Written by Paul

5 Oct 2010

My wife Tracy and I were dating from way back to our schooldays and apart from her confessing to getting fingered to orgasm by the head-boy in the gymnasium changing rooms, we were both fairly inexperienced lovers. After four years of marriage our sex life was good but as I was certainly no stud I always felt that Tracy had missed the opportunity to experience a guy who really knew how to fuck a girl good and hard. Our foreplay often included conversation about her experiencing a stranger fucking her and whenever we went out on a Saturday night she would wear stockings and short skirt because she was clearly aroused by other guys ogling her and this aroused my wife knowing there were guys out there who wanted to fuck her.

At 26 Tracy has a perfect figure with a curvy slim waistline and firm shaped breasts. I often made suggestions about going that bit further and allowing something more to happen but Tracy was worried about wagging tongues and the thought of people talking about her. One day I saw an advert on the internet from a male escort and when I shared my discovery with Tracy to my surprise she got quite excited. I emailed the guy and one or two days later received a reply with photos.

He explained that he was a professional model and only offered his services as some extra money and in exceptional circumstances if the girl was beautiful he would offer a free service. When I showed Tracy the reply she became quite excited, especially reading about what he provided. His name was Gio and his services included all sorts of women’s fantasies from playing the role of voyeur through to bukake for what he described as they hungry girls. His services included everything up to anal sex .Tracy was clearly aroused and asked me what he meant by bukake which I explained must have meant him and other guys shagging the woman.

Tracy finally succumbed to the idea and we booked him one week later and decided to stay in a hotel in London overnight to be safe. After checking in around lunchtime we were upgraded to a junior suite which was like an apartment. We quickly unpacked our overnight bag and I told Tracy I wanted to buy her something special for the night ahead. I spent a fortune so that Tracy felt fantastic about herself and we returned to the hotel with our shopping and Tracy ran the bath to prepare herself.

I admired my beautiful wife as she stood in a white towelling hotel robe and dried her long dark hair and then after applying her make-up she carefully began to take put on her new purchases. Tracy had chosen a waspie that clinched her waist and the wide band was pulled tight down the back with eyelets and laced up. She delicately unwrapped the sheer black stockings and raised a leg on the bed to roll each up her thigh and fasten them to the suspender clips.

Once Tracy had stepped into her black patent stilettos she turned her back to me and asked me to tighten the waspie. I stared down at her naked ass framed by the suspender straps which wickedly pulled on her seamed stockings stretching them up her thighs. Tracy to a deep breath and told me to pull the laces tightly and make a knot. She then slipped the straps of the quarter-cup bra which when she turned to face me I noticed simply acted as shelves for her breasts leaving her hard nipples exposed. Tracy looked at herself in the mirror and stared at her exposed breasts and shaven pussy and said to me she felt so horny and had never needed fucking so much. With only minutes to go before our lover arrived she asked me to pour her some wine. I asked her if she was going to put on the new dress and she said that she wanted to greet him dressed as she was.

Gio knocked on our door and was clearly a model as he suggested, tall, with a great physique and model looks. I took him through the corridor of our suite to the lounge area and Tracy stood there nervously. He kissed her and ran his hand around her waist and pulled her towards him and their tongues explored each other. Then he dipped his finger into her wine glass and circled each nipple and then pulled here again back to him, this time dropping his hands from her ass pulled her pussy lips open suggestively so that she was clear why he was here.

He took Tracy’s glass from her and gestured her to kneel in front of him and release his cock which to my surprise Tracy did eagerly. His pants fell quickly to the floor and within moments I could hear my wife sucking him deeply. They were both moaning with arousal and they quickly made their way to the bedroom as if I were not even there. I followed as he quickly mounted Tracy who let out a gasp as he filled her quickly and I watched as she uncontrollably wrapped her legs around his to savour the moment. Gio kept pumping Tracy way longer than she had ever experienced and came like I have never heard before. When Gio was satisfied that my wife had reached her peak he expertly pulled out and shot his spunk over her tits and invited Tracy to catch the remaining fluid in her mouth by sucking his last drops.

Very lovingly he took her in his arms and as Tracy rested her head on his chest he finally spoke his first words saying it was nice to meet her. He asked her if this moment was for her and was there anything special she wanted to experience. Tracy became all shy and clearly embarrassed to answer the question honestly and sensing this Gio began making suggestions which each one was clearly arousing Tracy again. Suddenly Tracy asked what bukake was and Gio stared deep into her eyes. He explained that some of his clients needed more than one cock and that he had friends who were also models and offered the same service and sometimes worked together to heighten the woman’s experience. Tracy’s reaction said it all and Gio said that two of his friends had dropped him at the hotel and were waiting nearby as they were moving on to a club.

Once again my wife shocked me by saying could she meet them. Gio seemed to be totally relaxed now and was feeling very much at home in our hotel suite. He was sitting up against the head board and took the phone to call his mate. As he did so I stared at Tracy who was covered in Gio’s cum over her tits and face. Gio was deep in conversation and as he told his mates to come up to our room he used a finger of his free hand to scoop some of the sticky fluid on her tits and Tracy closed her eyes as she sucked his fingers in the same way she had sucked his cock earlier. He closed his phone and began passionately kissing my wife again to bring her back to the right arousal level for when they arrived.

Tracy moved herself so that she could suck Gio back to erection and I stared at her ass and could clearly see the redness around her pussy lips where Gio had been fucking her. Once again there was a knock at the door and two other model looking guys stood there introducing themselves as James and Gavin. Not for the first time that evening I walked them through the corridor but this time into our bedroom where Tracy was in the same position sucking Gio.

I watched by the door as Gio’s friends moved towards my wife and caressed her inviting ass and then they took turns to suck her pussy spreading her wide open. Gavin seemed more interested in licking Tracy’s ass which I could see she was enjoying by the way she moved back to meet his tongue. James quickly stripped and moved his erection to Tracy and once again I heard a loud moan as she moved back to greedily accept. Gio moved himself now to kneel on the bed and held Tracy’s head to take control of her sucking as James speeded up his own thrusts inside Tracy. Both men were in full control and seemed to make deliberate penetrations to accentuate the experience for her. Within seconds Tracy was clearly approaching another orgasm from the way they skewered her from both ends until she let out a moan and brought her to orgasm.

Gavin quickly took James’s place and Tracy felt the third cock that night slip inside her. It was clear that Tracy had now lost total control of her arousal and I could not believe how slutty my wife was acting. Gio came over to me and quietly said to me that he thought my wife wanted doing up the ass. He could see my reluctance but gave me a look that suggested I was about to spoil the moment for my wife and asked me if we had any lubricant. I went into the bathroom and when I returned all I could here was my wife’s moans as Gavin now fucked her looking towards me and beckoning me to pass him the tube of lubricant. Cheekily throwing the screw cap to me to catch he pulled out of Tracy leaving her desperate for him to slip back inside and expertly ran some gel over his cock and moved it directly to Tracy’s ass. As the cold liquid hit its target Tracy turned in surprise and Gio quickly returned to passionately kiss Tracy as his friend ran the tip of his cock into the entrance of her ass and whispered to Tracy that his women clients pay a lot of money for this moment and she should enjoy it.

I watched as Tracy’s initial expression of pain began to ease and her moans adjusted as Gio also took a scoop of lubricant and ran it over her pussy to heighten the experience as Gavin’s gel covered cock eased in very slowly. My wife was now moaning more heavily than she had all evening as Gio cleverly coaxed her to move back and forth on his fingers and Tracy was now experiencing Gavin’s cock slide in and out her ass at her own accord until once again Tracy reached her third orgasm.

The men stayed until about 3am fucking my wife endlessly in all positions. When they did finally leave Tracy was covered in 3 rounds of cum and lay on the bed exhausted.