Written by friendly neighbour

19 Sep 2018

The day of our dinner date, Gudren sent a text to say her husband had installed a new microphone system and two new cameras. As such, he was keen to hear us talking dirty to each other and apparently my arse was going to be famous. I sent back saying I had better brush up on my diction and she could brush up on my dick. I sent and received a few flirty texts, both of us enjoying the fun of innocent conversation with sexy undertones, typical of a couple well into each other and obviously relaxed about the coming evening.

I was down the road at the appointed hour and presented flowers and chocolates to this remarkable lady. I squeezed her bum as I claimed my first kiss and detected suspender straps and my cock twitched at the significance of the awesome thought that soon I would be enjoying the beautiful woman who was my host. She led me into the lounge and we kissed and felt each other. Gudren is 5'6" tall with fair (not blonde) hair, 34, 22 36 figure, lovely shapely legs and small but nicely rounded bum. Her complexion is fair and she has an enigmatic smile almost permanently on her soft, gentle face. Her eyes are dark grey and another sexy accessory that she carries with ease and grace. Her make up complemented her body and the perfume was designed for very close contact. She was dressed to impress. A long ball gown type dress with a wicked split to mid thigh and a scooped neckline showing her small but lovely breasts almost to the nipples which were again small but very hard.

As we broke from the kiss she said she felt a promising stiffness and stroked my cock over my trousers. I ran my hand across her breasts and down into the cleavage, tweaking a nipple and said 'if I am not wrong, I think I am going to fuck you tomight', opening the dirty talk between us. 'My cunt is yours' she said. 'Do you want my spunk in you?' Of course and I will do whatever you desire' her Welsh accent accentuated the word desire. 'I want you naked' I said, your fabulous body deserves to be seen. We cuddled and carried on heavily dirty language. Eventually I had her dress unzipped at the back and pulled it free as far as her waist. A powder blue bra appeared she looked divine and I told her so. her smile as she shed the rest of her dress and revealed matching panties with a wet patch and lacy suspender belt holding up nearly nude stockings. She had poured some wine and we toasted a sexy night and sipped a nice chablis.

She ushered me through to the dining room, candle lit and a pile of lobster claws and meat lay on the table. Gudren said she found seafood an aphrodisiac. I told her that her body was mine and we set about the meal with abandon, stopping to kiss and fondle each other as we sat side by side. Once finished we cleared the table and talked dirty. She got my cock out and I stripped for her and sat next to her naked and freeing her bra for my lips to devour her pert nipples and send her towards her first orgasm. She told me she was sensitive when her nipples were being sucked and she proved it with a string of dirty talk, promising my cock would be drained of spunk and she would have it all inside her. I said I would be honoured to be allowed to fuck her again and kept saying how wonderful her body looked and tasted. She invited me to taste her cunt and slipped her panties off and showing that heavenly slit weeping a little juice and swollen in sexualanticipation. I invited her to lie on the table and open her legs. She positioned herself at the perfect height. (I wonder if Chippendale designed furniture for this use). Her pussy at the right level, I opened her lips and ran my tongue up her thigh and onto its target as slowly as my enthusiasm allowed. As my tongue reached inside her she wriggled with joy and grabbed my head saying 'Give me a good licking please and make me come' I had my challenge and licked, sucked, chewed and lapped at her warm juices until my face was suddenly splashed with her juices as she gushed. Her gasps and groans were like music to me and she gushed three times with waves of very sexy tasting juices which I lapped down to meet the lobster. She lay panting and holding my head against her soaking cunt while I quietly congratulated myself at giving her some proper satisfaction.

We eventually looked at each other, she was perfect laying satisfied and very content. She then said 'That is the best orgasm I have ever had without a cock in me' I admit at that moment I felt very smug and then i thought perhaps she says that to all the guys who fuck her. She sat up and said maybe it was my turn now and got off the table and took my stiff prick in hand. Her delicate touch had me on the edge of shooting spunk all over the place but she sensed this and stopped and said we had all night if I wanted to stay over. I was not ready for this but knew I could not give the game away as I wondered if her husband was aware of this offer. I had an image of him cramped up in a wardrobe or something but remembered the garage never had a car in it and it was very close to their dining room. knowing his ability to see any gesture or hear what I said, I played the 'Well there's just the two of us and I would love to fuck you all night' card so he would then be aware that I might be staying until dawn. I asked what time she went to work and she said 'Around seven thirty' I said that was a very tempting offer as she was a lovely person to be with. She suggested the bedroom and we turned off the lights and left our clothes downstairs.

The sight as she led me to the bedroom was a true picture of beauty, her small arse and the stockings and suspenders had me rigid and as I cuddled her at the bedroom door, she gripped my cock and said she was desperate to be fucked and she would suck me off later if i wanted and then we must fuck before breakfast. The bedroom lights were on, bedside illumination, her perfect body and my stiff cock, we were like animals ready for a very special occasion. The duvet was thrown back and pure crisp sheets and pillow cases smelling of fresh air, just laundered, fabulous. She went down on me and sucked for Wales, gorgeous but I was holding steady, determined to think of anything other than what we were actually doing.

I held back as long as I could but I knew I had to offload and so I said 'Gudren, I need to fuck you now please', she must have noted the desperation in my voice because she immediately gripped my cock hard and looked very hard into my eyes. I felt the urge dissipate and she kissed me and said she understood but wanted my cock in her for a long time. I agreed because we seemed to have a bit of a bond and I wanted to please her.

'Lets chat' she said and just held my cock very loosely in her hand and we began. She said she loved fucking outside and asked if we might have a few nights out together. She told me about being at a sex club and how she had been fucked by a fair number of men. She was obviously keeping her husband' desires foremost in her mind while on the face of it being a single lady with the freedom for sex with whoever she chose. My cock wilted a bit as we talked and I felt in a strange place as we were obviously not married but acting almost as if we were. The fact that her husband was listening and probably recording all we said had me in a weird place. Fucking his wife was fine, we had some chemistry and she had a lovely chemistry set, no doubt, but I needed to both satisfy each other and him and I did not want him thinking that I was a challenge to him. Do you understand the very odd situation which was developing. I had to somehow show respect to them both. I certainly did not want to blow the chance to fuck her again but would he see me in a different light, taking his wife out to fuck outdoors or anywhere else for that matter. She talked about enjoying flashing which she liked her to do almost ceaselessly. She said she loved submissive sex with her tied up and taken advantage of by strangers. There was a lot to this lady. We had been talking for a fair while and then she went back down on me for a few seconds, I was instantly hard again and then she straddled me and slipped my cock effortlessly into her soaking hole,then began grinding her body against me, fucking slowly and firmly. 'Just fuck me now and take your time' she whispered. 'I need your cock to fill me when you can'. I moved as little as necessary and she led the proceedings, grinding and breathing heavily saying how lovely it felt. I lasted beyond my imagination and when I did, I exploded a series of spurts deep into her. Gudren purred and nibbled my ear and stuck her tongue in and wriggled as I shot my last few drops into her.

She remained on me and said how satisfying it was to have my spunk in her wet cunt. We eventually parted and she went to clean up in the bathroom. I followed her and in the mirror I looked shattered. Back in the bedroom, she pulled the duvet up and said that we could fuck again when we woke up. I cuddled her and felt her naked body, gently caressing and enjoying this very sensual night. We did wake and fuck next morning and she still looked radiant. We had breakfast and I left to get home as she jumped in her car. Her texts were of her having had a fabulous night and her husband being in a specially good mood because all his equipment had worked perfectly and he had suggested I call again. Now that is a challenge. I wonder if I am up to it and that I won't spill the beans because her husband is also getting something good from it