Written by Hannah's friend

24 Jan 2009

I was working in their city for a few days, staying in a hotel but free for some evenings. I was invited out to a distant cousin’s house. We are both in out sixties.

She is a widow but is living with an older man. He is well into his seventies.

When I got there supper was on and we chatted by the fire. My cousin was casually dressed in a loose fitting sweatshirt and a full skirt. I had brought a disk with family photos on it that we would all look at after our meal. I asked if I could try this in their computer. She showed me where this was and left me for a minute or two to check the supper and give her man another drink. She came back to me then to see how I was getting on.

I had the photos up and was flicking through them as she looked over my shoulder.

She bent over me to point out something and her breast touched my shoulder. This seemed not to worry her. She leaned over again with a breast each side of my head and, as she was pointing something out she lost her balance slightly and leaned on my shoulder to right herself. She must have realised that I didn’t mind the contact. She recovered her balance, leaning over my head again, a breast each side of my neck she let her hands fall into my lap where she found that I was responding as any man would.

She whispered in my ear that we would tell her man that I had brought the wrong disk and that he didn’t have to stay and look at photos, he could go to his golf club as he liked to do. We could have some time alone. I agreed, out of politeness of course.

At supper she was a demure hostess above the table and below it her foot sought out mine. In a gap between courses she disappeared for a few moments and I was almost sure she returned without a bra under her sweatshirt.

Supper was finished without delay and her man went off to his club. His car hadn’t cleared the drive before she grabbed my hand and pulled me into their spare bedroom, taking off her sweatshirt at the same time. In no time at all I found my head between her very ample breasts and her hands at my clothes. We parted briefly for just enough time for both of us to strip off completely. I am no Adonis and not particularly well endowed. This didn’t matter to her. She is plump and while in good shape for her age she would win no beauty contests. Her breasts, now free of any restraint, fell almost to her waist, her plump arms were inviting and supported by a robust body and hairy armpits. Her pussy was still a mystery hidden by a huge grey bush under her tummy. She was warm to touch and smelt absolutely lovely, all WOMAN, no perfume.

There was a big armchair in this bedroom and she pushed me into this and hooked each of my legs over the arms of this chair and knelt on the carpet in front of me and immediately took all of my cock into her mouth. One hand went to my balls and the other to my backside. She started moving. I had to tell her to stop or I would cum there and then!

So we moved to the bed and she made sure that we were in a 69 position as I buried my face in her bush, seeking out her pussy. When I found it, it was soaking wet and tasted lovely as I kissed it, finding her spot easily. In a very short time she groaned and then shouted as her pussy gushed all over my face.

We rested for a bit before she said that she wanted, needed me to cum and she took all my cock into her mouth the same time as she put a finger in my backside and clamped my head between her plump thighs. I was rendered deaf, her thighs were blocking me ears. I was rendered nearly blind, my face was in her pussy. I found it hard to breathe, there was a lot of her flesh around me. I felt her mouth take all my cock in. Her mouth was hot and as she also massaged my balls and had a finger right in my backside which felt surprisingly exciting as I felt ecstatic and faint at the same time and I came, shooting what seemed like my entire self into her mouth as she massaged the inside of my backside and squeezed my balls. As I came, she did too and my face was, once again drenched as her pussy flowed freely. My cum must have made her choke because she moved, allowing me to breathe. Her face was a picture, my cum was running out of her nose as well as her mouth. Her sweat was running through it and it was gloriously messy. I must have looked a mess too but she didn’t mind and we kissed among it all and lay there resting in all the lovely mess.

Later, she said that it was a pity that I hadn’t actually fucked her. She wanted me to.

I told her that she had got all of me the first time but she tried again and although we managed to get me erect again, all the life had been spent for that evening and reluctantly we gave up and shared a shower before I left.

She invited me to dine there again when I was next in town. I said I would. :D

Hannah’s friend.