21 Sep 2015

I have been to some work friends for an evening meal at times. They are a mature couple and Jane is a particularly sexy woman. She has an amazing figure and the most perfect pert tits and incredibly tight ass. I am sure she had caught me staring at them and her sexy body imagining what I'd love to do with her. They have two young children so I never thought anything would happen, how wrong I was. After going around a few times and having worked in the same office as Jane for a period of time we all began to relax a little more around each other which didn't help my bad naughty thoughts at all.

One evening after we had all eaten and the children were in bed and after consuming quite a bit of alcohol Jane and I had somehow ended up on our own as her hubby had gone to bed, or so I thought. Jane carefully and skilfully steered the conversation to sex and I watched her trace the outline of her amazing tits. A true expert in seduction and I was loving it as was my hardening cock. A short while in as Jane continued to tease herself and me she asked why I looked so uncomfortable stating that if I needed to adjust my hard cock then it might be worth letting her help. Well I was dazed and frozen in my seat I had imagined this moment for a very long time but now it was upon me I didn't know what to do or how to begin with such a sexy cougar.

Luckily Jane took the lead in the first instance and removed her panties from under her skirt saying they were a little treat for me. She held them under my nose and told my to take a deep breath before she put them in my pocket. That was all it took and the next thing I can remember was tasting her amazing sweet pussy. That night Jane and I had a lot of fun which culminated in her telling me to cum in her pussy which I did.

That was the first of many Jane and I have enjoyed together x