that had appeared so innocent before this piece of evidence - the long wait for her to return to the restaurant, the flushed face, the extreme aroused state, the looseness of her pussy, the phrase "had more than enough sex for one night".... I was about to confront her in anger, but then realised that I was not all, as my growing erection had proved. I was probably harder than ever before, and loved the thought that my girlfriend had been fucked under my nose.

Had she finally done it, and been fucked by a stranger whilst I was innocently unaware and waiting for her downstairs? The thought is so erotic and I frequently use this thought to relieve myself. However, I will not mention my suspicions yet for fear of frightening her off any future encounters. But I am now much more observant and hope to gain more positive evidence of her being fucked by other guys before I let her know that I know, and hopefully let my fantasy finally become a reality with her knowledge. With Christmas fast approaching and all those parties, I am hoping for a real treat this Christmas...What do you think?