26 Nov 2017

From my previous encounters and accounts on here, you will know I was having some serious naughty fun with the horny mum L , who also was a School Dinner Supervisor. Any was we had decided to have a day out and some horny fun as she was desperate for cum and to cum herself and also we hadn't met for the week due to family commitments and with it being December. The usual preparations for the season and her Kids school play mean't little time to fuck.

We kept in touch over messenger and some shots of her trimmed pussy and neat lips showed me she was in need of a damn good shagging..

I had bee tasked to fetch a caravan back for a pal from his storage, he was working, his Mrs didn't drive so I was asked If I could go up to the storage, pull the caravan out and wash it down and then tow it to his house as he was using it as a bedroom over Christmas. L said "I've told hubby that I am going Christmas shopping, I'll come with you".

Off we went to the town near to the caravan storage, she got a few gifts that she wanted and then it was off to the sort the caravan.

We got there, did the security thing and got into the compound and I pulled out the 'van to the wash down and switched the gas on and then said "wash down time, get the kettle on"..... L went into the caravan and said " I'll pop the heating on to check it and the kettle"...... I was busy for 15 mins or so and the when I went around to one of the side windows, L was there with her tits up against the "glass" teasing me....she was butt naked in there..... I quickly finished off and went inside the 'van. We embraced and in a state of lust, " come on fuck me" said L.... I felt her wet and slippery pussy, L wanked my cock.... she said "I want that in me now".....needless to say I guided her down onto the sofa bed and held her legs apart then rammed...yes rammed my cock straight up her... L said "ow",,,I whispered "sorry" L said "don't be you bastard just fuck me hard"...... I rammed my cock harder up her and she was moaning and groaning, telling me to fuck her harder. L was getting wet, sopping wet and her juice was running out of her fanny down to her arse ..... I said " turn over bitch, I want you doggy" we didn't usually talk dirty but it was "right" at this lust driven time...... L knelt and part stood so I could slip my cock inside her, I continued to fuck her and got a bit jiggy with my finger with her juice lubricated back door..... I slipped a finger in and with that and fucking her, L 's knees buckled and gave way. My cock slipped out . L was on her knees and without giving her time to speak....I slid my cock up her...arse.... she squealed "M no...that's the wrong hole.... I said "no it's the right hole, and it's time to surrender it to me". I eased in bit by bit until I was in balls deep as the saying goes, fuck she was tight but then loosened off when she relaxed.....L got into the rhythm and egged me on then said "cum, shot your cum in my arse, I want it"...... so after a minute or so I shot my load in her backside....wow that was hot...... After some time to come down from this frenzy a cuddle session and clean up, we spooned and I then popped my hard again cock in her pussy and we fucked more gentle and loving until I filled her love tunnel with my spunk...... a cuppa and tidy up, finish off the caravan clean and check and we then towed the 'van back to my mates house...... we parked it in the drive as asked and I dropped L by her car...... My pal was well impressed with how clean his caravan was .........little did he know what went on that day.....