Written by debbiefun

28 Oct 2012

last summer me and my girlfriend went across to amsterdam on the ferry ,i am 28 and debbie is 23 she is a 5foot 9 stunner , part indian ,she has shoulder length black hair , a fantastic body with 35d tits and great legs. my friends say i am fighting above my weight she is that good , she is also a dirty bitch when it comes to sex ,nothing is taboo .

on the ferry we got dressed to go drinking , so debbie decided to wear a sexy little dress very short with her heels , no bra and a tiny thong . we left our 2 bed cabin and went down to the bars , a lot of men were looking at her ,most with there wifes who wernt too impressed . any how about 10 oclock a big old man came over and gave debbie a cocktail , he said she had made his night , she said thanks and asked him to join us i had ,had a few drinks so didnt mind , he must have been a good 20 stone but not all at, just a big build , he told us his name was jim and he was 76 years old ,he had been widowed for 12 years and we found he went to amsterdam to visit the red light area, he could not take his eyes off debbie , he asked if we wanted to go to his cabin for a drink and debbie said why not.

when we got there we could not believe it, it was a suite ,way bigger than ours ,it had a double bed and 2 singles ,we were sat having a drink he was laid on the double bed when he took out some pills and took two he said they were viagra and he was getting ready for tomorrow , about 20 mins later he patted the bed and said to debbie try this bed if you are uncomfortable , i am going for a shower. when he went to the bathroom she said shall i ,and i nodded. she got on the bed saying it was real comfy ,her dress was so short you could just glimpse her panties. then we heard jim in the bathroom and he came out wearing a dressing gown, he got on the bed next to debbie and we had a few more drinks, he kept looking down her dress at her tits and down to her legs ,then i noticed his dressing gown move and his cock push through he said look what your dress is doing to me ,he lay back and opened his gown revealing a massive thick cock and shaved balls ,it was as he told her 10 and a quarter inches,

he took debbies had and placed it on his cock ,i thought she would pull away but she never, she started wanking him and he slid his hand up her thigh to her panties ,his fingers went inside to her shaved pussy , they were now playing with each other ,my 23 year old girlfriend and a 76 year old man , pretty soon he had her panties off and her dress down so he could suck her nipples which were now rock hard , he pulled her on top of him ,then shocked me he said come here boy and put me in her , debbie looked at me and said come on ,so i went over took hold of his big cock and held it while she slid down it , she started riding him saying god your big i am comming , he rolled her over and started fucking her hard his massive body on hers , i was rock hard watching then he looked over and told me to get my clothes off, he told me to sit on the bedso i sat thinking debbie was going to suck me as he fucked her , but no has he fucked her he moved his head and started sucking me , and i was that turned on watching them i soon came in his mouth , he didnt swallow though ,he moved back to debbie and kissed her so she drank my come , then he started grunting saying he was comming , he pulled out and got us both to finish him off we both swallowed his come and there was a lot of it.

but he was still hard , he told me to lick her out ,i knelt between her open legs licking her out with my ass in the air ,then my big shock, i felt a liquid on my ass then jim push his fingers in my ass , he fingered me as i licked debbie then i felt his massive cock enter me , said it was hurting but he told debbie to move ,so she lay wanking herself as jim fucked me , i got hard again and he wanked me as he fucked me and we both came together me in his hand and him up my ass , we all slept in his cabin that night and next day we went to amsterdam red light area where we had more sex