Written by Stevie

8 Nov 2007

A good few years back i had a friend called dave who was in his early fifties and he had a very foxy gf called karen, she was 5 foot nothing slim, horny and in perfect proportions.

One weekend my missus decided that she would go off on some residential course leaving me one my own, Dave and Karen being the generous sorts they are asked me if i wanted to come round for dinner.

Well I new Karen was a bit of a flirt but could not belive my eyes when she opened the door, she had the highest pair of heels on, the shortest skirt and was dressed for sex, once I managed to tear my eyes off her i caught Dave\'s eyes and he just winked and passed me glass of wine number 1.

Dave was laying the table and Karen asked me to give her a hand in the kitchen, expecting to chop carrots or somting i went into the kitchen which is right next to the dining room! As i walked in she flung her arms around my neck and gave me a long deep french kiss, when she stopped she took my hand and guided it down and up inside her skirt, predictably i guess she had no knickers on and i could feel her wet shaven pussy.

She turned round saying she had to finish what she was doing and that i should \"keep giving her a hand\". As she worked i stood next to her glass in one hand and worked her clit with the other, it did\'nt take long for her to get to the point of no return, she turned towards me and told me to fuck me hard with my fingers. I felt a hot rush of juices and she let out a gentle whimper as she came talking my fingers and sucking off her juices.

I have no idea if Dave was watching or heard and did not let on as we sat and had a great dinner and glass of wine number 2,3, 4 etc.

After dinner they sat on one couch and i sat on the other, Dave kissed Karen and i watched her hand unzip hi fly and dissapear into his trousers, i guess he forgo where he was as she massaged his cock, which by now was on full display, she wanked him slowly and skillfully making sure i could see everything, she then lowered her head and started to give him a long slow gentle BJ.

i watched and was so turned on as she worked his tool, Dave\'s breath stated to race and she moved her head so i could see his rock hard cock pushing deep in her mouth, he started to moan and soon declared he was about to cum, a fact that did\'nt stop her, then just i he came she pulled back and i saw jets of hot cum cover her lips and chin.

She wipped her face and a sat on the floor drinking her wine, Dave sat back and laughed which in turn made us all laugh.

Dave the dissapeared aleving me alone with Karen, she came over and gave me a long deep cum flavoured french kiss. My fingers once again found her pussy and soon was face down between her legs licking and sucking on her soaking pussy and rock hard clit. As i worked her clit i glanced up and saw Dave return in his dressing gown he just smiled and poored another glass.

Spured on by his approval i worked her to one, two and them a third climax, this time she was loud and unihibited. All the while Dave was wanking his cock and slowly getting ready to fuck her, he walked over and i moved aside i had prepared his gf for him and he started to fuck her, while they fucked i got undressed and thought it was about time i showed her what i have got a rock hard 7 1/2\" cock, i walked over and saw her face light up and soon felt her lips begin to suck on the head, Dave then moved aside and i took over fucking her, she was so wet, i had to work hard not to cum.

Dave then lay on the floor and told her to come and fuck him, i pulled out and she sat astride him and started to fuck him hard and fast, as she did she slid a finger into her arse, i needed no second invite and swopped her finger for mine, her movement slowed and she dropped deep onto Dave\'s cock to give the best angle possible, i offered my cock to her second hole and gentle push forward, the head went in about half an inch, i waited for her to get her breath the eased my cock in passed her muscle, again once inside i waited for her body to get use to a cock being in her ass.

Holding onto her breats i slowly started to fuck her ass, i could feel Dave\'s cock in her pussy which was so horny, the noises coming from Karen where all too much she came and came, after no real time at all i proclaimed i needed to come, she told me she wanted it all over her face, so i pulled out of her ass and stood astride Dave\'s face giving him a great view as she sucked my aching cock, Dave fucked her hard and fast and in a few seconds i started to unload into her mouth, wave after wave of cum, what a climax too much for her to swallow and it ran out of her face and all over Dave\'s chest.

The night did\'nt end there but i will save that for another day..........