Written by Thetimeisright

1 Apr 2016

Hi again this is the next story of our adventures in Thailand. ( Thailand delights).

we had decided to do a tour around for a month seeing the delights of Thailand, after which we landed back in Bangkok, we hadn't planned to stay in Bangkok but last minute decision we booked into a nice hotel for the week. Been to Bangkok before and its not really our bag so to speak however the hotel was lovely, two pools, a lovely restaurant and had live music on every night, so we stayed within the hotel grounds, during the day sun bathing or should i say sun avoiding under the huge parasols. On the second day whilst enjoying the pool and a few drinks we noticed (well Lyn noticed) 3 men about 6 sunbeds away laughing and joking. They said hi and we all struck up a conversation turns out they were on a lads week away from the states to unwind. they were nice people buying drinks and chatting away. it was time to go and get ready for the evening meal we invited them along but they wanted to go out down the soi's. we agreed to meet up the next day at the pool. we did meet the next day they were telling us about the bar girls and how sexy some of them were but they was worried one or two might be lady boys. well if you have read one of our other stories you will remember Lyn was a bar girl for the night down in Pattaya. We both looked at each other and chuckled inwardly. anyway lyn had had a wrap type dress on since we arrived at the pool she asked if we were going swimming, I got up to go Lyn stood and took off her wrap my eyes were drawn to her (what I call) nearly bikini so were the eyes of the three men enough material to cover the Nipples and a strip down to the pussy with a string at the back, it was a real conversion stopper. Lyn looked at us all and laughed saying well are we swimming or not. I asked her in the pool what she had in mind her answer was short and sweet whatever will be will be, with that twinkle in her eyes. once back at the sun beds the conversation started again but this time there was a different tone in the conversations Lyn didn't bother covering herself up, she was enjoying the looks she was receiving and she loves being the center of attention. anyway time to get ready to eat again and again we invited the men this time there was a resounding yes love to.

getting ready for me was easy normal shorts shirt and flipflops, Lyn on the other hand was uming and aring as what to wear. in the end i said i would see her down in the bar. The lads were there already and seemed disappointed No Lyn said one????? On her way says I we got a table and sat waiting for her to arrive which was about 10 mins later. Now it was my turn to be disappointed she was wearing a long summer dress ankles only just on view. I gave her a disappointing look and she just winked at me. We ordered the meals and got stuck into a few bottles of wine and beer. which was having an affect on me i had to go toilet, on my return i noticed one of the lads had disappeared and wondered if he had got bored and left and wondered if the other two might follow suit. But bo they seemed happy chatting away, Lyn on the other hand was very quite unusually so for her in this type of situation, she then grabbed my hand and sunk her head into my left chest area her hand was gripping mine so tight i thought she was in some pain when suddenly she whispered she was being eaten under the table a quick look and there was the missing man head buried in her pussy the other two with wicked looks on there faces. She came with out a sound just intense pain on my hand LOL. the pussy eater retook his seat and the other two took there turns one by one it was so erotic Lyn being eaten whilst we all eat dinner surreal. a table cloth hid the goings on but if anyone had wanted to look they would have been easily able to. as the last cum left her body on no 3's lips she whispered again she needed them all in our room. I asked them to join us in our room and we all headed out to the lift 8th floor when the doors closed we were all over Lyn bit of a blur really but when the doors opened on floor 8 Lyn was naked (wasn't hard only had dress and shoes on) with no care in the world she sashayed along the corridor to our room. Once inside it just went mad hand and tongues all over her she was picked up and laied on the bed and we all had a good play with her tits and fanny. We took turns fucking her pussy and mouth in every position we could manage she was taken into the shower and again fucked this went on all night with small bouts of sleep followed by a dick in her pussy or mouth how many loads she took god only knows. 6AM the three lads all wanked over her covering her in what cum they had left. They left us and we fucked again recalling the events. Lyn loved every second of it and needless to say the lads joined us a couple more times in the week and on there final night as a treat she dressed for them small white top tight pussy hugger shorts and flip flops we treated them down the soi's of Bangkok to a night of beer and sex, if they wanted her the deal was they could have her anywhere and god did they stick to the deal but that's another story