Written by Carly

29 Apr 2018

I am married but i have been having a bi gay lesbian fling with my new bi curious buddy .

To cut a long story short , we met at a bar on a girly night out , we had a sneaky snog when no one was looking , we swapped mobile numbers and we met up in Lillys apartment for a afternoon of female/female exploration, plenty of kissing , carressing , nipple sucking , licking , fingering , mind blowing , it was everything i wanted and more , my orgams were so strong i thought i was going to have a heart attack .

Because it was harmless girly fun i convinced myself i wasnt realy cheating because it was with a woman .

But that all changed last week , we were having fun and she intoduced me to strap on fucking , she showed me her lady toys and she had a black thick strap on , i was in a frenzy i begged her to fuck me like a slut , with me on all 4s she juiced up my pussy and then inch by inch she penetrated my pussy fucking me deep and hard , my pussy was on fire , we changed positions i wanted to straddle Lillys cock , i was bouncing up and down , Lilly was sucking my tits . Then it was my turn to wear the strap on i felt masterful, fucking her tight pussy , a few spanks from my hand added to the crazyness . Then she sucked her juices from the plastic shaft .

Strap on fucking has taken our fun to another level , but now i feel i am cheating because i have fucked and been fucked with a plastic cock.

What do i do , tell my hubby or say fuck all and enjoy the ride , i love being a lesbian fuck slut its harmless fun - its exciting , do i stop or keep it my dirty secret