Written by Cragman7

7 Oct 2016

D is gorgeous; she’d not had much recognition of that fact as her first husband was a selfish fool who had no idea how wonderful she is.

When we met, my flattery brought out of her a sense of pride. She thrived on my compliments and started to dress in a way that would attract more attention. The skirts got slowly shorter, the blouses more revealing and the heels taller.

She would enjoy my touches in public, often blushing but never attempting to stop me. The first time I exposed her to another was in a restaurant, I was stroking between her thighs and running my fingers across the dampness of her panties. The waiter had seen my arm stretch across to her; he glanced down trying to see more. The next time he came to the table I had managed to part her thighs a little more and make her wrap around skirt part across her thigh, he caught a glimpse of her white flesh and her stocking top. His eyes met mine, a smile on his lips.

He was back many times after that, most times a little more was on show. In due course D excused herself to visit the ladies, I asked her to take off her panties and give them to me on her return. She followed my instructions, with a huge grin she placed the still warm wisp of lace in my hand, I in turn smiled back as I placed it on the table right next to the wine bottle.

The waiter soon returned, picking up the wine bottle to pour us some more, his eyes sparkled as he looked down at the tiny little bundle. As soon as he left I whispered to D ‘Before he comes back again I want you to part your legs and pull your skirt apart so that we can see both stocking tops, your naked thighs, but not quiet up to your pussy’ She blushed, a pink glow across her cheeks but without a word she carried out my request.

My hand returned between her legs and I slide my fingers along the wetness of her pussy lips, she trembled and my cock grew in my trousers. As the waiter neared our table D glared at me, my hand stayed in place until he was standing right next to D,

‘Was your meal to your satisfaction’ he asked. At that moment I flicked my finger tip across D’s clit and she let out a little whimper, he looked down, straight down between her thighs as I drew my hand away taking her skirt up with it. His gazed was fixed, as was mine. We both stared down and her naked pussy, we could quiet clearly see the little tuft of blonde hair that sat above her clit. We could both hear her breathing and most probably both had hard cocks in our trousers.

‘The food was excellent’ I told him, ‘But the sweetest of deserts that we both see before us will be eaten at home in privacy’

D giggled, the waiter smiled and I felt a glow of pride knowing he had admired my sexy little lady in a most intimate way.

D talked about our night out for weeks, she’d experienced a huge buzz that night and I knew she would be more than willing to play those games again.

An article in the national papers brought Dogging to our attention. With a little research we found a country park just 10 miles from us was a popular spot for this new way to play. Some weeks later after a night out, D was a little tipsy and giggly and teased her as we drove home with my left hand in its favourite resting place between her thighs. ‘Look she suddenly said there’s a sign for that park, the dogging place’

‘You’re not brave enough’ I teased

‘I’m drunk enough to try’ was her instant response.

I slowed down and pulled into the entrance. I stopped the car and we stared into the darkness, we could make out three or four cars parked up at the rear of the picnic area. ‘Still feeling brave’ I asked

‘Yes I think so’ she replied ‘but hurry before I change my mind’

We had read the rules etc on a few websites so had a rough idea of what to do.

I drove slowly into the park, we could make out a few guys standing talking next to the cars, we passed close by them and parked about 50 meters away, our car pointing towards the exit, just in case.

I locked all the doors, turned off the engine and put on the tiny map light, it gave just enough light inside but wasn’t bright enough to stop us seeing out.

We started kissing and touching each other but all the time watching to see what the guys were doing. After a few minutes one guy started a slow walk around the picnic area, he got about 10 meters from our car and stopped, he watched us for a few moments and I watched him over D’s shoulder, all the time whispering to her, telling her what he was doing. She reclined her seat a little and leant back, I started to undo the buttons on her blouse, slowly revealing her half cup bra and her perky boobs, I eased the cups a little way down and her rock hard nipples popped into view. This was enough for him to start waving to his mates, the signal they had obviously been waiting for. They all moved quickly over to us. Seven of them in all, they stood along D’s side of the car, about a meter away staring in at us, it was incredibly scary but fantastically exciting at the same time. Before them they could see us lit by the glow of the map light. D lay back in the seat, her long blonde hair falling over her shoulders almost to her waist, her black blouse was open wide by now, the blackness of her little bra highlighting the whiteness of her skin, showing up her pert grapefruit sized boobs. Her nipples were incredibly long and hard, a true sign that she was turned on and enjoying this new experience.

I dropped my head and started to bite and pull at her hard stalks, my right hand lifting her skirt right up to reveal her white thighs above her stocking tops, she parted her legs, showing her little black panties pulled tight across her mound. We continued on like this for another few minutes, I loved showing of her cute sexy body and she was alive with moans groans and whimpers, she cried out a couple of times as working on her nipples and teasing her pussy through her panties brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

The windows started to steam up a little so I turned on the ignition and the blower, and then tilted the sunroof to allow some air flow in the car. With the windows clear again we felt they could see us once more, we also realised that the tilted sunroof allowed us to hear their every word.

A constant stream of crude comments flowed, D loves filthy talk and hearing the guys talk about her really turned her on.

‘Dirty bitch is loving it’

‘This slut loves to show off’

‘Fantastic tits, look at those fucking nipples’

‘Let’s see that pussy then babe’

‘Is he gonna fuck her or what’

‘If he doesn’t I reckon we could show him what to do’

D turn toward me and undid my trousers, taking my cock in her hand she started to work my hardness, she then turned more and got onto her knees, bent forward and took me into her mouth.

Her boobs dangled down and looked amazing in the half light, I slid my hand across her back and pulled her skirt back up to reveal her bum to the guys the other side of the window. I could see the same image as them in the reflection on the glass. Her sexy black nix were somewhere between panties and a thong, the lacy edges running across the middle of each firm bum cheek. Between her legs they narrowed into the grove, the bulge of her mound clearly defined between her white thighs.

‘Suck that cock you slut’

Fuck I bet that pussy’s wet’

What a tart, she’s lovin showing us her arse’

‘Dirty girl, we love you’

This was the perfect encouragement for D, Dirty girl was my nickname for her and she revelled in living up to the title.

Her hand came up to her pussy, her fingers running back and forth along the outside of her panties, I watched in the reflection as her fingers started to slip under the edge of her nix, disappearing under the black lace, teasing into her own wetness.

All of a sudden she rolled back into her seat, right hand stretched out to my cock, left hand swiftly down the front of her panties. She worked herself quickly towards an orgasm, crying out as she got closer and closer. Her bum lifted of the seat as her cries got louder. She released my hardness and with both hands pushed her nix down below her knees, her right leg came up onto the centre consol, her skimpy lace nix wrapped around her ankle. She parted her legs as far as they would go, her fingers pushed deep inside herself, working in and out so rapidly I and probably the guys outside could hear her wetness. She screamed out loud and went rigid, her pussy pushed up into the air, her orgasm made her body shake until she slumped down into the seat and quietly let out a huge sigh.

I’m not sure what she expected to see when she opened her eyes but she seemed shocked when just a couple of feet away from her stood a row of proud hard cocks, each guys working his clenched fist up and down. She looked at me with a huge grin and mouthed WOW.

Next she pushed her seat right back as far as it would go, lifted her left foot onto the dash and whispered, I’d like you to eat my pussy whilst I watch the show. I’m not the smallest of guys but I managed to kneel down in the foot well between her wide spread thighs and lowered my face to her sopping wet pussy. She smelt wonderful, her wetness covering my lips and cheeks. It took me another ten minutes to clean her up properly whilst she teased her nipples and watched as one by one the guys shot their load into the air.

‘Hey’ she called down to me, ‘I don’t know about you but I fucking love this, we are definitely doing this again’

Half an hour later, back home in my bed, I nearly burnt myself out, I fucked her so hard I thought I was close to heart attack. I spanked her bum until it glowed and rode her harder than I ever had before. We collapsed and fell asleep both totally exhausted, dreaming of the next time we would get to go Dogging

D was bursting to do it again, she starting showing herself off to lorry drivers on the motorway, one guy even got pic's on his camera phone. We read about people’s adventures on dogging web sites and she loved the idea of being touched by total strangers, the whole thing seemed to come with a huge risk attached though.

We chatted online with many guys, and a few girls about their ideas and experiences. A plan slowly came together. We went out to find our own private dogging spots and spent a fantastic few nights out in the woods, down country lanes and in remote car parks shagging each others brains out, D loved being naked outdoors, the risks gave her a huge buzz.

Our next step was to befriend a few guys online and try to check them out a bit to see how their minds worked, many soon revealed themselves to be total nut jobs but a few were great fun and had some fun idea's

Our first proper involvement was with Paul, we agreed to meet up in a pub car park and he followed us to a remote country lane, off of which was a 100mtr dead end down to a small electrical sub station. It had no passing traffic and was well of the beaten track. We had sorted everything out online before we met and he knew our rules of play.

Once we had parked up, he walked up alongside our car, D had her window down, we started to make out, kissing and touching, slowly revealing more and more of D's cute little body, he just stood there and watched through the window. With her blouse open, her skirt up and her thighs apart, D lay back and closed her eyes.

"Your turn" I said to Paul,

then I sat back to watch.

His hands slowly slide across D's shoulder, gently down to the edge of her 1/2 cup bra. His fingers teased along the edge of the lace, slowly easing under the material to find her rock hard nipples. With careful but deliberate movements he slid the cups down, allowing her boobs out into the cool night air.

He pinched and pulled at her nipples, working her up towards an orgasm, she was sighing and groaning, wriggling in her seat as the sensations grew.

Then his hand started a journey down her taught tummy, slowly edging towards her skimpy little nix. The same teasing torturous game, she gasped out loud as the pleasures ran through her body. His finger started to press a little harder into her groove, I could just make out the warm aroma of her pussy, her juices were flowing by now. He progress along the edges of her panties, lifting them up as he went. Before long his intention was clearer. He was working the tiny garment in between her lips, soon it was like the rear of a thong, a thin lacy line was embedded firmly between her gaping folds. He then began to tug at the front of her nix, see sawing the material across her mound. She continued to gasp and groan as the lace stretched and pressed onto her clit. Suddenly she went rigid, as is her way when an orgasm hits her, she isn't subtle when she cums, her body convulsed as she trashed about on the seat finally shouting out loud

"Oh Fuk, Fuk, Yesssss"

D then slumped back in the seat, a silly grin across her face as she relaxed into the warm after glow.

"That’s it for tonight I’m afraid" I said breaking the silence

"we'll catch you online later and work out if we will do this again".

"Thanks guys" Paul replied putting his fingers to his mouth to taste D's juices

"You taste as wonderful as you look" Paul said to her as he turned to leave

"Wait" D called out,

her hands sliding to her hips, she raised her bum and started to slip her nix down her thighs, once off, she dangled them from one finger, stretching her arm up and out of the window.

" A present for you" she whispered,


"Oh I will" Paul smiled and headed back to his car.

Once he had driven off, I got D out of the car, instructed her to bend over the bonnet and as we'd planned before the nights activities. I took a riding crop from the back seat and gave her six firm strokes, each one producing a loud yelp as it landed. The stripes across her bottom would stay with her for a few days to remind her of her slutty behavior.

20 minutes later we were in the bar of a pub near to home, We stood, as D's bum was to sore for her to sit, she was so excited as we relived to nights adventure. She loved every second and craved more, we had created a Dirty girl and this was just the beginning.

We soon headed home where I fucked her into the early hours, she fucked me back, as hard and as horny as she knew how.

Over the next few days we talked and teased each other, played online with guys we were starting to trust.

By the following weekend we had set up the next stage of our adventure.

D dressed like a little slut, she loved getting ready to play dirty, a tiny 1/4 cup black bra lifted up her tight little boobs, a thin white blouse showing most of what was underneath. 4 inch heels had her tiny feet at such a huge angle that her legs looked amazing, stockings that ended just where her little mini skirt stopped, as she walked, each step flashed a quick glimpse of her suspender belt and white thighs, her little black panties were quite sheer and you could clearly see her shaven groove. From behind the nix's cut across her sweet cheeks, her cute little bum looked superb.

We drove down to a little lane we'd found, it ended after a 1/2 mile with a wide turning circle.

Clive was already there, reversed up off the road in a gateway. We turned our car around and parked about 50meters short of his car. Getting out, we walked to the rear of our car so that anyone else arriving wouldn't see what we were doing. It was mid afternoon and still nice and warm but as I ran my hands over D, she shivered and I could feel goose bumps on her arms. I leant back against the car, D faced me and we kissed, she was all breathless and horny as hell. My hands fell to her bum, I teased and stroked, lifting her skirt to show Clive her cute little cheeks, encased in black lace nix. My fingers explored around the front of her thighs and up to the warmth of her pussy, she let out a gasp as I cupped her sweet mound, feeling the moisture seeping into her tiny little panties.

We were quickly brought back to reality when a car pulled up in front of ours, a young guy of about 20 leapt out of the passenger seat and headed of quickly down a path next to his car. An older lady got out and smiled at us, "My Son" she said to us, "just broke up with his girlfriend and wants peace and quite"

We just smiled back at her but she obviously wanted to kill time and give her son a chance to cool down.

She was getting a dog out of the back of her car and putting her jacket on, all the time talking about her son. I had to turn sideways to see her but D was facing her and joining in the conversation. With our car blocking the view I continued to tease D and show her off to Clive who was sitting quietly in his car. I slowly slide her nix midway down her thighs, raised her skirt and tucked it in its own waist band, her bum exposed bare for Clive’s enjoyment.

The woman had got herself sorted and was going to follow her son, but continuing the conversation she seemed to be getting nearer and nearer to us, just in time I managed to drop D's skirt back in place as the woman came along side us, She continued to talk but stared in amazement, looking D up and down as she tried to figure out why she was dressed in that way in the middle of the day. Looking across at the other car she said "you do know that there is someone in that car don't you ?"

D looked over her shoulder at Clive’s car and replied "yes, we do"

I added "he's a friend"

D was blushing now, the woman open mouthed.

She then said "ok then I’ll go and find my son, enjoy your afternoon"

We laughed and watched her walk off in the direction of the woods where her son had earlier disappeared.

When the woman was at a safe distance I slipped out from D's grasp, positioned her as she was but leaning arms outstretched onto the boot of the car. I picked up the riding crop from the back seat, D smiling at me as I laid it on the boot lid.

Standing behind D I lifted her skirt once more, her nix still stretched between her thighs, sliding my hand between them I could feel her heat and moisture.

Stepping to one side, I picked up the crop and used it to tease D's cheeks and moist groove. I then quickly gave her 3 hard smacks across her sexy bum, she gasped out loud but never moved. I then pulled her cute panties back up to cover the glowing stripes that had instantly appeared.

I placed a blindfold over D's eyes, she had saved it from the pack she was given on a long haul flight, she knew it would have more fun uses than just sleeping. I then told her to stand up straight and faced her towards Clive’s car. I signaled for him to get out and join us, as he approached I put my finger to my lips, reminding him to stay silent and anonymous.

The three of us stood there in silence, D's mouth was open, an air of excitement and anticipation. I teased a finger over D's nipples, deliberately shown over the 1/4 cup bra and through the fabric of her blouse. Next I slowly undid her blouse buttons and opened it up exposing her firm tits to Clive’s gaze, Bending forward I took a nipple in my mouth, nodding to Clive to do the same, D's sharp intake of breath told us she was excited. As I worked her nipple in my mouth it grew hard and very long, D's nipples are amazing she's a tiny person but her nipples can become huge.

I ran my hand up the back of her skirt, caressing her thigh and bum. I had to push Clive’s hand forward for him to get them message that he was allowed to go further.

We had been very specific with the rules of our game.

He wasn't allowed to touch unless invited, he was to remain silent at all times and was to stop when told. Due to D's nervousness we told him we may bail out at any moment. If allowed to touch her was to be gentle at all times and touching was to be external only. I had told each of them that the aim of the day was to give D confidence and for Clive to prove trust. I told her I was going to let him eat her pussy and take her nix as a souvenir. I'd told him the same but said it was step by step and slowly as I thought D might panic and call a halt if she didn't feel safe.

I watched clives hand disappear up D's short skirt, it was pulled up by his arm revealing her stocking tops and thighs, My cock was rock hard in my trousers and I’m sure I could smell D's wet pussy.

I stood back a little to enjoy seeing my dirty girl touched. She moved her feet apart a little, obvious permission to continue, proof of her pleasure.

Clive stepped back, her firm tits on view again, hard long nipples further proof if needed that she was turned on and enjoying being such a dirty girl.

Clive’s hand was moving between her legs, her breathing heavy, she pushed her pussy forward, wanton and needy.

Clive looked at me, I smiled, nodded and stuck out my tongue, he got the signal and with a grin squatted down in front of D, he slowly and carefully lifted her skirt and tucked it up out of the way, moving forward he kissed her pussy through her panties, I could clearly make out her shaven mound, her lips clearly swollen and wet. Clive’s fingers gently pulled her nix aside, baring her cunt to my gaze. Bending forward now his mouth opened to taste her sweet juices. He worked her lips apart with his tongue, teased her clt with rapid flicks back and forth.

D was moaning loudly, gasped breaths and huge sighs. Unknown to me the tip of a finger was teasing her wet juices into her little back door. Both new this was against my rules but both obviously enjoying the secret they shared. Clive was pushing himself underneath D's wet pussy, working her into an orgasmic state, he then lifted one of her thighs high above him so that he could open her up and get his tongue deep inside her hole, another broken rule that he would pay for on another day, but she was lost in pleasure and I would not stop them. D reached back one arm to where she knew the car would support her, the other she reached out for me. As she bucked her pussy hard onto his face I whispered into her ear,

"Your such a dirty slut, A total stranger has his face inside your nix and is eating your pussy"

"tell me how you feel, explain your slutty behavior"

"its amazing" she gasped " I’m buzzing, electricity is flowing through me, I'm a slut and I love it, thank you for letting me be so dirty, I’m your dirty girl"

At that point her orgasm hit her, she gasped and cried out a mixture of "yes yes" and "oh fuk" "oh god yes"

Her body went rigid, her cunt forced down onto Clive’s face, her back arched and she pulled me forcefully to her, her pussy bucked uncontrollably and then she fell limp, needing us both to hold her up.

After a few mins of recovery she stood up and said,

"Wow, guys that was amazing, I'm lost for words but feel fantastic"

"well then" I replied, time to end today’s little game and plan the next one"

"Clive you'd better take your memento and we'll contact you soon"

With that he then reached up to D's waist,

she stood up straight with her hands on her hips as he slid her little panties down to her ankles, We helped her balance as he lifted each foot in turn to carefully remove his delicate prize.

Once safely in his grasp he bent forward, opened his mouth and took a huge mouthful of D's sweet pussy, she giggled and let him enjoy the last taste.

Clive then got up, shook my hand and went back to his car. When he reached his car he turned to watch us.

Time for D to pay for her pleasure,

I turned her and got her to lean against the boot of our car, riding crop in hand I gave her 5 gentle strokes followed swiftly by five vicious ones, she screamed a little but never moved.

I looked across to see Clive with his cock in his hand, I got close up behind D, dropped my own trousers and pushed my rock hard cock deep into D's sweet, wet but still oh so tight pussy. I only lasted a few minutes, the afternoons delights had left me so turned on I just fucked her hard and fast, taking my pleasure in her body.

I guided D as she slipped into the back seat of the car, she lay stretched out across the seat and used her fingers to finish herself off. Clive watched from his car as I closed the door, ending his show for the day.

20 mins later in a pub on the way home, we stood at the bar as D couldn't sit on her sore bum. We smiled, kissed and whispered to each other, enjoying reliving our afternoon. A few early drinkers baffled by D's outfit, but still trying to look up her skirt. After a few drinks to calm us down we made for the exit, I lifted her skirt as we reached the door, the gasps could be heard across the room and I tried to imagine the view they got of her sexy bare bum with glowing red lines cut across her firm cheeks.