Written by Trainman

2 Jul 2018

Met a guy at the sauna a few wks ago .... Daddy type, older than me, kept telling me how 'fit' I was .... I let him play around with me, let him suck me and wank me, hands everywhere .... he liked to show me off to other guys as they watched .... his voice and accent turned me on to be honest .... seemed very 'posh' but talked like a slut.

He invited me back to his place when I left .... said it was 25 mins away, so I followed him there. He told me he was a retired College Head, widowed, went to the sauna more for company. BUT that he had a fantasy about playing around with a guy in sportswear. I told him that turned me on but I didn't have much with me, just cock rings, jockstrap and thongs. He said he had some shorts and vest he'd like me to wear if I was 'up for it'. He led me upstairs into a back bedroom, opened a drawer and pulled out some brand new crisp white shorts, white knee football socks and a running vest. I told him I had a jockstrap and I was wearing trainers anyway. He asked me to get dressed then go downstairs. 10 minutes later I was downstairs in his 'study', a book lined room with an old oak desk and chair. He was sitting behind the desk wearing a jacket and trousers. When I went into the room he called me 'Jones' and started to talk to me about all the things I'd done wrong and how it's all been brought to his attention so I was going to have to be punished. He told me to stand up straight, put my hands behind my back. Then he came from behind the desk and stood in front of me.

He told me I'd have to be caned unless I was willing to carry out some forfeits. I said I "didn't want caning Sir" and what were the forfeits. First he said I had to close my eyes and stand perfectly still. I did. Then I felt his hand on the inside of the shorts moving up to my cock. When he got to the jock he began to gently caress my cock feeling it start to grow and swell. When I was hard he told me to lean over the desk pull the shorts down and spread my feet. I was getting really turned on with his cut glass accent yet filthy mind so I did as ordered. When my arse was naked, just the straps from the jock tight across my cheeks I felt him kiss my cheek as he slipped a hand between my legs and felt my cock. 'Now lie on the desk on your back and lift your legs up holding your ankles' he ordered .... my love hole was exposed to him and I was so randy by now. I couldn't see what he was doing but from his breath I guessed he was wanking. He kept me like that for several minutes 'til finally I was told to stand up, eyes still closed, shorts round my ankles and lift the vest all the way up so my body was naked and keep my arms high in the air. Again, he didn't touch and it was dead silence except for his breathing. For the last 15 mins I'd had my eyes closed so had no idea what he was doing, just assumed he was wanking.

He told me to leave the vest round my neck and shoulders, so my tits and chest were naked then to very slowly slip down my white sports jock and to stand back to attention, feet apart. My cock was absolutely rigid and jutting up like a pole, balls tight in the cock ring. Then I could feel his breath as he stood close to me. First on my neck, then on my tits, my arse and finally I felt his breath on my cock and balls BUT he never touched me. I had to stand like that, eyes closed, fully to attention, hands behind my back, for probably 5 minutes or more as he moved all round me. I was so horny at him giving me these orders and being naked in a strangers house that I was absolutely desperate for him to touch me. Eventually he told me he had to 'examine' me and that I was to lean over the desk again, spreading my ankles as far as possible. I heard him take something from a drawer, heard the sound of plastic then felt the coldness of lube on my love hole. As I winced, lifting my shoulders off the table he ordered me to stand still. Then he reached under me and pulling my cock from my belly he put it against the front of the desk so it was at 90 degrees pointing at the floor. He slowly but firmly slipped a finger inside me and as he did I felt pre-cum ooze from my cock. I could feel his breath on my arse again as he moved the finger round. Then he told me to stand up and go and get dressed.

I picked up the clothes and went upstairs. I was gagging for him to release me....to order me to SPUNK but when I came back down he just said 'That was lovely' and showed me out. I drove home with a massive hard on .... tbh I stopped in some country lanes, pulled over and got out of the car and tossed myself off I was so horny.

He was a real sexy guy with his accent, filthy perverted mind. I hope to meet him again at the sauna.

Let me know if you enjoyed .... I'll tell you what happened the next time we met