Written by Naughty Karen

8 Aug 2008

Hi, my name is Karen! I have not posted a story here for a while but I must tell you what happened to me while I was on holiday last week with my husband Sam.

We rented a cottage in Wales for the week and we were looking forward to getting away from work and relax. The cottage was in the middle of nowhere and there was only one house next door. The weather was not good but there was one day when the sun came out and I thought I would do some sunbathing in the garden. I took out one of the sun loungers and started reading a book. I was wearing shorts and a small top but underneath was my bikini.

After a while I put my book down and drifted off to sleep. About 30 minutes later I awoke to the sound of a lawn mower next door. There was a man of about 65-70 cutting the grass and he had grey blading hair with a slim figure but a slight belly. I stood up and caught his attention and we said hello. He introduced himself as Jim and he owed the house next doot to the holiday cottage. He seemed a really nice old bloke and I thought he was quite sweet. If anybody has read my previous stories they will know I have a bit of a thing for older men. Although I am happily married I do get turned on by the thought of letcherous old men looking at my young body.

This seemed a perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun. Sam came out and said he wanted to go down the beach as we were only a couple of miles away. I didnt really want to go so he ended up going by himself. As he drove off I settled back down on the lounger. It was quite hot so I decided to take my shorts and top off to reveal my bikini. I have a slim 36 D figure and seem to always to attract attention from men. Think of a slightly less attactive Kirsty Gallacher and you wont be far off.

After a while the mowing stopped and through my sunglasses I saw the old man taking a sneaky look through the fence. He obviously like what he saw and I bet he couldnt beleive his luck at watching a 27 yr old in a bikini. I was getting quite turned on at this stage and thought I might tease the old perve a bit further. I sat up and reached round slowly to unclip my bikini top. He was still watching as I slipped it off to reveal my lovely tits. Through the corner of my eye I saw him undo his flies and take his cock out. I took off my sunglasses and looked him straight in the eye. With one of my fingers I beckoned him over. He was over the fence in a flash and immediately by my side. I told him I wanted his cock in my mouth and he duly obliged. I gently kissed all the way around his penis, all the while looking right at him. I made him know I was really enjoying myself. I took all his 6 inchs in my young mouth while holding the base of his old cock. My mouth worked his penis and got faster and faster. I knew he wouldnt be able to last long as I felt his body tense up and he exploded into my mouth. I tried to swallow his salty cum but some dribbled down my mouth. I scooped it up and made sure I licked my fingers.

I really wanted this dirty old perve to fuck me so I told him to take me hard from behind. I got onto all fours and told him to call me names and do whatever he liked. He needed no second invitation. Here I was in the middle of nowhere being fucked by a pensioner. He slid his cock in and it felt heavenly. He grabbed hold my my tits and started ramming his manhood in and out of my pussy. He called me a dirty little whore which turned me on tremendously. I was acting like a slut but I was like a woman posessed. He pumped me hard for 5 minutes and just when he was about to cum again he pulled and and shot spunk over my pert bum. I had cum about 3 times while the pensuioner was fucking me. He didnt say anything else to me and just gathered his clothes and went back to his house. That night I shagged Sam all evening as I was so turned on. I just love making old men cum in my mouth and in my fanny.

If you enjoyed this please tell me where you would like to cum on or in me, and whether you wanked while reading this? Karen xx